First Friday Free Readings–September 7, 2012

Today is our first installment of the new First Friday Free Readings here on the blog! I had a great response. If your question wasn’t randomly chosen this time for a reading, send it back in for next month, or ask a different question. Just email it to

So let’s get started with this month’s questions and answers!

Glenn S. writes:

What information do I need to know about where my career is headed?

Glenn, I did a quick Tarot spread to get some more information about your career for you. This spread looks at the energy surrounding your career for the next several months, up until the end of 2012. Here is the spread I did along with the cards pulled:

Positive aspects of Glenn’s current career/job: 10 of Pentacles

Challenges in Glenn’s current career/job: 9 of Wands

Changes to be aware of in the next several months: 2 of Wands

What Glenn can do to make the best impact on his career at this time: Major Arcana Strength

The energy of Glenn’s career at the beginning of 2013:  Ace of Swords

The 10 of Pentacles in the first position in this reading sets a good tone for you, Glenn. You are good at whatever it is you do, and this card indicates that your financial status should be (and remain) in a good position for the next few months. Whatever you are currently doing will continue to provide for you financially and deliver peace of mind in that regard. However, the 10 is the last card in the suit of Pentacles, so it can also represent the end of a cycle. This doesn’t mean an end to financial benefits necessarily–I sense it has more to do with you yourself becoming bored or unhappy with your job for other reasons. Fulfillment is important in any career, so although this job should continue to bring you the resources you need, you may still feel as if you’re ready to move on to something else.

Interestingly, the 9 of Wands that follows seems to indicate a similar energy. You may be satisfied for the most part with your current work, but the challenge may be remaining there in spite of some feelings of ‘wanderlust’ or the need to try something different. Again, the energy of the 9 indicates that you do good work and others appreciate it. You may feel at times, though, that you are working for no reward other than money or security. Personal, emotional, or spiritual fulfillment is an important part of your career, and this may be lacking.

The 2 of Wands indicates that this torn feeling may continue for the next several months. You may fight with yourself and question your decision to stay, but then you may also feel too nervous or agitated to begin a focused new job search. You may begin to see opportunities arise, however, especially through friends, family, or your social network, so keep your eyes and mind open to the possibilities.

The Major Arcana card Strength shows up in this reading right as we are asking a very pointed question: What can Glenn do to make the best impact on his career at this time? This is a card of hard work, ingenuity, and the reward that comes from exercising these attributes. It is also a card that symbolizes mind over matter. The best thing to do right now, Glenn, is to stop over-thinking everything. Putting your trust in your Higher Power, whatever that may be, will help to open up paths and doors for you. Your fear will be your undoing if you can’t release it. Face it and roar like a lion, and you’ll be surprised at how easily things move ahead once you claim your power.

Finally, the beginning of 2013 brings new ideas to you concerning work and career. The Ace of Swords ushers in a no-nonsense, practical energy when it comes to work, so be prepared to think things through then and to carefully weigh options. There may be an opportunity to strike out on your own or create something completely new out of nothing. Whatever happens, this is a great time to set goals and to pursue them with single-minded purpose. No matter what you decide, Spirit will aid you in creating and achieving it.

Glenn, I hope this provides some insight for you. Thank you for your willingness to share your question here!

Kimberly M. writes:

What do I need to know to  help me to find the job that I know I’m destined for and will love?

Kimberly, I’m going to throw 5 cards for you (the number 5 symbolizing change and freedom!) to determine an answer from Spirit for this excellent question. Here are the cards that appear for you:

3 of Swords; Knight of Swords; 4 of Wands; Major Arcana Justice; 2 of Swords

Several Sword cards appear here, indicating conflict and challenge, along with one Major Arcana card, which points to a need for equilibrium. I think, Kimberly, that you have been unhappy for quite a while in your current work situation and have been longing for something new. It’s important, however, not to rush into anything (Knight of Swords) because the best job is going to be something that may take awhile to attain. This may also be something that holds you back from it–the thought of having to make a decision, fearing it will be the wrong one (2 of Swords). This card also reflects the need for balance in your life, which you don’t have right now because you are spending too much time being conflicted about and worrying over your work situation. Have you ever considered any type of career in law (Major Arcana Justice)? This is a very literal interpretation of this card, but Justice can point to something of this nature. Whatever your true calling is, it resides within your heart, but you keep talking yourself out of it or telling yourself there’s no way you can achieve it (3 of Swords). The 4 of Wands says differently, however. The 4 of Wands is a card indicating a move of house or office, so you need to know that you can make a move to something different, no matter how hard it may seem or how far off the end may look. Yes, it will take a step-by-step process (the opposite of the Knight of Swords), and it may take a while, but it will be well worth it in the end. Don’t be surprised if there is more schooling or training. You must decide if you are willing to do the work to find what you heart truly desires. Spirit asks this of you. You don’t have to answer me, or anyone else. But in your heart, you recognize your unhappiness. Why not do something about it, now?

Kimberly, I hope this brings you some insight. Thank you so much!

Our final question today is from Tina B., who writes:

What can I do to help restore B’s health?

For this question, Tina, I will have a spread to concentrate on this concern and the following aspects:

What Tina needs to know about B’s health: 6 of Wands

What challenges still face B: Queen of Swords

What challenges face Tina: Major Arcana The World

Her best course of action at this time: Knight of Wands

General outcome for Tina and B: Queen of Wands

Generally, B’s health seems to be improving. The 6 of Wands indicates victory after a hard-fought war, and this is the energy of the first card thrown. The Queen of Swords indicates something that still challenges B in the health aspect, and this may have something to do with his own mind. Swords can indicate our thought patterns and the way we think about things. I feel I should encourage you, Tina, to encourage B to take control of himself and his situation. It’s OK for him to say no to people, to end friendships or relationships that do not help him or serve him, and to generally do whatever he needs to do to establish peace of mind. It may be that you, as mom (and I’m feeling this is the relationship here), can draw some of these boundaries for him and insist that others respect them. By setting a firm example, you model for him the type of behavior that garners respect from others and keeps you balanced and healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Your challenge, Tina, is presented by Major Arcana The World, a card that symbolizes the “silver platter” syndrome. As parents, we want to give our children the very best, and it may be challenging for you to stand back and allow B to make mistakes and to choose poorly. Of course, you need to step in if this becomes a harmful practice, but it’s also part of a parent’s job to allow the child to grow up and test the waters of adulthood. Guide him and never leave his side through this process, but don’t do everything for him. Otherwise, he won’t learn, grow, and yes, heal. The Knight of Wands advises that your best course of action at this time is to communicate as much as possible and to not be put off by any “young man” attitude that you may receive. This is just B’s way of testing the waters. He still values and appreciates you. The Queen of Wands indicates that you will be satisfied with the overall outcome of this situation, both for B individually and for yourselves as a pair in a close relationship. He may even surprise you by giving you a gift you never expected. 🙂

Tina, I hope this is helpful to you. Thanks so much for participating!

Well! Keep the questions coming! Our next First Friday Free Reading day is Friday, October 5. See you then!



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