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Getting Ready…

It’s almost here.

On Tuesday, April 17, 2012, I will realize a lifelong dream. My first novel will be released through Soul Mate Publishing.

It’s so hard to believe. I have worked so long and so hard on this story, it seems surreal that other people will finally read it. I hope they enjoy it. I am honestly petrified about the possibility of negative reviews. That may seem silly, considering that I’ve published three other books and never worried an iota about what others thought of them. Maybe that sounds pompous, but it’s not really about my ego. My other three books are nonfiction metaphysical works, and I’ve studied and worked with my spiritual path for so very long, it’s a natural part of who I am. I no longer worry about what people think when they find out I’m a medium and a Spiritualist. If people look at me funny because of my beliefs, I simply dismiss it. My identity does not revolve around their approval of my philosophies or religious traditions. Being a medium is another part of who I am, and if they can’t accept that, it’s fine with me. I don’t feel any need to defend myself or to try to convince them that they should like or believe me.

Writing a piece of fiction is very different. Many artistic folks describe the creative process as comparable to birthing a child, and for me, this is an accurate metaphor. Your book is like a child, and you don’t want anyone bullying it, making fun of it, or tearing it down. It hurts you to see someone not understand it or think it’s silly or trite, because to you, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. Again, this isn’t about ego–it’s about the painful creative process you put into it, and you want the end product to be appreciated and valued. I also think about all of the wonderful stories and books I’ve read over the years, and I remember how very special so many of them are to me. The magical experience of reading a book and being transported to another world is something I genuinely treasure. As a writer, I hope to bring a similar experience to people who read my books. There are characters who have left indelible impressions on me, and I hope that my characters will touch the hearts of those who read about them, too. Is this ego? Yes, I suppose it is. Our ego drives us to achieve the very best we can, and I hope that I’ve written the best book I am capable of writing. But my ego also wants readers to like it.

I suppose time will tell. I just finished my final edits for the book, and now it is out of my hands. On April 17, I will see the finished product as an e-book, and in a few months, I will hold the printed book in my hands. And I truly hope that Gwendydd, Myrddin, and all of my other characters will come to life for my readers and entertain them in a memorable way. As with every challenge in my life, I struggle, but I promise to work on releasing my fear, my doubt, and my anxiety, and I trust that Spirit will lead the right folks to my book, the ones who will appreciate it and love it for what it offers.

This is really the best that any of us can do. And I feel extraordinarily blessed to be given this experience. I hope you’ll all join me on this new journey.

Sending you all blessings and love.

Soul Mate Blogging

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Early Influences

Hope to see you there.

Website Redesigned and LIVE!

My website has been redesigned and is now LIVE! Please stop by and take a peek. I am hoping the new format will be easier to read, navigate, and enjoy.

Special thanks to my dear friend, Jay Fox of FrogDog Graphix, for all of his hard work. If you need website services, Jay is the best!


Saying YES to the Universe

“I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes.” — e.e. cummings

Many of you that read my work already know that I was a theatre major in college. I still participate in theatre shows when I can. (In fact, I will be in a production of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible in April and May of this year.) A very big part of theatre training consists of playing theatre games, and many of these are based on improvisational techniques. When an actor or actors make up lines, actions, and scenes as they go along, they are improving. In other words, there is no script to memorize or characters to embody. You fly by the seat of your pants and create the piece organically in the moment. If you’ve ever seen a television show like “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” or a stage show at a place like Second City in Chicago, these are fine, and usually very funny, examples of improvisation. A good actor has to understand how to improv because in a live production, you never know what’s going to happen. Sometimes improvising a line or doing something different can save a scene that has gone horribly wrong.

