New Crystal Grids

Yesterday, I was able to attend a wonderful workshop given by my friend and healing colleague Gene Jackson. I have taken a class with Gene before, and this time, he was joined by Becky McCleery, another wonderful crystal expert. Together, they presented information about the new energies affecting our Universe and consciousness at this time and explained how we can use our beautiful crystal and stone friends for healing and other kinds of positive work.

I enjoyed every aspect of this class, but I really connected with the idea of creating crystal grids with specific intentions. As a healer, I have built crystal grids under my healing table at work. These collections of stones, placed with intention and purpose, help each client to experience the very best energy possible during their healing and massage therapy sessions with me. It never occurred to me, however, to build a crystal grid for some other reason, one that might be personal or important to me on an individual level. In many ways, creating a crystal grid is a lot like magickal work. You choose stones intuitively to reflect the intention you would like the crystal energies to work towards, and then you create a pattern with the stones that keeps the energy flowing in a positive way. Along with creating our own crystal grids in the class (the one I created, large enough to sit inside, was for balance), Becky also showed us a grid you could build at home to draw in abundance, and another you could use to welcome love into your life.

Although all of the grids that we built were amazing and powerful, I really connected with the love grid that Becky created for us in the class. I’ve been struggling with an issue in my extended family for a couple of years now, and unfortunately, the situation isn’t getting any better. I decided to modify the love grid that Becky showed to us to create a grid to promote family harmony. I was able to build this grid this morning; below is a photo of it:


I used a tray and lined it with a black beaded placemat to contain and build the grid. In the very center, you can see a large piece of unpolished rose quartz, a stone associated with unconditional love. Directly above that piece, there is a stone angel also made of rose quartz, and two more polished rose quartz stones sit to the left and right of the center stone. Next to the angel on the left, there is a piece of pink kunzite, which promotes loving thoughts and loving communications. On the angel’s right is a piece of morganite, which is connected to the heart chakra and love energy. It also promotes fellowship along with listening and working together. Directly below the center rose quartz is a heart-shaped piece of amethyst, a stone of serenity, peace, and great harmony. Below the amethyst is snowy quartz, which helps people to think before speaking and enhances tact and cooperation. To the left of the snowy quartz is a piece of green aventurine. Aventurine helps to diffuse negative situations and promotes compassion and empathy. On the right of the snowy quartz is amblygonite, a calming and soothing stone. Directly below the snowy quartz is another piece of rose quartz. Eight quartz points encircle these stones at the four directions and at the cross quarter points, alternating with their terminated ends in and out. This arrangement helps to bring energy in and to release energy out, balancing the influx and output of the harmonious love. The rest of the quartz points move the energy around the circle in a clockwise motion, meant to mirror the building and gathering of energy.

After building the grid, I sealed it energetically with my intention. I am hopeful that this grid will help bring about more peace and harmony in my extended family, something we haven’t had for quite some time.

As I was sorting through my stones, my Master guide, Merlin, started talking to me, inspiring me to build a grid to strengthen our connection and to open up new ways for us to communicate. For a long time, Merlin has encouraged me to sleep with amethyst pieces on my night table, and we often mediate together in a crystal cave made of amethyst. I know that, along with the properties listed above, this stone also increases psychic experiences and visions. It is connected to the third eye, the seat of clairvoyance, and is sometimes called the psychic’s stone. I already kept several pieces of amethyst next to the bed so that I could rest in this energy at night, but I added a few more pieces and arranged them intuitively (see below):


As you can see, the grid starts with the large piece of amethyst on the left, with an amethyst point to its right and two more pieces of amethyst above and below the point for balance. To the right of the amethyst point is a piece of epidot in prehnite. Epidot enhances perception and personal power, while prehnite promotes dreaming, contact with all kinds of spirit entities, channeling, and prophecy. In a grid, prehnite helps to provide calmness and protection. Finally, to the right of the epidot in prehnite sits a piece of merlinite. I was obviously attracted to this stone simply by its name with its association with Merlin, but I wasn’t surprised to learn it brings magick to the life of those who use it, along with facilitating shamanistic experiences. As you can also see in the picture, all of the stones are pointing in a particular direction: right at me while I’m sleeping. Thus all of the energy built in this grid with these stones will help me connect even more fully with Merlin and will point the energy right at me!

I have had so much fun in the past few years learning more about crystals, stones, and earth energies. I really enjoy getting to know the stones and working with them. Their energies have truly enhanced my life, and I’m hoping to build even more grids for particular purposes as I go forward on my journey.

So it you’re interested, stop by your favorite metaphysical shop and check out the stones and crystals that are there. I guarantee you’ll find a present from Mother Earth that will touch your heart and enhance some aspect of your life with its energy. Enjoy!!

Hello, 2011.

I have never been much of a resolution-maker at the beginning of a New Year. I believe we need to set goals for ourselves, yes, but I believe we need to make just a few realistic ones and continue checking our progress on a regular basis until the goal is complete. I don’t like the idea of resolutions–it’s too confining and restrictive to me. This doesn’t mean I don’t believe in measuring success, because I do. But I think we set ourselves up for failure by trying to stick too hard to a New Year’s resolution that is loaded with societal pressure from the get-go. Why do this to yourself?

Whether I want to believe it or not, though, 2011 is upon us. It doesn’t seem possible to me, and yet, here we are. Numerologically, I am in a 6 year in 2011, which means love in all its forms will be a highlight (and possibly a low-light) this year for me. From a positive standpoint, relationships will be key, and I know this means I will develop better and deeper relationships with the people I love, and I will most likely welcome some new folks into my circle of friends and clients. But 6 is also the number of the giver, and this means I may be asked to give-give-give until it hurts this year. This is always a challenge to me, so I must watch my tendency to do this–and my tendency to do it with resentment. Yes, I am a giver, but sometimes I carry a put-upon attitude with me that is less than becoming and quite negative in many ways. I need to approach more of life this year with compassion and love in my heart, for love will be abundant–and it will be tested.

In reflecting on this, and on the yearly forecasting Tarot reading I performed for myself earlier today, I have decided my mantra for the year 2011 will be this: “I am peace.” My Tarot reading gave me triple messages today about seeking and achieving balance in the year 2011, especially balance between the mundane and the spiritual aspects of life. Although this is always a challenge for me, it seems especially prevalent in 2011. And so with this message from Spirit reverberating in my mind and heart, I say, “I am peace.” In taking this as a personal mantra for the year, I hope to change my hyper and anxious persona and energy to something more stable and loving.

In my work with Archangel Metatron, one of the great angels of balance and equilibrium, he constantly tells me of the need for individualized and self-realized peace. It is only when this happens for each of us on a personal level that we can ever hope for peace to be attained on any kind of group or larger level. I feel Metatron’s presence as I re-affirm for myself tonight, “I am peace,” and as I remind myself of the sacred work of approaching life with a peaceful and balanced outlook and energy.

So…this is what I hope to achieve this year. I realize that I am human, and it may be quite a struggle in the moment-to-moment unfolding of my life. I was already confronted today with yet another problem in a personal relationship in my life. And yet, isn’t this really what life is all about, anyway, the lessons we learn in those moments of challenge? So I will take a moment, stop, breathe, and say, “I am peace.” I hope it will bring me back to the moment and to the understanding that I can change my energy. I don’t have to be angry, upset, anxious, or any other negative, uncomfortable emotion. I can choose something different.

And so, my friends, I wish you all peace as well. Peace of mind, peace of heart, peace deep within your soul. Happy 2011!


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