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Cool Stuff Coming Up

Hello blog world! Just thought I’d quickly update here. I’m busybusybusy getting ready for the Victory of Light Expo this Saturday and Sunday, November 17 and 18. This is the largest expo in the Cincinnati area, and it’s chock-full of exciting lectures, shopping, healers, and readers. Come out and experience the wonderful energy, do some holiday shopping, get some guidance from Spirit, and learn something new! I will be doing private readings for $35 (per 15 minutes) in my booth as well as selling and signing all of my metaphysical books. I will also lecture on Saturday at 12 noon on “Life on the Other Side” (including Spirit messages for the audience), and on Sunday, I will participate in a Gala Mediumship Demonstration with several other mediums starting at 1 pm.

I am also very excited that this weekend, my wonderful partner, Joanne Franchina of Inner Compass, and I will unveil our new year-long Mediumship Mastery Program. This is a serious instruction program geared for anyone who is committed to becoming a psychic medium. I will have more details next week after we present it all at the Expo this weekend, so stay tuned.

With that, I send you all peace, love, and blessings!!

A WIP and the ULE

For the last two weeks, I’ve been working on my new writing project every spare moment I get. The work-in-progress (WIP–and, dare I say, novel-to-be?) is another fantasy romance inspired by Arthurian legend. What is it with me and this theme? Anyway, it’s always exciting when the words want to flow. Too bad life, and other responsibilities, get in the way.

To that end, I wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be at the Universal Light Expo in Columbus, Ohio this Saturday, October 13 and Sunday, October 14. I will be in booth 713, where I will be giving private readings and selling all of my books. This expo is enormous, and there are tons of great people, products, lectures, and energy for everyone to enjoy. If you’re in the Columbus area, stop by and spend some time with us. On Sunday at 11 am, you can even come and see me demonstrating mediumship with several other wonderful light workers.

These expos, while fun and exciting, always wear me out. But I hope to get back to writing bright and early on Monday!

Blessings to all!

Image above copyright Eve Sakmar Sullivan

Spring Stuff


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here, but I’ve been trying to plan new events and get everything together as my kids go on spring break. There is painting to be done in our household, which will take up some of our vacation days, and my husband’s birthday is actually on Easter this year, which means we’ll be entertaining his family. So much to do, so little time–even with the Wheel of the Year turning, some things remain constant!

I did want to take a moment, though, to re-connect with you folks in cyberspace, and to let you know about some upcoming events that I’ll be doing. Here’s the low-down:

I’ll be appearing (and disappearing, ha ha) at the Victory of Light Expo on Saturday, April 10 and Sunday, April 11, 2010 at the Sharonville Convention Center in Sharonville, Ohio. On Saturday at noon, I’ll present Ask A Medium, a talk based on my new book of the same name. The presentation will also include Spirit messages for the audience members. I will also be doing a limited number of personal readings for clients at my booth on the lower level of the convention hall, and I will sell copies of all of my books as well as sign for those who would like an autograph. Be sure to arrive early if you’d like to sign up for a reading–the spots usually go fast! For more information about the festival, times, admission fees, and the like, please visit the expo’s website.

Along with my office partner Joanne Franchina of Inner Compass, I am thrilled to welcome one of my favorite teachers, Sharon Anne Klingler, to the Cincinnati area. Sharon will present a weekend of events and workshops sure to please everyone interested in mediumship and their own personal path to spiritual fulfillment. Read on for a full description of Sharon’s events:

A WEEKEND OF WORKSHOPS with Sharon Anne Klingler


SHARON ANNE KLINGLER is an internationally known author and medium. Her books include Intuition & Beyond, The Secrets of Success with Sandra Taylor, Travel Into Your Past Lives, Drawing on Your Intuition, Divine Connections, Life with Spirit, and her acclaimed program, Speaking to Spirit, a home-study seminar for intuitive development and spirit communication. She has been featured in many newspapers and magazines and on major television and radio outlets in Australia, Canada, England, and the U.S. Sharon maintains a private practice in mediumship and other metaphysical disciplines with high profile clients around the world. She lectures throughout the U.S., Europe, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.
Register for all three workshops by April 16 for only $160, a savings of $20!

MESSAGES FROM BEYOND with Sharon Anne Klingler

Make the spirit connection! Let your guides and loved ones in spirit bring you their insights through Sharon’s dynamic clairvoyance and guided imagery exercises. You will feel the presence of spirit as Sharon shares their messages for many audience members. She will also lead you through exciting processes that help you to connect with your spirit loved ones and guides yourself.

