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Monday Message From Merlin 2-7-11

Greetings and blessings to you all! I am Merlin, the Master Teacher of the one called Rose who writes this on my behalf. As always, it is a great pleasure to work directly with her and to speak to you all in this way. I enjoy very much the time I am able to spend with you. It is a great honor for me and a cherished opportunity for me to continue in my own spiritual development.

I come today to speak to you about success and failure. Last night, Rose and her husband watched the big American football game called The Super Bowl, which pits two teams against each other in fierce physical competition. As in many of these sports, there is only one victor. And yet I say to you, all competitors are victors in these matches, even the ones who do not score the most points by the end of the game.

Failure is a part of the human experience. It is not an especially enjoyable part, but it is necessary nonetheless.  It is one way we understand how some of our actions are mistakes, which allows us to recognize misguided judgements so that we do not make the same error again. When we experience failure, we grieve and face strong, undesirable emotions like frustration, anger, and sadness. Our self-confidence is often affected, causing us to feel even more depressed. With all of this, what positive outcome could possibly stem from failure?

The important lessons learned through failure give the experience great value. We learn how to negotiate negative emotions by remaining peaceful, calm, and compassionate with ourselves. We realize that our self-worth is not tied to the outcome but instead directly connected to the Divine Source, which is present in every person, no matter their success rate. We see that by failing at one endeavor, it opens up space for something entirely different, and something that is far better than we could have imagined. We recognize our personal shortcomings and are afforded the opportunity to mend them so we do not repeat the same mistakes in the future. We become more spiritually focused, concentrating on the meaning behind the failure and what we can do for ourselves to by more productive as we move forward. We allow ourselves to experience life lessons that we cannot experience in any other way.

Failure is never easy. Many will ask questions like, “Why did my business fail? I asked my spirit guides to help me, and it still went under. I was a fool to believe that they are working with me!” Beloved friends, your spirit guides always want what’s best for you. Remember, too, that your guides cannot interfere in any capacity of your life. As I have reminded you before, you must ask them for aid when it is appropriate. But never doubt that your guides are helping you when you’ve asked, even if the scenario turns out differently than you anticipated. Your guides are familiar with your life plan, and they may know something about why your failure is a necessary part of your spiritual evolution. You may not be able to see the bigger picture, but trust that Creator knows exactly what you need at every moment of every day. Putting your faith in Spirit is not easy, but it is never misguided! Search for the lesson that is to be learned, and you will understand it.

You are all such beloved creations! You are all so magnificent in so many ways! I wish you could truly understand the incredible love and energy that infuses this whole Universe and allows us all to be tied together to one another. Know that you are never alone in your life, through all of its good times and challenging ones. Spirit is ever-present, and the more you work with your guides, teachers, and angels, the more aware you become of their presences and of their help. It may not make failures easier, but this knowledge will help to bring you peace so that you can examine and integrate the lessons you need to learn during these times.

You are loved beyond measure. You are special. You are a unique creation of the Divine. You ARE Divine! Repeat these mantras to yourself, especially when you’ve encountered a failure in your life. No matter how daunting it might be, if you ask for help from Spirit in pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, you will receive it! And whatever is coming from that point on may be bigger and better than what you first attempted!

I hope today’s message gives you some peace of mind, heart, and spirit. I take your leave now with my blessings and great love. Be well, and I will be with you again soon.


Monday Message from Merlin 12-20-10


Geetings, my beloved ones! I am Merlin, the Master Teacher of my life companion, Rose, and it is my great pleasure to be here today to serve you. I always enjoy the time I am given to be with you, and I wish you ultimate happiness as we celebrate the joyous and sacred season of Yule. When I walked the Earth, we were quite cognizant of the seasons of the year, and these cycles of energy were terribly important to us for many reasons. Of course, our lives depended on our relationship to the natural elements that surrounded us, and so this great reverence developed into a sacred trust we established and upheld with Mother Earth. Sadly, humanity has moved further and further away from this reverence over these many years, and few still hold Mother Earth in the high regard She deserves. But I did not come here to preach! I came to help you understand that these cycles of energy are still sacred and relevant today, and I came to encourage you to take time to celebrate, even in a small way, the incredible energy of the Winter Solstice.

