Halloween is for Readers, Right?


Yes, Halloween is this week. It’s hard for me to forget that because this is the time of year when I get a whole bunch of frantic phone calls. They usually go something like this:

“I know it’s last minute, but I’m having this big Halloween party on Saturday night, and I thought it would be really fun if I had someone come and do readings. The party starts at 7, and we’ll be there at least (ha ha!) until 1 or 2. How does $100 sound for the whole night?”


It is a pet peeve of mine that people equate getting a reading with “spooky, scary Halloween.” Yes, I realize that the Celts used to do divination readings on Samhain (the sacred holiday celebrated at this time of year that has somehow morphed into Halloween Bloody Halloween), and this is probably one of the reasons for this practice today. Samhain is a harvest festival (harvest = death) and a time to honor your ancestors. So sure, a mediumship reading combined with a future forecast (which is what I usually do in most of my readings) seems like a good match for the energy. And I’m not going to dispute that the veil between the worlds is thin at Samhain; the spirit energies do tend to be very active now. My beef is simply with the whole “scary/weird” aspect that some folks try to promote with readings at Halloween.

I don’t do a lot of parties for people, and I’ll tell you why: most people don’t treat the reading with the respect it deserves. When it’s just a fun, entertainment event, folks have a tendency to act smug and smarmy when it’s their turn for a reading. Now, I’m not saying here that you can’t have fun during a reading. I like to think I have a pretty good sense of humor and a high energy that people respond well to, and I certainly allow my personality to come out when I’m doing a reading. I try to make it a positive experience for the sitter. But seriousness tends to get thrown out the window at parties, especially ones where people are dressed in costume and have been drinking.

I haven’t worked at a Halloween party for years for these very reasons. I also don’t work at parties much anymore because people have a tendency to think you can give your services away for free. That example phone call at the beginning of the post? I’m not making that up. Let me get this straight: you want me to work from 7 p.m. until, oh, let’s just say 1 a.m. (and we all know that by that time, your friends will be hammered, but they’ll all STILL want readings, even if it takes me until 3 a.m. to finish them all), a total of 6 hours (which doesn’t include the extra 2 hours I’ll end up staying to make sure all of your friends are satisfied), and you want to pay me $100 for my time and energy? Really? Are you sure you haven’t started drinking to celebrate Halloween a few days early?

Look, I get it: Halloween is supposed to be fun. *I* think Halloween is fun! I dress up every year when I give out candy. I put decorations out in my yard. My boys run around the neighborhood, trying to scare the older kids and being friendly to the younger ones. I watch the scariest movie I can tolerate (which, nowadays, usually equates to something like THE OTHERS) and enjoy sneaking Tootsie Rolls when no one is looking.

But Halloween is also sacred to me. Doing readings for others is a part of my religion, an important part of my spiritual path. I take it seriously when I’m asked to read for someone, whether it’s a Tarot reading or a mediumship sitting. It’s a big responsibility, and not one I take lightly. So how can you ask me to do my work with a serious intention while I’m dressed as a gypsy or have a turban on my head (yes, people have asked me to do this–I declined)?

There are exceptions. I’ve done costume parties where the hosts were very respectful of my work–and this is why I’ve chosen to work with them. Remember: I’m a psychic! I can read your energy when you call me on the phone, if I choose to. And sometimes I do when people I don’t know are asking me for services I’m not sure they’re taking seriously.

So, please folks: if you’re asking a psychic, medium, or Tarot reader to work at a party, treat her with respect. Ask her what her price is for parties. Honor the fact that she may only want to work for a couple of hours (this work can be exhausting), and work with her on how to filter guests to her table. Give her a space away from the party so that she can concentrate and enjoy the experience, and encourage your guests to stay sober if they plan to get a reading. Pay her what she’s worth, bring her a glass of water or a soda and fix her a plate of goodies (even if she doesn’t eat them, she’ll appreciate the effort), and don’t ask her to dress up in something crazy (if she comes that way, fine–she’s made her own decision). Above all, treat the reading process with respect. Even if you’re a skeptic, you can still be thoughtful and open-minded while having a good time.

Happy Halloween, everyone.

Tarot Tuesday 10-27-09

Hello blog friends! It’s nice to see you here on Tarot Tuesday!

I have to apologize for not making a Merlin post yesterday. I had every intention of sitting with Merlin and channeling, but time got away from me. I am officiating a funeral service tomorrow, and planning the service had to take precedence over all else. Hopefully, I’ll have time to sit with Merlin today or tomorrow, and although his post will be late, it will still be made! Thanks for your patience. Now, without further ado, let’s get on to our Tarot Tuesday question. This one comes from Citrus, who asks, “Can you do a general pull for me, such as career, finance, love, etc…?”