There are not a lot of rules when it comes to improvisation. But when I practiced improv every day in college, there was one rule that we, the actors, always had to follow. We had to play the Yes Game, as my teachers called it. You might be able to discern from the name of the rule what it meant. Playing the Yes Game required all of the actors to agree with whatever was going on onstage in a scene. For example, if I were doing a scene with another actor, and she came onstage and established that she had just fallen out of a window and injured her head, I couldn’t come onstage after her and ignore that choice or do something that negated it. I had to play into the situation without contradicting what she already established. So I might come onstage as a paramedic so that I could try to treat her injury. Or I might come on as a panicky pedestrian who doesn’t know what to do for her. Both of these choices say YES to the situation that my scene partner had already created. But I could not come onstage, examine her, and exclaim, “Oh my gosh! This woman is dead!” Doing this would negate what my partner had already set up, and it would ruin the energy of the scene. One of the most important things you must do onstage as an actor is trust your fellow actors. This trust is vital to building a scene, a play, a movie, or any kind of rapport. If I were to ruin the scene by not saying YES, I destroy the trust between the other actor and me, thus destroying the whole project.

So now you’ve learned a little something about theatre and improvisation. I was reminded of playing the Yes Game when I recently re-read the classic healing book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. This book has changed the lives of many, many people, myself included. In the book, Louise explores in great detail how our thoughts and our attitudes about ourselves create every situation and especially every health issue we encounter in our lives. Louise contends that by changing our thoughts, we can truly change our lives.

Now this is something that can’t be new information for most of you if you’re reading my blog. I realize that many of you believe in the power of positive thinking and understand the concept that thought creates reality. But even though we believe in this, many of us, myself included, have a hard time incorporating this into our lives every day. We have moments – and maybe longer periods of time than just moments – when we doubt, or we fall into patterns of negative thought. But one thing that Louise says in her book really caught my attention, and I wanted to share it with you today.

Louise writes that there are two mental patterns that contribute to dis-ease: fear and anger. Anger manifests as impatience, frustration, irritation, criticism, resentment, jealousy, and bitterness, thoughts that poison the body. Fear manifests as tension, anxiety, insecurity, doubt, worry, nervousness, feelings of inadequacy, or unworthiness. These also permeate the body and cause harm. And Louise says that we must learn to substitute faith for fear and anger if we are to heal.

“Faith in what?” she writes. “Faith in life. I believe we live in a YES Universe. No matter what we choose to believe or think, the Universe says YES to us. If we think poverty, the Universe says YES to that. If we think prosperity, the Universe says YES to that. So we want to think and believe that we have the right to be healthy, that health is natural to us. The Universe will support and say YES to this belief. Be a YES person, and know that you live in a YES world, being responded to by a YES Universe.”

So you see, Louise Hay is advocating playing the Yes Game in life, just like I used to play it in acting class. This Yes Game, though, is on a much bigger and more important scale. We are creating our own world by affirming to the Universe what we really want in it, and by affirming our divine nature and connection.

It’s important to realize that this is work, and it’s something we need to concentrate on and make a priority every day. We may also find that as we try to release a negative pattern in our lives, the whole situation may seem to get worse for a while. This is not a bad thing, and it is NOT a sign that we are going in the wrong direction. It IS a sign that the process is beginning to move! Our new affirmative thoughts are working, and we need to continue to concentrate energy upon them.

Let’s say, for instance, that you are working on expressing your creative talents, and you lose your job. This may seem like a very bad situation, but it may be that the problem is moving in a different direction to reveal different things you need to understand. Imagine that your affirmation has been, “I create opportunities in my life to use my creative talents and skills.” Guess what? The Universe just said YES to that affirmation and opened up a very big opportunity—you can create a whole new job for yourself! Instead of seeing this as a negative, find the positive in it and say YES to it! This may be challenging in itself, to see the positive in some of these types of situations. But you have the answers inside of you. As Louise also points out: the same Intelligence that created this YES Universe also created you and dwells inside of you as your own inner Intelligence. Access it.

How can we do that? Through meditation and contemplation. And by affirming for ourselves, every day, how beautiful and divine we truly are. We can say something like, “I release all the patterns of consciousness and action that have brought about this circumstance in my life.” And then we can affirm what we do want: “I easily embrace change with joy and peace.” “I easily attract the perfect mate into my life.” “I easily attract the best job to fit all my needs.”