The year 2010 brings an even more powerful energy with the Solstice, for a lunar eclipse also happens to fall at the same time. What a double blessing of energies for humanity to experience! There seem, however, to be many who are confused as to what to do during this unusual occasion. I say to you, use the Solstice as a reason to go within, to connect with your own personal spirit guides, and to discover for yourself what you can accomplish or banish during this duel energy. You do not need others to tell you what to do! All you need is your own breath to take you deeper into a relaxed state, along with an intention to connect with your spirit people and to learn whatever it is you need to know to fully benefit from these Solstice and lunar energies. Your own spirit guides will not steer you wrong! This is what establishing a relationship with Spirit is all about! Trust what you are shown, what you hear, what you feel, and act on these impressions. You will see amazing changes if only you will trust this process!

Beloved ones, all of these energies are all around you, and they are gifts from Creator! Your guides; these lunar and Solstice energies; the astrological knowledge that can be learned; the stone and crystal powers that surround you; the elemental energies to harness; the beautiful, strong, and loving angels–so many gifts from Creator at your disposal! And yet many ignore these precious connections to God and stumble around like children lost in the dark! Use what has been given to you. If you lack the knowledge, learn more! Read books! Go to classes! Sit in meditation and contemplation with your own spirit people and allow them to guide you. And if you do not have the books or the classes or the people to help you learn, pray to Creator, and S/He will bring the resources to you! Do not allow your path to enlightenment to stay blocked! Use your strong human will and move right over those obstacles. Your spirit teachers, your angels, and the Ascended Masters will cheer you all the way!

Friends of my heart–enjoy this sacred time. Spend it with your loved ones. Commune with the angels and the spirits that surround you. Connect with the Divine Source of it all. Be well, prosperous, and joyous!

I bid you abiding, everlasting peace as I take my leave tonight.


Monday Message from Merlin 11-8-10


Greetings to you all today! It is my great pleasure to have the opportunity to once again touch in with all of you from my place in the planes of the spirit world. I am Merlin, the Master Teacher of this beautiful being called Rose with whom I walk during her life journey. We have been together in many lifetimes, Rose and I, and it is always a blessing to be able to connect with her to share her joys, her challenges, her sorrows, and her triumphs. Like any dear friend, I cheer for her, worry for her, rejoice in her, and love her beyond measure. I tell you all: you, too, have dear ones like this is the spirit world, spirit guides and teachers who wish to get to know you on an intimate level and who want more than anything to help you in your life journey. Welcome them! Talk to them, aloud and in your mind. In both of these methods, they can hear and understand what you say and what you need, and they will work with the best energies possible to bring this to you. You have to ask, however, something that many forget! Do not forget your spirit friends, and understand that the relationship you have with them is like any other: it is worthy of hard work and constant nurturing.

The Wheel of the Year has turned once again, and we are now in autumn, having just celebrated Samhain (your Halloween), the last harvest festival of the year. It is a wonderful time to contemplate what you have reaped from this past cycle of energy. What has come to fruition in your life? Are there unexpected results from energies that you created? Why might this be? What lessons have you learned over this past year, and how have you changed to reflect these lessons? Where do you see your life going in the New Year (the Samhain festival is the end of the Celtic year, and a new year begins once it is celebrated)? What do you hope to accomplish? These are the kinds of questions to consider at this time, and sitting in quiet thought and meditation is extremely important during this phase of the year. It is during this quiet time when we become re-focused on the inner self, the spiritual journey, the struggle and growth of the soul. It is right that this happens, for this is our greatest challenge as human beings, and it is for this reason that you came into a physical body in this lifetime. No one can answer these questions for you, but the answers are all within you–you just have to go within and pull them out! It may not seem easy, and sometimes, it is not. But this is your quest, your mission, and no one can do it for you. Not even your spirit guides, who love you beyond your understanding, can tell you exactly what you need at this time in your soul’s growth. Your guides will support you as you undergo this process, however, so call on them when you need assistance. Help shall be yours! But do not be afraid of the dark, inner recesses of your self, your shadow soul. Some are afraid to strip away the layers of protection that they put around themselves in the everyday world. It is only in doing this, however, that you discover the true essence of who you are and who you are meant to be. Give yourself time and space to do this work. Meditate, pray, contemplate–these are the quiet moments that are ideal for discovery and soul work. You must make the time to do this if you ever hope to achieve any spiritual understanding in your world. But know that if you do this work, if you are diligent and strong, you WILL find the answers you need, and you WILL achieve a greater sense of peace and understanding of the awesome Force, our beloved and wise Creator, all around you!

