Monday Message from Merlin 12-20-10


Geetings, my beloved ones! I am Merlin, the Master Teacher of my life companion, Rose, and it is my great pleasure to be here today to serve you. I always enjoy the time I am given to be with you, and I wish you ultimate happiness as we celebrate the joyous and sacred season of Yule. When I walked the Earth, we were quite cognizant of the seasons of the year, and these cycles of energy were terribly important to us for many reasons. Of course, our lives depended on our relationship to the natural elements that surrounded us, and so this great reverence developed into a sacred trust we established and upheld with Mother Earth. Sadly, humanity has moved further and further away from this reverence over these many years, and few still hold Mother Earth in the high regard She deserves. But I did not come here to preach! I came to help you understand that these cycles of energy are still sacred and relevant today, and I came to encourage you to take time to celebrate, even in a small way, the incredible energy of the Winter Solstice.

The year 2010 brings an even more powerful energy with the Solstice, for a lunar eclipse also happens to fall at the same time. What a double blessing of energies for humanity to experience! There seem, however, to be many who are confused as to what to do during this unusual occasion. I say to you, use the Solstice as a reason to go within, to connect with your own personal spirit guides, and to discover for yourself what you can accomplish or banish during this duel energy. You do not need others to tell you what to do! All you need is your own breath to take you deeper into a relaxed state, along with an intention to connect with your spirit people and to learn whatever it is you need to know to fully benefit from these Solstice and lunar energies. Your own spirit guides will not steer you wrong! This is what establishing a relationship with Spirit is all about! Trust what you are shown, what you hear, what you feel, and act on these impressions. You will see amazing changes if only you will trust this process!

Beloved ones, all of these energies are all around you, and they are gifts from Creator! Your guides; these lunar and Solstice energies; the astrological knowledge that can be learned; the stone and crystal powers that surround you; the elemental energies to harness; the beautiful, strong, and loving angels–so many gifts from Creator at your disposal! And yet many ignore these precious connections to God and stumble around like children lost in the dark! Use what has been given to you. If you lack the knowledge, learn more! Read books! Go to classes! Sit in meditation and contemplation with your own spirit people and allow them to guide you. And if you do not have the books or the classes or the people to help you learn, pray to Creator, and S/He will bring the resources to you! Do not allow your path to enlightenment to stay blocked! Use your strong human will and move right over those obstacles. Your spirit teachers, your angels, and the Ascended Masters will cheer you all the way!

Friends of my heart–enjoy this sacred time. Spend it with your loved ones. Commune with the angels and the spirits that surround you. Connect with the Divine Source of it all. Be well, prosperous, and joyous!

I bid you abiding, everlasting peace as I take my leave tonight.


Stones for the Collection

Recently, I went to an open house at Gene Jackson’s place, a.k.a “The Crystal Guy.” Gene and his wife, Barb, have a beautiful home that doubles as a showroom for all of the wonderful stones and crystals they have acquired and that they sell to the general public. I always look forward to going to their home as the energy there is astounding–and, of course, I thoroughly enjoy looking at all the extraordinary crystal gifts that Mother Earth has to offer us! As usual, I couldn’t leave without purchasing a few stones to use in my healing practice as well as for my own personal use.

The first stone I selected ┬áis called fluorite. I actually bought two small pieces of this to give to my sons. It’s an excellent learning aid and increases concentration. It also helps a person to absorb new information. Along with this study aid, I also bought each of them a piece of honey calcite, which is also supposed to help increase good study habits. With these two stones sitting on their desks, I’m hoping lots of good schoolwork will commence!

For my healing practice, I purchased a lovely piece of lapis lazuli:


Lapis is a wonderful stone for opening the third eye, the center of psychic sight. It also helps to alleviate headaches, migraines, depression, and aids the thyroid and throat. It actually has many uses, and I’m sure I’ll utilize it quite often on my healing table.

As I wandered through Gene’s house, I found myself powerfully attracted to a stone I’d never seen before. It’s called vanadinite. I kept going back to it, and when I finally looked up its healing uses, I found out that it’s an excellent meditation aid as well as a great teacher concerning how to conserve physical energy and ground in the physical body. On another note, it can help curb overspending. What a great stone to have at the holidays!

I love working with all of these stone energies. If you’re attracted to stones or crystals, find out what they’re called and discover all of their interesting uses by researching them in books or on the Internet. You’ll be amazed at what helpful friends these allies from the mineral kingdom can be!

(If you’re wondering why I linked to some stone images/descriptions instead of posting pictures of them: I am trying very hard to be conscious of not using images on this blog that don’t belong to me. The picture of lapis was taken from a free site called Morguefile, which I try to utilize as much as possible. The images there are allowed to be used by anyone. If I couldn’t find a picture of a stone on a free site, I tried to link to it instead so that people who are photographing these stones are not infringed upon in any way. Good karma, right?)

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