Friday, April 23, 7 – 9 pm.
$25; Early registrations (by April 16) $20.
Sharon Anne Klingler, guest instructor.


This workshop is more than a peek into the mystical powers and histories that lay hidden from the average person; it is a precise training in their application and use. The Seven Rays are the fuel that drives each activity. Learn how to apply these powerful forces to your own initiation. This workshop covers:

The Seven Rays & the Ascended Masters

Synchronicity of ray power in occupational, spiritual & personal directives.
Balancing polarized ray forces & utilizing energy phases.
Learning from the mystic Masters: ancient exercises in energy, prophecy & healing
Your Initiation & Discipleship

Forces of initiation: a spiritual tsunami.
Energy discernment: influence & confluence of power.
Levels of initiation: revelation into body, mind & mystery.
Advancement to power: Your work on the higher & lower ground
Saturday, April 24, 9:30 am – 4:30 pm (includes a break for lunch).
$95; Early registrations (by April 16) $90.
Sharon Anne Klingler, guest instructor.


Learn about the past and future in your evolution. Find out about the rites of initiation; discover your past lives in the ancient mystery schools; and map out where you’re headed next in your work with the Masters. (For special processes, please bring any gemstones or pieces of jewelry that may have significance for you). This workshop includes:

Investigating Your Ancient Histories & Present Powers

Past-life regression to the secret societies.
Freemason & mystical initiation practices.
Living a mystic’s life in a modern world.
Your Future in the Plan

Rites of initiation (and their physical & spiritual influences).
Triplicities of power in mystical & practical use.
Daily techniques for increasing your magnitude of power.
Global initiation: your future work with the Masters.
Sunday, April 25, 9:30 am – 1:30 pm.
$60; Early registrations (by April 16) $55.
Sharon Anne Klingler, guest instructor.

To register for any of Sharon’s events (and you DON’T want to miss any of them, believe me!), you can visit my website to download forms.


I am very excited about my upcoming TAROT INTENSIVE WEEKEND Workshop, scheduled for Friday, May 14 through Sunday, May 16, 2010. To register for this event, please visit my website, but read on to see all of the cool stuff we’ll be doing:

Ancient and mysterious, Tarot cards have fascinated humanity for centuries. The Tarot can be used as a divination tool, a meditation focal point, a sounding board for ideas, and a source of great inspiration. Whether you are a beginning reader or a seasoned Tarot professional, this intense weekend devoted to Tarot study and work will bring you deeper meanings for yourself and your interaction with this wise and venerable tradition.

Friday evening will include the following:

➢ Tarot overview and a brief history, including the Major and Minor Arcanas, the suits and their meanings, numerology and symbolism in Tarot, and how to care for your deck. A special Tarot connection experience will be conducted.

Saturday will include the following:

➢ Handling and shuffling the Tarot
➢ Spreads versus throws: what’s the difference and when to use what
➢ Exploring interactions between the cards
➢ Telling a story with Tarot
➢ Timing in Tarot
➢ Finding key ideas in spreads and throws
➢ Divination with Tarot
➢ Meditation exercises with key Tarot cards to enhance the student’s spiritual connection to the Divine and the oracle

Sunday will include the following:

➢ Tapping your intuition using Tarot
➢ Court cards in Tarot: who are these people?
➢ Reversed cards
➢ Card combinations
➢ Sample spreads to use for specific types of questions
➢ How to design your own Tarot spreads
➢ Using different decks to deepen and enhance readings

And much, much more!

This weekend experience will include many interactive experiences with the Tarot, and students will be expected to conduct readings using the cards for themselves and for others. All students will be awarded a certificate of completion at the end of the weekend.

Required: A standard 78-card Tarot deck. The Rider-Waite deck is preferred, but any is acceptable. Bring as many decks as you like, but you must have at least one to work with in class.

DATE: Friday, May 14 — Sunday, May 16, 2010
TIME: 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Friday
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday (one hour lunch break)
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday (one hour lunch break)
PRICE: $165 if registered by April 25, 2010
$195 after April 25, 2010 or at the door


And, to enhance the Tarot workshop, I’ll facilitate a new TAROT WISDOM CIRCLE beginning Wednesday, June 9, 2010. In this fun, informal setting, we’ll explore lots of different ways to use and read Tarot. The circle will be open to anyone at any skill level, and you can participate in as many meetings of the Circle that you like. Sessions will cost $12 per night, or you can buy 5 sessions for only $50. We’ll meet for 10 Wednesday evenings from 7 to 8:30 p.m. throughout the summer at my office in Blue Ash. I think this will be an exciting, experiential way for us all to deepen our connection to Tarot, that inspiring and fascinating tool!


