Monday Message from Merlin 1-25-10


Greetings to each and every one of you, my fellow seekers, my brothers and sisters in the Light! It has been some time since I have been able to be with you in this way, and I am happy to speak through my beloved Rose to bring you a message of hope and love this night. I am Merlin, and I have watched from afar as events in your world have unfolded in the past few weeks. How sad and upsetting to see the devastation of the beautiful island of Haiti and the suffering of the beloved souls who reside there. When these things happen, many ask the questions, “Why? Are they being punished? How can the Divine allow such suffering in the world?” There are many answers to these questions, my special ones, and many in humanity have a difficult time accepting the reasons. As my Rose likes to say, “It is hard to wrap our minds around these concepts.” There are issues of Earth and environmental healing happening in this instance. There are issues of group karma–and remember that karma does not equate with punishment, it equates with balance and equilibrium. There are issues here of awareness that must be brought to the surface of humankind’s understanding at this time, awareness of the needs of communities of people who have been overlooked for so long by richer, more powerful cultures. All of these, and other layers of meaning, are at the core of this event, and meditating on these ideas will bring you to a deeper understanding of the lessons for all that are involved.

But still, there is hope. There is love. There is compassion and beauty and wisdom that is the natural by-product of this terrible event. And it is in this energy of ultimate, Divine love that we must reside. This awareness will bring comfort, guidance, strength, and enlightenment to those who trod this path. Questions are always good, and yet, as I tell Rose, they mostly lead to more questions. The best teachers of the physical world were and are the ones who, when asked a question, answer it with another. Why do teachers do this? It is not to make you crazy! It is, indeed, to make you think–to force you to expand and grow and stretch, as a new seedling does as it seeks the sun. Do you not seek the Light of progression? You do! So, then, you must ask your questions and find your answers. I, like all spirit teachers, will help to guide you, but I can’t provide all the answers. What would you learn then except laziness? I do not reprimand you, dear ones, never think it! But I do encourage you to find these answers yourself. Read great teachers and what they have to say about such matters. Delve into the depths of your soul and explore your own fears and frustrations. Ask for help from your own guides and teachers. As you do this, you will begin to see a glimmer of Light, and this will encourage you to keep excavating. The greatest source of gold is hidden deep within the dirt. Your greatest treasures–your greatest truths–are hidden, too, deep within your soul. The only way to find these nuggets is to tunnel deep within. This is what magick truly is. But that is another topic all together!

And so, this night, beloved ones, send healing to Haiti and her people. Encircle them in the White Light of Creator that transmutes all darkness into positive, productive, beautiful energy. Know that as you do this, you also welcome this Light into your own being, and it transforms you, allowing you the space you need for deeper understanding. Let the healing peace of the Divine wash over and through you like a tidal wave of love. Heal your own heart as you heal the woes of your fellow beings, and know that this small action has great and powerful repercussions.

As always, I send you love, peace, and many blessings. Thank you for allowing me to serve.


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