My dear friends, be at peace with this process. It is one that takes a long time and much concerted effort. You will be doing this for the rest of this lifetime and even into the lifetimes beyond this one, for it is the nature of humanity to keep learning and growing. When total consciousness is achieved, there will be nothing else to work for–you will be One with Creator. Enjoy the time you have now to truly explore and learn about yourself and all of the marvelous energies surrounding you. Follow what your heart says; find joy and allow your soul to sing in this joy as much as you possibly can. These actions elevate your spirit and your energy vibration, bringing you to a state of great spiritual bliss. How lovely is that?

Beloved ones, I thank you for your attention and for reading these words today. I send you peace, love, and blessings from the world of spirit, and I know I will be with you once again soon. Until then, be well and know how very loved you are!

In Light always,


Monday Message from Merlin 9-13-10


Greetings to you all, my beloved friends! It is good to be with you today! I am Merlin, the Master Teacher of Rose, the one who allows me to speak these words–my secretary, so to speak. My beloved Rose knows that I am joking when I call her this, for we are equals and soul mates on our journeys toward enlightenment. We have chosen, in many lifetimes, to work together, and I am blessed and honored to have her with me. She supports me in my journey, and I support her in hers. We mutually give to each other, as our hearts have been connected for a very long time. You may say, “Merlin, how is it that you benefit from your relationship with Rose? After all, aren’t you the Master Teacher and she merely the poor soul trapped in a physical body, having an Earthly experience filled with traumas and challenges?” My dear ones, never think for one moment that you are lower than your Masters! We are all equals in the eyes of the Divine! We are all important and loved beyond measure, no matter where we may be on our spiritual paths! No two of us are alike–Rose knows this as the mother of identical twins. Even though they may share the exact same DNA, these beautiful boys are very, very different souls. And yet neither is loved more or less by God/dess! No matter what their trials, decisions, and choices during their lifetimes, they will always be loved and accepted by our Creator as perfect individuals–perfect in that all they do, say, feel, and experience is in accordance with Divine Order. And so it is with all of you, too. Your spirit guides, your Masters and all the others who work with you, share so much and learn so much by working with you. This relationship helps them to evolve as teachers and counselors, and so it is impossibly valuable to them! You may think that only you benefit from your relationship to Spirit, but this is simply not the case. As we share our energies together, we all learn and grow and advance! Isn’t that wonderful, my dear ones?

As we speak today about spiritual paths, I share with you that my beloved Rose is struggling right now with her own. I share this not to embarrass her, but to help others to learn from our experience as teacher and student. My Rose has always been an excellent student, and she has learned much throughout her lifetime about different religions and spiritual studies. She enjoys this type of education, and I am sure no one will ever keep her from it! Her experiences in the Roman Catholic church and her schooling in their institutions molded her early life and many of the values she still holds today. Her study of Wicca, magick, and Paganism helped her to branch out to understand the diversity and the great value of open thought in spiritual work. It also allowed her to truly experience for the first time the essence of the Divine Feminine and to fully recognize this Force at work in her own self. And when she became interested in Spiritualism and finally was ordained as a minister of this faith, she was able to express her wide range of interests, skills, and knowledge, sharing it with her community in many different ways. All of these choices along her path have led her to be the person she is today.

And yet, she still searches. She is always looking for more information; she constantly seeks a deeper, yet everyday, connection to the Divine Presence. And when she doesn’t feel she is making progress, she become disillusioned and/or upset. And yet, intellectually, she knows and believes that she is right where she needs to be. If it takes a year or one day to move to the next level–it doesn’t matter, don’t you see? All human beings are impatient with slow progress. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a pill: “Instant Enlightenment!” Just swallow and it’s yours! But really, beloveds, what would you learn from that?

Absolutely nothing. I like to tell Rose this. I know she hears me, because she tells me so, and usually adds, “Just like you’ve told me before.”

But this does not upset me. I have worked many lifetimes with stubborn humans, and I’ve worked with the stubborn soul-that-is-currently-Rose many times before this incarnation. I know that having a human experience erases many of the soul lessons we have endured and understood in the past. It is my job in this lifetime to keep reminding Rose of her lessons, in whatever way that needs to happen.