As you can see, I’ve got lots of interesting things planned as we move forward into spring. I hope you’ll be able to join me for some of these events.

And I’ll see you again soon here on the blog!

May your Easter/Ostara basket overflow with blessings!


A Past Life Tarot Spread

I’m working on putting together a fun and informative Tarot spread to present to our students when we present our Past Lives workshop this weekend. I’ve been reviewing past life spreads I’ve used in the past and “mixing and matching” different elements into a new spread. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

11 Cards, laid out in the following way:

Card 9………………………………………………………………………………………Card 11
Card 8………………………………………………………………………………………Card 10
…………………………………………….Card 7…………………………………………………..
…………………………………………….Card 6…………………………………………………..
…………………………………………….Card 5…………………………………………………..
…………………………………………….Card 4…………………………………………………..
…………………………………………….Card 3…………………………………………………..
Card 1………………………………………………………………………………………..Card 2

Card 1: Basic Soul Nature (yours or the querent’s)
Card 2: Present Life Issue
Card 3: Past Life Influence/Issue
Card 4: Environment/Early Life Influences in Past Life
Card 5: Accomplishments in Past Life
Card 6: Past Life Relationships
Card 7: Past Life Death/End of Life
Card 8: Lesson the Soul Wants to Learn
Card 9: How the Past Life Affects This Lifetime
Card 10: What is Needed to Learn This Lesson?
Card 11: What to Anticipate When/If the Lesson is Learned

I like this combination of information because it allows a reader or querent to see influences from a past life that affect his current life, but it also gives him a glimpse of his actual life circumstances in that past lifetime. Using intuition when looking at the pictures on the cards themselves can shed some additional light on the details of an incarnation.

When I did this modified spread for myself using the Rider-Waite deck, the following cards came up. My interpretations are in italics:

Card 1: Basic Soul Nature: Page of Pentacles.  A contemplative child who worries about security. A gazer/scryer who contemplates the mysteries of life. A slow, methodical person.

Card 2: Present Life Issue: 10 of Swords.  Debilitating worry. Negative thoughts that adversely affect progress of any nature.

Card 3: Past Life Influence/ Issue: 2 of Pentacles.  Juggling two rival energies. How to act in a tempest/storm. Excess energy not necessarily put to good use. Issues of balance and equilibrium.

Card 4: Environment/ Early Life in Past Life: Major Arcana The High Priestess.  A feminine energy with esoteric knowledge. The Goddess. Connections to mystical society with high expectations. Knowledge and feminine power.

Card 5: Accomplishments in Past Life: Major Arcana Death.  A major change. Death of old knowledge for something new. Movement away from one lifestyle to another. Re-birth.

Card 6: Past Life Relationships: 8 of Swords.  Restriction. Inability to stand up for self or to ask for help. A negative, abusive relationship or circumstance. Security that comes with too may restrictions or rules.

Card 7: Past Life Death/End of Life: 2 of Cups.  A good friendship or love connection based on respect, sharing, compassion. Reconciliation of a higher nature.

Card 8: Lesson the Soul Wants to Learn: Queen of Pentacles.  Self-sufficient woman of means and resources. The ability to rely on self or one’s own resources.

Card 9: How Past Life Affects You Now: Major Arcana The Fool.  No fear of the journey ahead. A need to trust in the Higher Power. The possibility of recklessness.

Card 10: What is Needed to Learn This Lesson? Major Arcana Temperance.  A peaceful attitude. The balance of the mundane and spiritual. Equilibrium in all aspects. Standing in two worlds. Angelic interventions.

Card 11: What to Anticipate When Lesson is Learned: 4 of Cups.  Choice coming from quiet contemplation. Offers from Spirit.

