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New Crystal Grids

Yesterday, I was able to attend a wonderful workshop given by my friend and healing colleague Gene Jackson. I have taken a class with Gene before, and this time, he was joined by Becky McCleery, another wonderful crystal expert. Together, they presented information about the new energies affecting our Universe and consciousness at this time and explained how we can use our beautiful crystal and stone friends for healing and other kinds of positive work.

I enjoyed every aspect of this class, but I really connected with the idea of creating crystal grids with specific intentions. As a healer, I have built crystal grids under my healing table at work. These collections of stones, placed with intention and purpose, help each client to experience the very best energy possible during their healing and massage therapy sessions with me. It never occurred to me, however, to build a crystal grid for some other reason, one that might be personal or important to me on an individual level. In many ways, creating a crystal grid is a lot like magickal work. You choose stones intuitively to reflect the intention you would like the crystal energies to work towards, and then you create a pattern with the stones that keeps the energy flowing in a positive way. Along with creating our own crystal grids in the class (the one I created, large enough to sit inside, was for balance), Becky also showed us a grid you could build at home to draw in abundance, and another you could use to welcome love into your life.

Although all of the grids that we built were amazing and powerful, I really connected with the love grid that Becky created for us in the class. I’ve been struggling with an issue in my extended family for a couple of years now, and unfortunately, the situation isn’t getting any better. I decided to modify the love grid that Becky showed to us to create a grid to promote family harmony. I was able to build this grid this morning; below is a photo of it:


I used a tray and lined it with a black beaded placemat to contain and build the grid. In the very center, you can see a large piece of unpolished rose quartz, a stone associated with unconditional love. Directly above that piece, there is a stone angel also made of rose quartz, and two more polished rose quartz stones sit to the left and right of the center stone. Next to the angel on the left, there is a piece of pink kunzite, which promotes loving thoughts and loving communications. On the angel’s right is a piece of morganite, which is connected to the heart chakra and love energy. It also promotes fellowship along with listening and working together. Directly below the center rose quartz is a heart-shaped piece of amethyst, a stone of serenity, peace, and great harmony. Below the amethyst is snowy quartz, which helps people to think before speaking and enhances tact and cooperation. To the left of the snowy quartz is a piece of green aventurine. Aventurine helps to diffuse negative situations and promotes compassion and empathy. On the right of the snowy quartz is amblygonite, a calming and soothing stone. Directly below the snowy quartz is another piece of rose quartz. Eight quartz points encircle these stones at the four directions and at the cross quarter points, alternating with their terminated ends in and out. This arrangement helps to bring energy in and to release energy out, balancing the influx and output of the harmonious love. The rest of the quartz points move the energy around the circle in a clockwise motion, meant to mirror the building and gathering of energy.

After building the grid, I sealed it energetically with my intention. I am hopeful that this grid will help bring about more peace and harmony in my extended family, something we haven’t had for quite some time.

As I was sorting through my stones, my Master guide, Merlin, started talking to me, inspiring me to build a grid to strengthen our connection and to open up new ways for us to communicate. For a long time, Merlin has encouraged me to sleep with amethyst pieces on my night table, and we often mediate together in a crystal cave made of amethyst. I know that, along with the properties listed above, this stone also increases psychic experiences and visions. It is connected to the third eye, the seat of clairvoyance, and is sometimes called the psychic’s stone. I already kept several pieces of amethyst next to the bed so that I could rest in this energy at night, but I added a few more pieces and arranged them intuitively (see below):


As you can see, the grid starts with the large piece of amethyst on the left, with an amethyst point to its right and two more pieces of amethyst above and below the point for balance. To the right of the amethyst point is a piece of epidot in prehnite. Epidot enhances perception and personal power, while prehnite promotes dreaming, contact with all kinds of spirit entities, channeling, and prophecy. In a grid, prehnite helps to provide calmness and protection. Finally, to the right of the epidot in prehnite sits a piece of merlinite. I was obviously attracted to this stone simply by its name with its association with Merlin, but I wasn’t surprised to learn it brings magick to the life of those who use it, along with facilitating shamanistic experiences. As you can also see in the picture, all of the stones are pointing in a particular direction: right at me while I’m sleeping. Thus all of the energy built in this grid with these stones will help me connect even more fully with Merlin and will point the energy right at me!

I have had so much fun in the past few years learning more about crystals, stones, and earth energies. I really enjoy getting to know the stones and working with them. Their energies have truly enhanced my life, and I’m hoping to build even more grids for particular purposes as I go forward on my journey.

So it you’re interested, stop by your favorite metaphysical shop and check out the stones and crystals that are there. I guarantee you’ll find a present from Mother Earth that will touch your heart and enhance some aspect of your life with its energy. Enjoy!!

Stones for the Collection

Recently, I went to an open house at Gene Jackson’s place, a.k.a “The Crystal Guy.” Gene and his wife, Barb, have a beautiful home that doubles as a showroom for all of the wonderful stones and crystals they have acquired and that they sell to the general public. I always look forward to going to their home as the energy there is astounding–and, of course, I thoroughly enjoy looking at all the extraordinary crystal gifts that Mother Earth has to offer us! As usual, I couldn’t leave without purchasing a few stones to use in my healing practice as well as for my own personal use.