And yet, there is sometimes a longing in many of my incarnated friends to search, to find something bigger, better, different, that gives value and worth to a lifetime. First, understand, beloveds, that you are just that: beloved! And you are beloved just the way you are! There is no need to keep searching — you do not need to do this because you feel we want you to do so. You are free to make your own choices and to know that we will still work with you as your guides no matter if you talk to us everyday or if you ignore us for the rest of your existence. It is solely up to you. The Divine loves everything about you: your faults, your mistakes, everything! Rejoice in this!

But if you seek more knowledge and more understanding, and you find a physical teacher, a book, or a group that you wish to explore, do so! No man or woman holds all the keys to unlock the mysteries of the Universe. It is arrogant to think someone does! But in spite of that, to learn more is to grow and expand your consciousness, so do it if it is something to which you are drawn. Right now, Rose has been drawn to journey back to her connections to the Divine Feminine principals and to magickal work. As a Spiritualist minister, she sometimes feels guilty about wanting to study with other faith systems to reconcile all of her own thoughts, feelings, and experiences. And yet I say, Let it be done! It is more than acceptable for Rose to explore these other avenues and to have opportunities to learn from other teachers, both in the physical world as well as the spiritual one. Her soul will benefit tremendously from her experiences, and then she can also pass on this knowledge to others, as is part of her life’s work. This does not mean she must leave Spiritualism behind. On the contrary, this means she is growing as a soul, and she needs to honor her soul’s yearnings and feed it what it needs.

And so I say the same to you, my friends. If there is a spiritual path you want to study, or a new metaphysical lesson you wish to learn, do not hesitate! Move forward on your journey, for this thing that has attracted your attention is obviously something you need at this time in your life. Embrace it and learn what it has to offer. Do not become stuck in old patterns of thought or behavior just because they are appealing in their constancy. Challenge yourself to always move forward! Challenge yourself to move outside your own sphere of reality and understanding into something that may enhance all the aspects of your world.

I hope these words today have been interesting and helpful to you all. I bid you peace, constant and everlasting, as my beloved brothers and sisters, great Seekers of the Light! I take my leave.


Monday Message from Merlin 8-23-10

Greetings to you all, fellow travelers on the Path of Light! I am Merlin, the one who works with this beloved being called Rose, helping to guide her in her own spiritual quest during this lifetime. It is my great pleasure to be here with you today, to reach out to you from the realms of Spirit to touch in with your consciousness and to connect our souls together.

You, my brothers and sisters on the Path, are true divine beings! Never forget that as you journey onward in your life. You may not feel divine. You may question this divinity at every turn, and especially at every challenge that arrives. And yet it is your inherent divinity that will help you to overcome any obstacle that you encounter! Dear ones, do not despair when something happens that many see as negative! Remember that these are challenges to your spiritual senses. The physical world is intangible and will pass away, but your soul, your spirit, will live on as an etheric form. These physical challenges help your soul to evolve, to lighten, to grow ever closer to the Higher Power that infuses and inspires us all. And yet it is these moments that embroil humanity, these events that take so much of your energy and your attention. Am I telling you to ignore them and to carry on in a state of blissful ignorance? No. Yet I do tell you that your choices and your thinking help to elevate you above these physical cares, or they burden you further with negative energy.

A full moon energy permeates the physical world at this time. Pay attention now to your dreams, for there will be strong messages there from your guides and your higher self about your true nature. The world is moving and shifting at this time; strong forces are at work, challenging those incarnated now to evolve or to be left behind. Many thoughts turn to the greater good, the greater work of humanity. How will you serve this agenda? How can you best lend your energy to the positive changes that will come from this great period of strife and unrest? What talents can you employ to bring peace, understanding, and balance to others and yourself? Search deep on this full moon. Take time for meditation and contemplation. Ask your guides, teachers, and angels to help you connect directly with your Source and with your own soul to better understand your purpose. Remember that you are always a part of something larger than yourself, larger than your soul group, larger than any one cause or country. You are a part of the human race; you are a part of the Divine, which is reflected in all. Thus you, too, are reflected in all. You have a stake in everything, beloved. Do not neglect any part of this world, for in doing so, you neglect yourself and all others as your divine brothers and sisters.