This reading makes a lot of sense to me. It seems to indicate that in a past life, I was raised in a mystical, esoteric community, probably one that was Goddess-based or matriarchal (The High Priestess). This resonates with me on a soul level; I know I’ve lived several lifetimes in societies like these. In this particular lifetime, however, I must’ve become upset or disillusioned with this lifetime and left it (Death), most likely to pursue a relationship outside of the society. That relationship was not all it seemed (8 of Swords) and left me feeling restricted and unhappy. At least at the end of my life, I was able to find a different relationship that worked on many levels (2 of Cups). My lesson in that lifetime, however, was all about balance and equilibrium, especially concerning the mundane and the spiritual (2 of Pentacles). In this lifetime, I am trying to learn how to keep negative thoughts from impeding my spiritual progression (10 of Pentacles). This resonates with my soul nature (Page of Pentacles), which is contemplative and interested in investigating the mysteries of the Universe. This past life is influencing me still; my soul understands the need to trust in the Higher Power and to have no fear of the path ahead (The Fool), but it is still working on these trust issues. To learn this lesson, I need peace and balance (Temperance). My work in between the worlds as a medium and with the angels can help me to learn this lesson. When I have learned it, I can look forward to more choices and contemplation of further soul lessons (4 of Cups).

Yes, that sounds good to me!

If you’re interested, give this Tarot reading a go, and let me know what you get in the comments below.

Blessings to you on this lovely Tuesday!

TONIGHT: ASK A MEDIUM Lecture and Booksigning

I’m pleased as punch to be appearing tonight at my church, The United Spiritualists of the Christ Light, for a lecture based on my new book Ask a Medium, beginning at 7:30 p.m. Bring your friends and your questions about the spirit world, and we’ll have a wonderful, entertaining discussion! After the lecture, we’ll serve light refreshments, and I’ll have books for sale and will sign any that aren’t nailed down. 🙂 We do collect a love donation for the church for the lecture, just so you know.

The USCL’s address:

4412 Carver Woods Drive Suite 210
Blue Ash, OH 45242

I’d direct you to the USCL website, but it’s currently down. We hope to have it back up soon.

Hope to see you tonight! Have a great weekend!


Dear Blog…

Dear Blog (and beloved blog readers),

I’m so sorry I’ve been neglecting you lately. There’s been a lot going on in my life. Some good things, some great things, some worrisome things–in a nutshell, life has been happening, and it’s been blowing past me at the speed of light.

Here are some good and great things that have happened:

1. I was cast in a play! I am playing the wonderful role of elderly German agent Lillian in Fairfield Footlighers’ production of I Hate Hamlet. I am very excited to be working on a creative project, and so far, I am loving every moment of it. I’ve been feeling a creative void recently, and acting always helps to fill that up for me. As a director, I’m also enjoying watching this production come together, and I admire the way Heidi, our director, handles everything with her no-nonsense, fun approach. I can’t wait to go to rehearsal, which I take as a very good sign. Maybe some of you will be able to come out and see the show, which opens on February 19. Ah, theatre–how I adore you!

2. Our son was awarded a $20,000 scholarship to Roger Bacon High School for the next four years. This is a huge accomplishment, and we are bursting with pride over the news. We are confident that both of our sons will do well at this institution, and we look forward to working with them towards more great achievements when they begin high school in the fall. Having the decision of where they’ll attend high school out of the way also relieves a tremendous burden from our list of worries. We’ve still got to get through the rest of this school year, though!


3. My new book, Ask a Medium: Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions About the Spirit World, is now available for sale! I am very excited to have this book available to readers. I’ve tried to compile the questions that I’m most frequently asked by clients and other seekers concerning the spirit world, what happens when we die, why ghosts and spirits do certain things, and other sundry metaphysical topics, and I try to provide answers based on research and my own experiences as a medium. I hope readers will truly benefit from this book. And, in other good news: if you’re in the Cincinnati area, my office partner, Joanne, and I are hosting a ASK A MEDIUM discussion and booksigning on Friday, January 22. Starting at 7 p.m., I will talk about the book and answer audience questions. At 8 p.m., the book sales and signings will begin, and we will serve refreshments and socialize as well. Please come if you can, and bring your family and friends for a fun and enlightening evening. For the address for the event, visit my website.

3. The snow is finally melting. Enough said about that.

4. My husband and sons are healthy. Really, that’s important enough to write about, I think, because I’ve been down the unhealthy road before, and yes, I am grateful.

I’ve decided after looking at this list that the positives far outweigh the negatives. Life is good. I’m not even going to discuss the not-so-good things, thereby giving them no energy to thrive. In light of this, you’d think I’d have more time for the blogosphere, right?

Well, I’m going to try to make more time. It’s nice to sometimes gather all of my thoughts together and put out a post. It’s hard, though, to always come up with topics to write about. I don’t want to keep re-hashing the same old stuff.