I love the word YES. It sounds delicious, light, and happy. Let’s use it more often. Let’s say YES to the Universe and all it offers to us!



Happy New Year! Get a FREE Reading!

Happy New Year 2012! I am enjoying the beginning of the New Year so much, I want to do something special for everyone here.

On my website I am offering a 6-month forecast e-mail reading that combines numerology, Tarot, and clairvoyance to give clients insights into the months of January through June, 2012 for only $50. This offer is good through January 31, 2012. But here on the blog, I will give one of these readings away for FREE on January 4. All you need to do is leave a comment on this blog post for your chance to win. Please feel free to pass this on to others, too, so that they know about the drawing–and maybe you, or they, will be the winner!

I want to thank all of my regular readers for another wonderful year of blogging. And if you’re new here, welcome! I hope you’ll come back and visit often!

Blog at SMP Authors Today

I am blogging today for the first time at the authors’ blog for my new publisher, Soul Mate Publishing, who will release my first novel, Merlyn’s Raven, in April of 2012. I hope you’ll all stop by over there to see the blog!

The Magic of Christmas Eve

I also want to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful holiday filled with love, light, and joy!

Stones for the Collection

Recently, I went to an open house at Gene Jackson’s place, a.k.a “The Crystal Guy.” Gene and his wife, Barb, have a beautiful home that doubles as a showroom for all of the wonderful stones and crystals they have acquired and that they sell to the general public. I always look forward to going to their home as the energy there is astounding–and, of course, I thoroughly enjoy looking at all the extraordinary crystal gifts that Mother Earth has to offer us! As usual, I couldn’t leave without purchasing a few stones to use in my healing practice as well as for my own personal use.

The first stone I selected  is called fluorite. I actually bought two small pieces of this to give to my sons. It’s an excellent learning aid and increases concentration. It also helps a person to absorb new information. Along with this study aid, I also bought each of them a piece of honey calcite, which is also supposed to help increase good study habits. With these two stones sitting on their desks, I’m hoping lots of good schoolwork will commence!

For my healing practice, I purchased a lovely piece of lapis lazuli:


Lapis is a wonderful stone for opening the third eye, the center of psychic sight. It also helps to alleviate headaches, migraines, depression, and aids the thyroid and throat. It actually has many uses, and I’m sure I’ll utilize it quite often on my healing table.

As I wandered through Gene’s house, I found myself powerfully attracted to a stone I’d never seen before. It’s called vanadinite. I kept going back to it, and when I finally looked up its healing uses, I found out that it’s an excellent meditation aid as well as a great teacher concerning how to conserve physical energy and ground in the physical body. On another note, it can help curb overspending. What a great stone to have at the holidays!

I love working with all of these stone energies. If you’re attracted to stones or crystals, find out what they’re called and discover all of their interesting uses by researching them in books or on the Internet. You’ll be amazed at what helpful friends these allies from the mineral kingdom can be!

(If you’re wondering why I linked to some stone images/descriptions instead of posting pictures of them: I am trying very hard to be conscious of not using images on this blog that don’t belong to me. The picture of lapis was taken from a free site called Morguefile, which I try to utilize as much as possible. The images there are allowed to be used by anyone. If I couldn’t find a picture of a stone on a free site, I tried to link to it instead so that people who are photographing these stones are not infringed upon in any way. Good karma, right?)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…in Readings

Not too long ago, I was visiting one of my favorite metaphysical shops. This is a store that features Tarot and oracle cards, an extensive book selection, crystals, jewelry, incense, herbal teas–all the stuff that we New Age folks love. I enjoy going there and browsing for awhile, losing myself in the relaxing music wafting from the stereo and the sense of peace that permeates the place.

This store also offers readings, and the space their readers occupy is in a corner of the front room. The reader-of-the-day sits at a small cafe table across from her client. In other words, if you’re in the shop, you’re going to hear the reading, no matter how quietly the reader and the client speak. It just can’t be helped. In my opinion, this isn’t an ideal situation, but hey: I’ve done readings at noisy bars, New Year’s Eve parties, and on the street. This set-up can’t be that much worse.