You may not fully understand everything that comes to you now. Write down your dreams and the symbols that you see in your meditations and visions. Ask for help from Spirit to interpret what comes. These messages will help you to better understand your role in the Universe and what you can do to bring more love, more light, and more compassion to the events around you. Think large! What you do affects many, in much broader circles than you may know or understand. Use your talents to broadcast a message of love and light. Do not become entangled in arguments or misunderstandings, especially with people who cannot embrace a more open, loving mind and attitude. Know that you can send these souls healing, but fighting with them only wastes time and energy. Concentrate your vision on expanding the minds and hearts of those souls who are ready to be filled with the pure Light of Love. When this comes, doubt, fear, anger, and confusion instantly evaporate. Peace prevails, and healing is absolute. Be this Light for others by allowing It to consume you!

My beloved friends, I hope my message today will make some sense to you. If it does not, sit in meditation and ask your own guides to help you to understand. Pay attention to the messages you receive, even if they seem strange or insignificant. If you ask for a message, one will come, and it is your job then to make sense of it. Interpret your symbols, knowing that all comes from Spirit with loving intent if that is the intent you set before asking for communication. Allow the messages to unfold. Write them down so that you can remember them. Your connection to Spirit is a great gift–use it!

I take my leave now, friends of my heart. I send you peace and blessings and, most of all, love unending.


Monday Message from Merlin 7-12-10


Greetings to you all, fellow pilgrims on the Path of Light! I am Merlin, the Master Teacher of this one called Rose, my beloved companion in this lifetime. I come tonight from the world of Spirit, where there is love, peace, and blessings eternal. It has been many weeks since I have been given the opportunity to speak to you in this fashion, and I am pleased that Rose has found a few moments on this beautiful Monday evening to sit with me. It is often difficult for her to find the time. There are many obligations that often take precedence. This does not anger or annoy me–never think it! Your spirit teachers understand that you are human beings having a physical incarnation, and this means that you must contend with many challenges and many distractions that vie for your attention. But beloved, divine brothers and sisters, never neglect the connection you have to your own divine self! I am humbled to work with my beautiful Rose, and all of your own spirit teachers and loved ones feel the same way. We wish to be of service, now and always, and we wait patiently for you to call on us. We never feel neglected, but your own soul, your own spirit, needs nurturing so that it can continue to grow, blossom, and move further into the blessed Light of Understanding. This Light only comes when you are willing and able to connect regularly with your higher self and the Divine in meditation, contemplation, and prayer. It is never a bother to me, or to any of your spirit teachers, to work with you at any moment. We are ready, always, to assist you. All you need to do is make the effort to connect with us. It is a small task. And your connection to your own inner divine self is even more important! This must become a priority to you if you hope to advance, learn, and grow!

Let me give you an example. If you were injured, you would need to nurse your wounded body back to health. This may entail sitting or resting for extended periods of time to allow your body to mend. You would do this, would you not, because your health was at stake? Yes, of course you would! Now understand, beloved ones, that your spiritual health is also at stake! You must make time for this! You must make it a priority! It is vital to your evolution as a spiritual being. How can you expect to learn anything new, or to take further steps in your growth, if you never concentrate on this task? Does a houseplant grow into a beautiful tree if you do not water it or set its pot in sunlight? Of course not, and most of you would never neglect your plants! Why, then, is it acceptable to neglect your personal spiritual development, when your soul, your spirit, thirsts for knowledge and understanding? Do not abuse yourself this way, my dear friends! Do yourselves the justice and show yourselves the love you deserve by making the time, every day, to connect within yourself to Creator, and to sit in meditation with your teachers to bring you further in your enlightenment.

“But Merlin,” you may say–and yes, I hear you say it, even now!–“I have so many things to do. The children; the spouse; the parent; the job; the neighbor; the pet; the houseplant! These things must all take precedence over myself.” No, dear one–they take precedence because you do not love yourself enough to put yourself first. It is all well and good to say, “Oh, I come first. I always make time for myself” as many in your culture and society do. But it’s quite another to actually promise yourself this time and to follow through on that promise. But, beloved souls, this is the only way that you can commune with the Divine on the most intimate, personal level possible, the means by which the Divine brings wisdom and illumination. Five minutes is enough if it is all you have, but thirty is better. Do not neglect yourself, your true self, that which is your soul, a moment longer. You are waiting!!