So, if you have suggestions of what you’d like to see on the blog or information you’d like to read about, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what it is.

Dearly beloved blog…friends….I’ll hopefully see you again soon.


Victory of Light Expo This Weekend

For those of you in the Greater Cincinnati area, I’ll be working all weekend at the Victory of Light Expo. The Expo is open on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am until 7 pm.  I will present “Quick and Easy Tarot,” a two-hour workshop where you can learn simple and fast ways to read Tarot cards and receive accurate, inspirational messages. The workshop is $20, and it will be interactive and a great, fun experience for beginners or more advanced Tarot enthusiasts. “Quick and Easy Tarot” will be presented at 11 am on Saturday, November 21. On Sunday, November 22, I will channel my Master Teacher, Merlin, in a one-hour presentation called “Messages from Merlin.” This begins at 11 am., and a love donation will be accepted for this demonstration. I will explain the trance process and then open myself up to accept Merlin’s energy and allow him to speak and answer questions posed by the audience.

I will also be at my booth space on Saturday and Sunday, selling and signing my books. I will be doing a limited number of private readings at the festival as well, mostly in the afternoons. If you’d like to get a reading, please stop by my booth early and sign up for a time as slots tend to fill up quickly.

For more details about the fair, please keep reading. I hope to see you there!

Victory of Light Expo
November 21 & 22, 2009
Sharonville Convention Center

The Victory of Light Expo comes to the Sharonville Convention Center
November 21 and 22, 2009, 10am-7pm each day. One of the country’s
largest metaphysical conventions for the general public, the expo
features the world of parapsychology, psychic development and holistic
healing. This is Cincinnati’s premier body, mind and spirit event.

The expo showcases a large variety of intuitive and holistic
practitioners who will provide personal readings and healings. Over
200 tables of merchandise such as jewelry, crystals, clothing, art,
books and spiritual and wellness products will be available for

Over 50 seminars will also be offered including several free public
demonstrations of psychic abilities such as soul mate readings,
mediumship, psychic handwriting analysis, past life readings, angel
messages, clairvoyance and channeling.

Internationally recognized holistic physician and author Lewis Mehl-
Madrona will present the seminars, “Native American Ceremony & Ritual”
and “Narrative Healing: Change the Story, Change the Person.” Mehl-
Madrona is author of the best-seller Coyote Medicine as well asCoyote
Healing, Coyote Wisdom, and the recently published Narrative Medicine.

Live New Age music will be provided by keyboardist Lighthawk Mark
Kenworthy, New York’s The Gypsy Nomads who will perform their
trademark French Gypsy Celtic Folk Rock, award winning Native American
flutist Douglas Bluefeather and singer Terri Rivera Piatt. Belly
dances will be performed by Emerald Breeze Dance Ensemble.

Admission: $12 one day, $20 two days. Seniors and students $2 off.
Children 12 and under free. Parking is free.

The Sharonville Convention Center is located at 11355 Chester Road,
Cincinnati, OH 45246. (Exit 15/Sharon Road exit on I-75, west to
Chester Road, right on Chester. The Convention Center is on the left.
Look for the bright pink banners.)

Complete details about the expo including links to presenters’ and
exhibitors’ websites and a detailed seminar schedule are available at the website.

Monday Message from Merlin 11-16-09

Greeting to you all! I speak to you tonight from the realms of Spirit, learning, and love beyond measure! I am Merlin, the Master Teacher of my beloved Rose, who writes here for me as I speak through her. I am honored to come to you tonight in this blessed energy of the Dark Moon. This is a time of spiritual rest and recuperation, the Dark Moon, when the magick of the cyclical monthly energy ebbs and curves inward so that we may all examine what is within ourselves. It is a time to revisit desires, wishes, and goals. It is a time to hibernate, as the animals do, to rebirth our energies once more when the moon begins to wax. In the darkness, we confront the deepest parts of ourselves: our fears, our frustrations, our anger, our human desires. We recognize the sides of ourselves that make us the most human, the aspects we most need to work on in our quest for richer and better spiritual understanding. We confront our demons, so to speak, in the stillness within ourselves, knowing that the Light burns brightly even in our darkest corners. We do not fear this darkness, for we know we are never, ever alone. We are united with the One, the All, the Infinite, and this is the way we become friends with the darkness. This is the way we accept the lesser aspects of ourselves, the qualities which need improvement. We come to the understanding that we need all of these parts of ourselves to be truly whole, and truly human. We embrace the darkness; we sit quietly within it, blessing it and the lessons it brings to us. In the Dark Moon phase of the month, we rest in silence and appreciate stillness, for it brings us in tune with our soul. It aligns us with the Void, and it is no longer frightening.