As I was browsing, the bell above the front door jingled, and two ladies walked into the shop. They inquired at the front counter about getting a reading, and my friend, one of the store’s proprietors, went to fetch the reader from a back room. When the reader came out and greeted the ladies, one said immediately, “I want to get a reading, but I don’t want to hear anything bad.”


I almost burst out laughing from my place by the greeting cards.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this very same statement from one of my clients when she first arrives at my office or at my table at a psychic fair. And I, being the closet smart-ass that I am, want to respond, “Well, who does?” But then, the compassionate angel-on-my-shoulder overrides her devilish counterpart, and I smile lovingly, knowing another teaching moment has been presented to me.

No one wants to hear bad news. I get that. It’s never easy to confront issues like job loss, financial woes, turbulence with your children, collapsing relationships, sexual affairs, health problems, and other similar matters. If I had my way, I’d be walking around in a blissful bubble of contentment for the rest of my life. But let’s be realistic: life just isn’t like that. It’s more like a roller-coaster, with hills and valleys and helixes that spin you until you’re dizzy and sick. Some of us like roller coasters; some of us don’t. But whether we like it or not, we got on this ride in the first place, so we may as well learn some coping strategies to deal with the stretches of track that are the scariest.

One thing I recommend to my clients is that they stop seeing events and circumstances in their lives as “bad.” Cancel this negative thinking! I prefer to call these types of things “challenges.” A challenge is something that can be overcome. A challenge is something that may test our strength, our endurance, and shake our sense of purpose, but it is something that we can confront and surmount. And, most importantly, we learn something significant from the challenges we face. When we can focus on the moment-to-moment progression through the challenge and then examine it after it’s over, we begin to understand the lesson that we needed to learn from that experience. And this is the most valuable part of our lives as spiritual beings.

A reading can help us to understand what challenges we may need to face as we continue on our path. Yes, we may lose our job, or we may experience a divorce. But this doesn’t have to be the end of our world! I realize that when we are in the middle of this type of situation, it is extremely difficult to believe that things will ever get better. I believe it helps to remember that everything in life is cyclical. Observation of nature tells us that the seasons change; the natural world undergoes cycles of energy, moving from winter to spring, then to summer and fall, and back again to winter. Why should we, natural beings ourselves, be any different? If you feel that the break-up of your relationship is like wintertime–cold and lonely and stark–remember that spring will come. It has to; it’s part of the natural cycle of energy. And you, too, will emerge from this challenge, once again feeling warm and sunny. When we focus on these positive aspects, and remember to look for the lessons in our challenges, it can really change our perspectives on our lives and the events within them.

And remember, too, that a reading is not set in stone. You always have the power to change your circumstances. A reading can gauge the energies around you and into the future, but you can make choices to change the energy yourself. If a job loss seems imminent, take some initiative and get your resume in order now so that you will feel more productive and powerful when the hammer falls. This will help you to keep a more positive attitude as you look for work. A reading gives you a heads-up about possible futures, but you always have the ability to create a new future. And you certainly have the ability to change your reactions and your attitudes!

So get a reading, but go in with an open and loving attitude. Don’t be afraid to hear challenging things, knowing that these events and issues will provide great opportunities for growth and spiritual perspective for you.

I wish you lots of success!

Metaphysical Movie Review: NO ONE DIES IN LILY DALE


I’ve visited the town of Lily Dale, New York, several times in the last few years. As a Spiritualist minister and medium, I’ve heard about Lily Dale ever since I began studying mediumship. Most Spiritualists consider Lily Dale to be the Mecca of the Spiritualist movement. Its own small town and community, Lily Dale was established in 1879 on the banks of a lovely lake in upstate New York as a place for believers in the new religion of Spiritualism to meet and exchange ideas. Ever since, people have been flocking to Lily Dale to experience its serene energy, to take classes and workshops presented by leading speakers and teachers in the areas of metaphysics, healing, and philosophy, and, of course, to have a chance to connect with their loved ones who have passed over to the Other Side.