The first stone I selected  is called fluorite. I actually bought two small pieces of this to give to my sons. It’s an excellent learning aid and increases concentration. It also helps a person to absorb new information. Along with this study aid, I also bought each of them a piece of honey calcite, which is also supposed to help increase good study habits. With these two stones sitting on their desks, I’m hoping lots of good schoolwork will commence!

For my healing practice, I purchased a lovely piece of lapis lazuli:


Lapis is a wonderful stone for opening the third eye, the center of psychic sight. It also helps to alleviate headaches, migraines, depression, and aids the thyroid and throat. It actually has many uses, and I’m sure I’ll utilize it quite often on my healing table.

As I wandered through Gene’s house, I found myself powerfully attracted to a stone I’d never seen before. It’s called vanadinite. I kept going back to it, and when I finally looked up its healing uses, I found out that it’s an excellent meditation aid as well as a great teacher concerning how to conserve physical energy and ground in the physical body. On another note, it can help curb overspending. What a great stone to have at the holidays!

I love working with all of these stone energies. If you’re attracted to stones or crystals, find out what they’re called and discover all of their interesting uses by researching them in books or on the Internet. You’ll be amazed at what helpful friends these allies from the mineral kingdom can be!

(If you’re wondering why I linked to some stone images/descriptions instead of posting pictures of them: I am trying very hard to be conscious of not using images on this blog that don’t belong to me. The picture of lapis was taken from a free site called Morguefile, which I try to utilize as much as possible. The images there are allowed to be used by anyone. If I couldn’t find a picture of a stone on a free site, I tried to link to it instead so that people who are photographing these stones are not infringed upon in any way. Good karma, right?)

Crystal Crazy

Recently, I’ve been getting back into crystals. I’ve used crystals for many years as meditation tools and for some limited healing work, but I’ve been feeling more and more drawn to incorporating them into my healing practice in the last several weeks. I already own a nice “box of rocks” that I occasionally use in healing sessions to help facilitate the balancing of chakras and the aura on bodywork clients. But more and more, I’m impressed  to lay stones out on someone’s body or to use a crystal grid underneath the massage table to facilitate healing.

Working with a client this morning, I did an intuitive layout of stones on her chakras and then used another stone to draw out inflammation in her shoulder. The difference in her energy was astounding. I’ll be interested to see how her arm feels over the next few weeks as her body processes the shift. I also gifted her with a beautiful piece of rose quartz that she held during the session that “told” me it needed to go home with her. The stones really do talk to you if you listen. It’s incredibly awesome work!

So tonight, I went to a favorite local shop and perused its crystal and stone collection. The following stones came home with me:


This is black kyanite. It’s a calming stone that helps dissolve anger and frustration (hey, maybe I need to use it while meditating on the situation with my dad). It’s also helpful for people that may have trouble sitting still for meditation. It helps to quiet the chattering mind.


This is peacock ore. It helps protect from illness and moves chi (life force energy) to break up blockages. It eliminates toxins, assists in healing lung disorders (like bronchitis), and can help heal fevers and inflammations. It also help strengthen psychic perceptions and inner knowing. I thought this would be a great stone to use in healings, especially in the winter months when sickness seems to be rampant.

Next up: infinite. Yes, that’s it’s name!


Called the healer’s stone, it’s great for healers to use, along with those who suffer from chronic pain or deal with pain often (as athletes do). It can be used to draw pain out of the body. I chose this stone for its miraculous healing properties–and because it called to me to take it home! 

Next we have azurite:


The piece that selected me is small, round, and polished–quite a lovely little stone. It opens and clears the crown chakra, which connects us to the Universe and Divinity, and the third eye, which opens intuitive and psychic abilities. When it called to me, I could see it lying on the forehead of a client, so I knew it wanted to be used to balance the third-eye chakra.

My final purchase is this lovely stone, muscovite:


The stone I purchased is flat and has many thin, beautiful layers. When I picked it up and held it in my hand, it told me it wanted to balance the heart chakra. I wasn’t surprised to see in the description of muscovite’s attributes that it opens the heart chakra and helps to disperse insecurities. It also helps a person to discover solutions to problems and activates the connection to the higher self. 

I’m very excited to begin incorporating these new stones into my healing work. 

My next purchase of stones will be at least 6 new quartz crystal points, like these:


In a crystal class I took about a year ago, I learned how to create a crystal grid with at least 6 of these lovely stones. Usually I keep a grid under my massage table to either ground the client (points pointed inward in a circle) or to help them open up, release what needs to be released , and/or connect with Higher Intelligence (points turned outward from the center of a circle). A few days ago, before a reading client came in, I used those crystals and set up a grid beneath the chair where my reading clients usually sit. I configured the 6 crystals with the points outward, intending that they would help the client open up more for her reading experience. Honestly, it was one of the easiest readings I’ve done in a long time! I would like to continue to keep a grid under the chair to make the reading experience better for both my clients and myself.

Do you like crystals? What are some of your favorites? Tell me about them in the comments thread. These blessings come from the earth, and all gemstones have energy! Enjoy the stones that come to you in your life. 


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