Tonight, be still. Sit in a dark room, a dark place, and be at peace with the darkness around you. Know that it is similar to the void within you. Do not judge your feelings about this darkness, but be serene in its presence. For within the Dark Moon, within the black void, there is Light, always. No matter how large and overwhelming the darkness seems, the Light always returns. That is Natural Law and the universal cycle of energy. Sit, sit, sit. Breathe in and breathe out. Be.

The darkness is nothing to fear. You are a divine being. Nothing can harm you. Know this, and know peace.

I send much love, honor, and many blessings to you all!



For those of you in the Greater Cincinnati area, I will be channeling Merlin in person at the Victory of Light Expo on Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 11 a.m. The Expo is held at the Sharonville Convention Center on Chester Road. I will also be doing a workshop, “Quick and Easy Tarot,” on Saturday, November 21, 2009 at 11 a.m. at the Expo. After each presentation, I will greet people, sell and sign books, and do a limited number of personal readings (for a fee) in my expo booth space. I would love to see you at the fair! For more information, please visit the Victory of Light website.

Universal Light Expo 2009

Tomorrow, I’ll be traveling to Columbus, Ohio to work at the Universal Light Expo. This fair is one of the biggest in the Midwest, and it’s filled with wonderful metaphysical vendors, healers, readers, and speakers. I am always excited to go and do readings, sell and sign books, speak, and greet new and seasoned friends. I’m also excited to get to spend time with my good friend Tom, who now lives in Columbus and whom I can never see enough. This year, my husband and kids are coming along for the weekend, too, which is really fabulous. I hope the weekend will be successful, spiritual, and lots of fun.

So, I won’t be around much, but if you’re in the Columbus, Ohio area, stop by and see me!

Many blessings of peace and love to you and yours.

Goddess Getaway

I am very excited about the new Goddess Getaway I am organizing with my office partner and dear friend, Joanne Franchina. We have put together our heads and hearts to design a women’s retreat we think will be fun, meaningful, and inspiring for any woman who wants to get in touch with her inner Divine Feminine. 

If you’re in the Cincinnati Tri-State area, read on for more details. It’s going to be awesome–hope to see you there!




GODDESS GETAWAY: Empower Yourself with Divine Feminine Energy.  
A Women’s Spiritual Retreat with Rose Vanden Eynden & Joanne Franchina
The beautiful and inspiring goddesses are waiting for you to invoke them, ready to assist you in a deeper understanding of your own powerful link to the Divine Feminine.  During this interactive and uplifting weekend retreat, you will learn and experience the following:

  • Getting to Know the Goddesses.  Learn about individual goddesses from various spiritual traditions.  Learn their specific personalities and attributes and learn which goddess is closest to your own personal energy at this time in your life.  
  • Working with Goddess Energy.  Learn practical applications of goddess energy in your everyday life, including how to construct an invocation to fit your intentions.  Learn which goddess to invoke for specific needs and situations, such as releasing negativity, harnessing creativity, and empowering yourself.  
  • The Special Insights & Inspiration of Mary Magdalen.  Participate in a powerful group meditative process to invoke the energy of this contemporary feminine deity, and receive insights for yourself and others.  
  • Sharing Circle.  Share your own experiences and understanding of goddess energies: How do you relate to the Divine Feminine? 
  • Mask Making Playshop.  Create a mask that symbolizes a particular goddess, or a compilation of goddess energies. 
  • Empowerment Ceremony with the Divine Feminine.  Participate in a ceremony to invoke goddess energies, release areas of resistance, and claim the Divine Feminine energy that is your birthright.  
  • Personal Time for Reflection.  Take some time to contemplate important questions about how you can more fully embrace and express the Divine Feminine in your life as you enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings. 

Friday, 7pm – Sunday, 11:30am, October 23 – 25, 2009. 
Bracken Ridge Center in Northern Kentucky (one short hour from downtown Cincinnati).
$249. Includes housing, meals & instruction.
Rose Vanden Eynden & Joanne Franchina, facilitators.  
Space limited; pre-registration required. Register by September 21, 2009 and receive a $10 gift certificate. 

Download Special Event Registration Form

Download Flier for This Special Event

Download Brochure with All Details for this Special Event

To Pay for this Special Event via Credit Card, Register Online at

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