Currently, 40 registered mediums live and work on the grounds at Lily Dale. To be a registered medium, one who is allowed to give private readings to those seeking these services during a visit there, a person is rigorously tested by the Lily Dale Board of Directors. I have a good friend, Rev. Jaccolin Franchina, who is a registered Lily Dale medium, and I often stay with her when I make my visits. I have had the opportunity to teach classes and workshops at Lily Dale several times in the last few years, this past June most recently, and it’s always an honor for me to present there. I enjoy the tranquility of the grounds and the sense of camaraderie I experience from being with like-minded people. I dream about Lily Dale often, and I won’t pretend I haven’t thought about becoming a resident there myself at some point in the future. So when Jaccolin told me about her appearance in the HBO documentary NO ONE DIES IN LILY DALE, I was excited. I hoped that Spiritualism and mediumship would be presented accurately and fairly so that more people could see what this small, mystical town was really all about.


The documentary, directed by Steven Cantor, was made during the 2009 summer season at Lily Dale. It mainly follows three people who have lost loved ones as they seek to communicate with them through the mediums at Lily Dale. The film shows these visitors, and others, attending Lily Dale’s daily message services and sitting with mediums for private reading sessions in their attempt to bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual worlds.

For the most part, I liked the documentary. It was quite moving to get to know the seekers who had lost loved ones and to hear their stories. I found myself in tears several times, understanding and deeply feeling the anguish the seekers were experiencing. Two of them had lost children; one had lost the man she’d hoped to marry. Any loss is hard to bear, but the pain carried by these people was quite palpable throughout the film.

I was especially interested to see the mediums and how they were depicted in this film, and I wasn’t disappointed. Although we didn’t get to know any of them in intimate detail, I enjoyed hearing from several of them about how mediumship works, why they live at Lily Dale, how they interact with Spirit, and other fascinating topics. Most of the mediums featured seemed very comfortable talking about themselves, their beliefs, their homes, and their work, and they were articulate and intelligent in discussing the matters of Spirit and Spiritualism. I appreciated this very much, because I know that for many folks who watch the film, this will be their first exposure to mediumship and the people who are its ambassadors. I hope the viewers will take away many positives from their encounters with the mediums in this documentary.

Of course, I loved seeing my friend Jaccolin and her sisters featured in the film. Jaccolin and her family amaze me, as they come from a family of Spiritualists and have participated in Spiritualism all of their lives. Jaccolin also happens to be the mother of my awesome office partner, Joanne Franchina, and they’ve always made me feel just as if I’m a part of their family. I loved seeing the sisters interact, talk about their spirit relatives together, and even participate in a seance with other mediums on the grounds. This sense of community and love is something I’ve been able to witness first-hand, and it’s a joyful experience.

I also appreciated the beautiful way the film was put together. Lily Dale is a lovely place to visit, and its grounds are a treasure trove of natural beauty. These sites were often highlighted throughout the documentary, and I could feel the peace and the balance of Lily Dale’s healing energy in each of these scenes. I applaud the director for including so much of this footage.

I do have a few criticisms of the film. Well, perhaps they’re more frustrations than anything else, but they are there. I was curious as to why a visiting medium, Michelle Whitedove, was featured so prominently in the documentary. Ms. Whitedove is not a registered medium at Lily Dale, and yet she was filmed doing a private reading for one of the seekers followed in the film. Granted, the seeker did seem to find some closure and some healing after her reading with Ms. Whitedove, but I couldn’t help wondering why another Lily Dale medium wasn’t suggested to this client. Ms. Whitedove has an entertaining and rather larger-than-life personality (and some killer shoes, no less), and I found myself thinking that she was selected to be featured in the film for this reason. That’s not a criticism of her work, simply an observation. I don’t make it a habit to criticize other mediums because I know that every medium receives her information differently and presents it in line with her own personality, and I like to believe that everyone who does this work is doing it from her heart and to be of service to Spirit and humanity. I was surprised, however, to see Ms. Whitedove give medical intuitive readings on the platform at Inspiration Stump (one of the venues where the public gathers daily at Lily Dale to receive spirit messages given by the student, visiting, and registered mediums). At every Spiritualist institution I have ever worked, giving medical advice is prohibited because mediums are not medical professionals. A medium giving medical advice can place the institution in legal danger by doing so, and Ms. Whitedove brought through a great deal of medical information while at Inspiration Stump. Perhaps Lily Dale bent the rules for her just for the filming of this documentary, but I hope that this won’t continue in the future. My student mediums don’t need to be confused by seeing someone do something they know they’re not supposed to do!