It gives me great pleasure, dear ones, to be of service to you in this way. I love you all and hope that my message tonight will help you to understand just how precious each of you are: to your guides and teachers; to all of your loved ones on the other planes of existence; to the bright angels that are the servants of humanity; but, most of all, to Creator, the Infinite Love that consumes and sustains us all.

I take my leave. I send you all blessings and wish you peace and infinite understanding in this great quest called life.


Monday Message from Merlin 4-19-10


Greetings to you all, beloved travelers and seekers of the Light! I am Merlin, the Master Teacher of Rose, who writes this for me and who allows me to work with her in her own spiritual journey on the earth plane. It is a pleasure to speak to you today–we have been apart for several weeks as Rose fulfilled the many obligations she has taken on in this lifetime. But all of these she endures with joy and peace in her heart–mostly!–for she loves her life and the people, events, and activities that make it up. I hope that you all love your lives as well, and, if you are unhappy with some aspect of it at this time, I say to you: change it! It is always within your power to make a choice and to do something differently. It may be something small, like changing your bed sheets to a different color to make you smile, or it may be something large, like changing your attitude toward your boss at work or your neighbor with the loud, barking dog. Whatever it is, you have the power! You are in control! And our Creator supports you and loves you as you make decisions to reach your own fullest potential and your own greatest happiness. Do not let anything keep you down.

My beloved Rose recently went to see a new spiritual leader when he visited her hometown. Some of the things this leader had to say did not make sense to her, and now she struggles with what to make of his messages that evening. I say to her, and to all of you: there are many spiritual leaders spreading messages at this time. The reason there are many is because there are even more who need to hear these messages, and not everyone who needs to hear will listen to all of the messengers. Some messengers will speak more clearly to one population of people; some will speak and make no sense whatsoever. This is where you must use the discernment and the open mind that Creator gave to you to decide what makes sense to you and what does not. Not every spiritual teacher or leader will resonate with you! This is why Creator has commissioned many to take messages to the masses. This is why there are many spiritual paths on the earth plane, and why no one path is the “right” one for all. Each individual soul is at a different point it its evolution, and so it needs different things at different times to continue to grow and evolve. Not everything that every human teacher says is a golden nugget for you! First of all, each of these teachers is he himself human and in the body, thus rendering it impossible for him to be “right” all the time. Beloved beings, stop trying to figure out who is “right” and concentrate on what feels best to you in your heart and what makes the most sense with your truth. Do not give your power and your energy away to spiritual leaders and teachers. The best spiritual teachers want you to think for yourself, not to blindly follow them! Listen to the messages with an open heart and mind, sit with the messages and meditate upon them, and you will understand which are the messages that are important for your own growth at this time. Do not feel angry or upset if a message doesn’t seem “right” for you. You are unique, a beautiful individual, a lovely creation of God! You are exactly where you need to be at every moment, so do not wish you were “further along” or “better” than you are. You can never be better than where you are right now in your current understanding, for this is where you need to be! Spiritual gurus, leaders, teachers, and the like will come and go, according to their own plans and their own growth. Be concerned with where you are. This is not selfish; it is an important component of each individual’s acceptance of his or her divine plan.

Be at peace, my brothers and sisters, so that you can radiate peace in your lives. It is fine to ask questions, but come to peace in your heart if you cannot find all the answers right away. If you are diligent, the answers you seek will come to you when you are ready. But do not expect all of the answers to come from someone else, not even your guides and teachers in Spirit! We tell you the things we know you need, but we do not give all the answers carte blanche. This is because there would be no growth for you if we did. We make suggestions; we put books in your hands or people in your paths for you to experience, but ultimately, it is up to you whether or not these messages fit your understanding. And if they don’t, move on! There is so much to learn, experience, and enjoy in your physical lifetime! Be happy and know that Creator is working with you much more than you can possibly understand!

I leave you all now. May your hearts be joyful and serene.  I send you many blessings from the world of Spirit.


Monday Message from Merlin 3-8-10


Good day! I do greet all of you beautiful souls in the midst of your Earthly journey from the realms of Spirit. My name is Merlin, and I am the Master Teacher of this beloved soul called Rose with whom I work in this lifetime. I am honored to be her mentor, and I am equally honored to be with you in this manner today as we all strive to reach our highest potential as spiritual beings.

