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Friday Fun Post

Since next week I will start publicity in earnest for the release of my novel, Merlyn’s Raven, I thought I would post something completely superfluous and silly today. This is taken from a blog I love to read, just eat your cupcake, written by Maria.

Put your IPod on shuffle and then of course, each question gets a song.

Here we go.

1) Your first kiss:

Turning Tables, Adele.

The first kiss I remember was in fourth grade, when a kid named Tom used to chase me around the playground to try to kiss me. I let him catch me once. Does this count as turning tables?

2) First date:

Somebody to Love, Jefferson Airplane

I went to the park with my first boyfriend, and we walked around the lake. We also did some smooching under a bridge. I suppose I wanted somebody to love, all right, but frankly, I’m glad it didn’t turn out to be him.

3) First Day of Kindergarten:

Looks That Kill, Motley Crue

HA! This just makes me laugh. I don’t really remember my first day of kindergarten. I recall very little of that year, except that we had a bathroom in the kindergarten room and one day, my friend’s mom was our substitute teacher. But, knowing me and my nonstop chatter, I’m sure the kindergarten teacher gave me some looks that killed during our time together.

4) Relationship with parents:

I’m Counting on You, Chris DeBurgh

I’d say this is true of my parents. My mother was a wonderful lady and a good mom. My dad wasn’t around much, and when he was, he was scary when angered. Overall, though, I know my parents loved me, and I could count on them.

5) Relationship With Siblings:

Rehab, Amy Winehouse

What are you trying to say about my older brother here? He may be a perpetual partying twenty-year-old, but I love him.

6) First real love affair:

So. Central Rain, R.E.M.

My first real love affair is the one I’m still having. Since this song has a recurring line of “I’m sorry,” I really don’t think it’s appropriate for my relationship with my husband.

7) First Break-Up:

Bust Your Window, GLEE cast

Well, it wasn’t a very nice break-up. He just stopped calling me, and I never found out what happened. I also heard later from a friend who went to school with him that he was spreading rumors about me as a conquest, which really hacked me off. So yes, I suppose I was mad—but not mad enough to bust the windows of his car.

8) BFF song:

Toast, Tori Amos

This is a rather sad song, written for Tori’s brother who passed away, so it doesn’t seem appropriate for my best friend, Melissa. I did, however, raise a toast to her at her wedding, which I think went very well. And I meant every single sappy, sloppy word of it.

9) Partner song:

The Prisoner, Howard Jones

No, no, absolutely not. My husband and I treat each other with the utmost respect and love, and I know neither of us feels trapped in our relationship.

10) Your relationship with your child(ren): 

Moon Over Bourbon Street, Sting

Unless my children have turned into vampires and I don’t know about it, I can’t imagine a less appropriate song.

11) Song about fights with your partner/husband/wife/whomever:

I’m Slowly Turning Into You, The White Stripes

Hmmm…Well, my husband and I are both passive-aggressive fighters, I think, so we really do mirror each other in our fighting techniques. That said, we rarely fight. Maybe we have already turned into the other person—after twenty-seven years together, we know each other pretty damn well.

12) Song about your career:

Bulletproof Heart, My Chemical Romance

Interesting song title. I’d say that in my work as a medium and as a writer, I do have to have a pretty tough skin. People can be extremely critical, and you must learn that you can’t please everyone. And to be both a writer and a medium, you have to expose your heart and allow your emotions to flow, so having a bulletproof one is probably wise.

13) How you feel about your co-workers:

Witch Hunt, Rush

LOL! Well, I really only have one co-worker, my office partner, Joanne, who is also a medium and a life coach. I don’t know if she sometimes feels as if she’s the quarry in a witch hunt, but I do occasionally.

14) How you feel right now:

Almost Rosey, Tori Amos

I’d say that’s almost right, considering my name.

15) Family vacations when you were a kid:

Forget Me Not, The Civil Wars

I look back on family vacations to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina quite fondly. I hope I won’t forget those times.

16) First sexual experience:

Television Rules the Nation, Daft Punk

Um…no. Just…no. And you’re not getting any other explanation than that.

17) What’s your future look like?

Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown), The Beatles

I’m not sure what to make of this answer. Perhaps I’ll fly to Norway. Perhaps it’s all about freedom. Or sleeping in a bathtub. Who really knows?

18) What your family was like growing up:

Winter, Tori Amos

Interesting. This is one of my favorite Tori songs, and it’s the one I associate most with my father. The song mentions, “I wanted you to be proud of me.” Those words, “I’m proud of you,” were ones I desperately wanted to hear from my dad but didn’t until I was in my thirties. And yes, that does make me sad.

19) What your own family is like now:

Someone Like You, Adele

Well, I do see my husband and myself in our children. And if anything ever happened to my husband, I would have to find someone very like him to even consider another relationship. Once you’ve had it so good, you never want to go backwards.

20) What will you be like in your old age:

Tear in Your Hand, Tori Amos

Oh, I hope not! I don’t want to be a big baby or a crier when I am old. I want to rejoice and remember all the great things about my life. I hope I can remain positive until my last breath, no matter what happens.

21) What your partner thought when you first met:

Die Hard the Hunter, Def Leppard

I don’t think my husband knew I was even interested in him when we first met. He actually considered asking out another girl who worked with us, until she was bitchy to him and he saw what she was really like. But I suppose I did pursue him a bit more than he pursued me.

22) What you thought when you first met your partner:

Miracle Drug, U2

Well, I certainly thought my husband was handsome the first time I saw him. But I don’t think I considered him a miracle drug.

23) What your child(ren) thinks of you as a parent:

Vertigo, U2

Never let them know what you’re really thinking. Make their heads spin! That’s my motto for good parenting!

24) What your co-workers think of you:

Hungry Like the Wolf, Duran Duran

Great. Everyone I work with thinks I eat too much. Does this blog make me look fat?

25) What your neighbors think of you:

Gone Away, The Offspring

LOL! This is probably very true. I hate to say it, but we’re not especially friendly with any of our neighbors. We wave and exchange pleasantries, but that’s about it. They probably think we’re very standoffish.

26) What your best friend thinks of you:

Bookends, Simon and Garfunkel

Awww….this makes me a little misty over Missy. 🙂  I could certainly see us sitting on a bench together as old ladies, cackling away. I hope she sees that, too.

27) What your family thinks of you:

I Am An Animal, Pete Townshend

Really? I never knew! And all this time, I thought I was being so loving and polite!

28) What your partner felt the first time you kissed:

White Russian, Marillion

Well, it was in my plan all along to make him drunk on my kisses. Looks like it worked.  🙂

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