I was also a bit puzzled by one of the seekers that came to Lily Dale. This lady was a fundamentalist Christian, and she’d lost her son to cancer. Because the director had made a point of showing evangelical Christians protesting at Lily Dale’s gates about the damnation of the mediums and anyone who entered there (honestly, something I tend to think was set up for entertainment purposes, as I’ve never encountered or heard about other protests taking place at Lily Dale in all the years I’ve been going), I was very surprised to see this lady take any interest at all in anything a medium would tell her about her son on the Other Side. At first, she seemed open to receiving whatever healing she could through the experience; she said as much when she first appeared in the film. However, she certainly was not open to anything the medium who read for her had to say when she sat with him. I have encountered similar experiences, and it’s definitely not fun. Again, this lady is entitled to her opinions and her beliefs, and I’m sure it makes for entertaining viewing to see two people arguing about religion and the existence of Spirit. But honestly, I couldn’t figure out her motives. If she wasn’t really open to the idea of spirits communicating and felt it was wrong according to the Bible, then why come at all? I felt the medium dealing with her handled the experience very well, but it left me feeling sorry for him and even sorrier that she wouldn’t be able to receive the healing she so desperately needed.

I also found another seeker’s reaction to her first reading at Lily Dale to be rather exasperating. So many people come into a reading with a very definite expectation of what they want to happen. They want to hear what they expect to hear, and if they don’t, it negates for them the validity of the whole reading. Granted, we did not see the entire reading during the documentary, but the seeker was obviously dissatisfied with the results and complained bitterly about how she just didn’t believe it. I couldn’t help wondering what she wanted to receive from a reading that she felt was missing. This seeker did receive a second reading that seemed more in line with her expectations, but again, I think it’s unfortunate when folks can’t keep an open mind, which will help them to realize that not everything that comes through in a reading makes sense right away. It’s also important to remember that so many of these folks are grieving when they come for help, and this can block the process and make giving and receiving a reading more difficult.

All in all, I found NO ONE DIES IN LILY DALE to be a rewarding viewing experience. Seeing Lily Dale on film was wonderful, and I do feel that everyone in the documentary, mediums and seekers alike, were treated fairly, respectfully, and compassionately. Death is not an easy subject to deal with or to document, and it’s difficult to even know what to say to someone who is grieving a catastrophic loss. Healing from this pain can happen through mediumship work — I’ve seen it myself countless times, and I’m always, eternally grateful for it — and I was especially glad to see that some measure of healing came to some of those who made the pilgrimage to Lily Dale.

I look forward to visiting Lily Dale many more times in the future. I hope you’ll consider a trip there, too. In the meantime, NO ONE DIES IN LILY DALE can give you a taste of what this special place is really like.

After the Fair


I’ve been recuperating for the last couple of days. This past weekend, I spent many hours at the Victory of Light Expo, greeting well-wishers, selling and signing books, and mostly, doing readings. I was there all day on Saturday and Sunday, so Monday and Tuesday were my days this week to rest and rejuvenate.

I used to do a lot of metaphysical festivals like this one when I first started reading Tarot professionally. I was about 22  years old when I worked at my first festival (hard to believe it’s been almost 20 years ago!), and I was eager to meet more folks who were interested in esoteric and occult things. The vendors sold crystals, jewelry, books, and magickal trinkets, so many temptations that there were several fairs where I blew almost all the money I made on stuff for myself. I made appointments to receive wonderful healing treatments like massages, reflexology sessions, and energy work, floating away on a cloud of happiness after my sessions were over. And yes, I even saw other psychics for insights into my own life in many reading sessions. I always enjoy receiving a reading from a fellow worker, fascinated as I am to discover new reading techniques and methods that might enhance my own professional work. Needless to say, for many years, I looked forward to these inspiring weekends, even though I worked, too. Providing readings thrilled me; I enjoyed helping people solve their problems through Tarot and intuitive counseling. Most seemed to appreciate my input and were happy to have the insights I could provide.