Yes, even I, in my present form, am still learning, still growing, still expanding the depth and breadth of my knowledge of the Universe and the Great Divine Presence that permeates it all. How exciting is this for all of us, to be in such a form, to be children sitting at the feet of the Unknown, thirsting to learn and to experience All That Is? What a privilege to be here, and what a true manifestation of the love and blessings that the Divine provides for us!

I asked Rose to choose the photo above today to go with my words because of the beautiful image of the melting ice. Spring is on its way in the part of the world where Rose resides, and there is a melting of fear and isolation from the hearts of those who have felt the chill and loneliness of winter. We are on the cusp of a new day, a new season, a new beginning, and there is excitement and anticipation in the air. Do you feel it stirring within yourself? What have you been preparing for through the long, dark months of winter? Most feel compelled to withdraw, to look within, to retreat from the outer world to spend time in the inner sanctum. And this is a sacred process for those who truly wish to delve deeply into their spiritual selves. Often this process can cause fear and doubt, never easy to wrestle with in the dark recesses of the soul. And yet it is only through confronting fear and doubt that true enlightenment can be achieved. Now, as the Wheel of the Year once more turns toward Spring, the Light that returns to our lives can nurture the qualities, attributes, and situations we most want and need to grow. Embrace this loving Light! Allow it to cast your fears away and to warm your soul! Know that you are a powerful being, with loving, compassionate intentions, and that you can achieve the hopes and dreams that you have by trusting in your own divine nature. Know that you yourself are a seed, and within you in the sprout that can and will grow into a sturdy oak with the right care. You can accomplish so much if you trust yourself, trust the Universe, and trust the growth process. Allow it to be what it needs to be. Allow yourself the space to make mistakes and to change your mind, for these are the ways we learn to trust our intuition and to understand how it works in the physical world. Ask for guidance from your spirit teachers, but know that you are ultimately in charge of your forward progress. Expect good to come, and it will–perhaps not always in the form that you anticipated, but always for your highest and best spiritual fulfillment.

You are loved, beautiful souls, more than you can possibly know. If you were here in the planes of Spirit, you would feel the constant, undeniable energy of this great, consuming, powerful love. Since you are not, you must trust that it is there–no easy feat, I understand, but one that gives great comfort and great strength to those who embrace it. This starts with recognizing your own personal divinity–different from ego, which drives achievement at the cost of all else. Divinity recognizes the beauty of every living entity and strives only to resonate and vibrate at the highest energy possible–love energy! Do all that you do with love. Put love first, always, in your life, and you will never go wrong. Let love, which is the energy of Creator, permeate all that you do. When you start from this compassionate, peaceful, beneficent place, you will attract only good into your life, and you will have heaven on Earth.

Let your hearts melt at this time. Let them open, like the new buds on the trees, to soak up the Light that returns to you now. You have never been alone; the Light has always been there. But sometimes we need it to be terribly dark before we can actually see the Light, no matter how tiny it is.

I take your leave now, Earth angels, and bid you peace, love, and blessings in all you do. Until next time…


Monday Message from Merlin 2-8-10

Greetings to you all! It is my great pleasure to come forward today and speak to you from the realms of Spirit! I am Merlin, the Master Teacher of my beloved Rose, who allows me to use this forum as a way to communicate with you all. I cherish the times I am able to be with you, for you are all precious and important to me.

My beautiful Rose is happy this day, as she has been trying a new eating plan and has seen much success from her efforts. I praise her for this, but not because she is losing weight, as is so important to so many in your culture. I am happy for her because this makes her healthier not only in her physical body, but also in her mental and spiritual bodies. Many worry about being overweight or not looking attractive, and perhaps in your culture this is something to address, as so many people have become heavier in recent times. Physical beauty, however, should not be your motivation for embracing a healthier lifestyle. Do this instead because you love yourself enough to want to be stronger, happier, and more focused in every aspect of your life! Eating more nutritious foods, exercising, and getting adequate amounts of sleep will increase your energy vibration and help you to be more in tune with the spirit world around you. You will be more focused and find it easier to concentrate if you choose to meditate. You will find exercise to be a marvelous form of meditation, and you, with your busy lifestyle, will be able to incorporate your health consciousness into your spiritual consciousness thus! As Rose would say, isn’t that a win-win situation? Of course it is!