I still enjoy going to the fairs, even though I don’t do quite as many of these events as I once did. I prefer doing readings in quieter settings, and I like not having to rush through a reading to get it done in 15 minutes. Over the years of doing festivals, I’ve also had to take better care of myself. I tend to get very run-down after a long day at an event; I think it has to do with keeping my energy higher in order to stand between the worlds to speak to Spirit. The Natural Law of Vibration, which rules mediumship, tells us that our vibrations have to be higher in order to work with spirit energies. The spirit folks have to slow their high vibrations down, and we meet somewhere in the middle in order to communicate. When I work, I tend to crank my vibration pretty high in order to make a strong connection to Spirit. I’ve been told by some of my own teachers (those here in the physical world) that I need to stop doing this, that Spirit can come to me, that I’m going to burn myself out big time if I can’t stop doing this–so I try not to work my energy up into such a high place like I once did. But I still tend to do between 13 and 20 15-minute readings a day at a festival, and that’s a lot of different energies to get in and out of quickly and efficiently. By the end of the day, I’m usually wiped out. I do try to take more breaks now, and I eat more frequently to ground myself and to keep my physical energy in a good place. Still, the fairs take a lot out of me, and this most recent expo was no exception.

And yet, I had a good time. I feel very grateful for and blessed by all of the people who came to see me over the weekend. I lectured at the fair about my new book, Ask a Medium, and that lecture was extremely well-attended. I received good feedback about it. I love lecturing; teaching is my true passion, and being able to connect with folks in this sort of a setting is always fun. It’s wonderful to talk to a large group of like-minded people, too, those who are truly interested in investigating the spirit world and who believe in the validity of after-death communication. It uplifts me to see so many seekers, those who are truly trying to walk the Path of Light in this world.

I also love re-connecting with other metaphysical friends I don’t get to see very often at the festivals. Granted, there might not be as much time to do this when I’m working so hard, but usually, I can sneak in some great hugs and chatter in between readings, before we begin for the day, or when I’m on a break. We have a lovely community of people here in the Greater Cincinnati area who are bringing light to so many others, and I love having a few minutes to catch up with friends and fellow workers. These moments make me so proud of what I do, and they help me to feel as if I’m a part of a larger web of energy, one that illuminates a very special and important agenda in the Universe.

And I do love helping those who seek me out. Spirit reminds me a of a lovely groups of sisters who brought their dad to the festival. I am sometimes intimidated when asked to read for men (I know–it’s my issue, one I’ve been working on for years now, but it still rears its ugly head at times), and I was a little nervous when this gentleman sat down in my chair. But I put my faith in my spirit people, my lovely guides who help me make my connections in the spirit realms, and Mara, my joy guide, immediately connected me to this man’s wife, who had passed within the last year. It was a tremendous blessing to be able to bring her through to him, and I know that this man was relieved to hear from her. I had many readings over the weekend, and I couldn’t begin to remember them all (I very rarely remember anything about my readings–I don’t think I’m supposed to remember them), but I know I will always recall the feeling of happiness and peace that this connection brought to that man.

What a powerful, inspiring thing to be able to do! Can you see why I feel so humbled and so honored to do this work? It is moments like those that I live for, moments like those that I try to focus on when the work is hard, or when I am tired, frustrated, or unsure. These are the moments that Spirit brings us to remind us of our larger connections in the Universe.

So, this week, I rest. I still work, but I don’t (thankfully) have as many clients this week. I think Spirit arranges that, too, so I can relax a bit and try to dwell in a more peaceful, calming energy.

I hope your week unfolds in the same kind of loving, gentle energy. Blessings to all! xo

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