Changing to a healthier lifestyle need not be a chore. Ask your own guides and spirit teachers to help you through the process. I know Rose was expecting her change to be difficult, but she DID remember to ask me and her other guides to aid her this time–and what a difference it has made! She has adapted easily to her new routine, and now that she has experienced the benefits and been pleased with the results, she wants to continue with these healthier changes. I am excited for her to concentrate more on taking good care of herself–she has many important things to accomplish, and this will only help her to undertake them. You, too, have important tasks to face in your life–tasks vital to your spiritual progression–and any advantage you can give to yourself will be beneficial as you embark on your journey. Why not make a pledge that you will eat more nutritious foods and drink better beverages? Your guides will help you to select a meal plan that works for you. Promise yourself that you will exercise and get the sleep you need. Your guides will help you to schedule your day and evening so that you can fit in these important components. All you have to do is ask, and you will find things moving in a different direction, due to your intent and the subtle intervention of your spirit helpers. We want nothing more than for you to succeed in your endeavors! Make your health a priority!

A short message today, for as usual, my Rose has many obligations. But you are all important to her, and to me, and so I thank you for reading and for considering my message. May the days ahead be blessed and bright for you!

In love and peace, I take your leave.


Monday Message from Merlin 1-25-10


Greetings to each and every one of you, my fellow seekers, my brothers and sisters in the Light! It has been some time since I have been able to be with you in this way, and I am happy to speak through my beloved Rose to bring you a message of hope and love this night. I am Merlin, and I have watched from afar as events in your world have unfolded in the past few weeks. How sad and upsetting to see the devastation of the beautiful island of Haiti and the suffering of the beloved souls who reside there. When these things happen, many ask the questions, “Why? Are they being punished? How can the Divine allow such suffering in the world?” There are many answers to these questions, my special ones, and many in humanity have a difficult time accepting the reasons. As my Rose likes to say, “It is hard to wrap our minds around these concepts.” There are issues of Earth and environmental healing happening in this instance. There are issues of group karma–and remember that karma does not equate with punishment, it equates with balance and equilibrium. There are issues here of awareness that must be brought to the surface of humankind’s understanding at this time, awareness of the needs of communities of people who have been overlooked for so long by richer, more powerful cultures. All of these, and other layers of meaning, are at the core of this event, and meditating on these ideas will bring you to a deeper understanding of the lessons for all that are involved.

But still, there is hope. There is love. There is compassion and beauty and wisdom that is the natural by-product of this terrible event. And it is in this energy of ultimate, Divine love that we must reside. This awareness will bring comfort, guidance, strength, and enlightenment to those who trod this path. Questions are always good, and yet, as I tell Rose, they mostly lead to more questions. The best teachers of the physical world were and are the ones who, when asked a question, answer it with another. Why do teachers do this? It is not to make you crazy! It is, indeed, to make you think–to force you to expand and grow and stretch, as a new seedling does as it seeks the sun. Do you not seek the Light of progression? You do! So, then, you must ask your questions and find your answers. I, like all spirit teachers, will help to guide you, but I can’t provide all the answers. What would you learn then except laziness? I do not reprimand you, dear ones, never think it! But I do encourage you to find these answers yourself. Read great teachers and what they have to say about such matters. Delve into the depths of your soul and explore your own fears and frustrations. Ask for help from your own guides and teachers. As you do this, you will begin to see a glimmer of Light, and this will encourage you to keep excavating. The greatest source of gold is hidden deep within the dirt. Your greatest treasures–your greatest truths–are hidden, too, deep within your soul. The only way to find these nuggets is to tunnel deep within. This is what magick truly is. But that is another topic all together!

And so, this night, beloved ones, send healing to Haiti and her people. Encircle them in the White Light of Creator that transmutes all darkness into positive, productive, beautiful energy. Know that as you do this, you also welcome this Light into your own being, and it transforms you, allowing you the space you need for deeper understanding. Let the healing peace of the Divine wash over and through you like a tidal wave of love. Heal your own heart as you heal the woes of your fellow beings, and know that this small action has great and powerful repercussions.

As always, I send you love, peace, and many blessings. Thank you for allowing me to serve.


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