Of course! For this general spread, let’s do a 6 card layout: the first 2 cards for career, the next 2 for finances (and see how those might be tied in with the first cards), and the last 2 for love and relationships. Today, I’m using the Halloween Tarot by Kipling West, since Samhain is only a few days away. After concentrating on my intention and Citrus’ energy, these are the cards that appear:

Card 1: Page of Imps (Wands)

Card 2: Major Arcana The Hanged Man

Card 3: 3 of Pumpkins (Pentacles)

Card 4: 2 of Bats (Swords)

Card 5: 7 of Bats (Swords)

Card 6: Knight of Pumpkins (Pentacles)

The Page of Imps seems to indicate a new idea for a direction in Citrus’ career, one that is burning brightly in her mind. I feel this would be a more creative direction, possible one where she has more interaction with others and feels that she can make a difference. The Hanged Man, however, indicates that Citrus may feel stuck about how to implement this new idea or project. She may feel that she is on her own and has no support for this, which can be daunting, or it may just be that she can’t see how she can make it work. No matter what her doubts or fears, the Hanged Man encourages deep meditation and contemplation about these ideas. He also indicates that, although Citrus may not feel as if she’s moving forward at this time, there are energies at play in the Universe always. Use the power of intention and meditation practices to go within, to focus on a new goal, and to bring it to fruition. The ways that this will happen will unfold as they need to, in their own good time. This new direction may take a while, but it is possible, and enlightenment about its eventual end will come. Be patient.

Financially, the 3 of Pumpkins symbolizes good work and good pay for it, so Citrus should be in a good position with her money in the next month or so. Again, this card brings to mind creative work, so I can’t help but associate it with the new project that Citrus has in mind. It may only be an indication of that work paying off, but I feel stability in finances is assured. The 2 of Bats does indicate the need to make a choice coming soon for Citrus, however, so she may need to cut something out of her life in order to make room for another project that will benefit her financially. It may also be that she will be making a decision fairly quickly in the next month or so concerning the new idea that she has, and she may need to take decisive action to make a choice to move forward with it. Either way, her finances will be in good shape, and I feel satisfaction is forecasted for her.

The 7 of Bats, or Swords, indicates a possibly dishonest relationship that may still haunt Citrus or may still overshadow her in some way. Right now, she needs to be careful of who she trusts with her fragile heart because she’s been burned in the past. I also feel that she needs to watch what she’s saying and doing because there may be “friends” around her who don’t have her best interests at heart and may be gossiping and judging. Having said that, the Knight of Pumpkins (Pentacles) does indicate the possibility of a young partner entering Citrus’ life. This person will be earth-oriented, perhaps even an earth sign in the zodiac. Pumpkins people tend to be responsible and reliable, especially with money, and he may have a tendency to take things slowly. In actuality, this is exactly what Citrus needs right now: someone who can slowly earn her trust, a relationship that can be built brick by brick through understanding, mutual joy, attraction, and honesty. If Citrus is patient (an overlying energy of the Major Arcana Hanged Man in this reading), she may be happily surprised by this new relationship energy.

Citrus, I hope that helps you! Thank you for submitting your question!


Don’t forget, folks: you can have YOUR question answered on the blog, too! Just post here in the comments section, or email me at info@vandeneynden.biz.

Thanks for reading! Bright blessings to you all! xo

Tarot Tuesday 10-20-09

We have once again arrived at another Tuesday, which means it’s time to break out a favorite Tarot deck and answer a question from a reader. Today’s question comes from Julia, who writes: “I would like friends with whom I have things in common to share this journey, I would like to know which direction I am supposed to go in, & I would like a fuller life. I understand the principles of ‘creating what you focus on’, & I do live by this. However I feel like there is still something standing in the way of my movement here.”

That sounds like a lot to cover in one reading for Julia, but I think a Celtic Cross spread might just do the trick for Julia today. To compliment this, I’ll be using the Legend Tarot deck. Here’s an example card.


The Celtic Cross spread is a popular one, but some folks attribute different meanings to different positions within the spread. I’ll explain the meanings of each card position and each card as we go along. After concentrating on Julia’s questions, here are the cards that came up  in her spread:

Card 1 (Julia’s energies): Six of Cups

Card 2 (Obstacles or energies at a cross purpose): Page of Cups

Card 3 (Distant past, foundations of the matter, old beliefs): Three of Shields (Pentacles)

Card 4 (Recent past): Major Arcana The Moon

Card 5 (Possible future, goals for the future): Major Arcana The Lovers

Card 6 (Near future, next step to a goal): King of Spears (Wands)

Card 7 (Perceptions and attitudes): Knight of Swords

Card 8 (What others think): Six of Spears (Wands)

Card 9 (Hopes and/or fears): Ace of Cups

Card 10 (Outcome, what lies ahead): Ten of Shields (Pentacles)

The first card in this reading, the 6 of Cups, indicates that much of Julia’s energy centers on her emotional satisfaction, her relationships to others, and her creative fulfillment at this point in her life. The 6 indicates some measure of nostalgia, perhaps, which may be hindering Julia from moving forward. Memory is a wonderful gift, but sometimes, if we linger too long in the past, we block the beauty of what may be in our life currently, or we miss what is coming to us in the future. These memories may serve Julia well as a source of creative inspiration–perhaps writing about them, or putting together a scrapbook, may help her to honor where she’s been in her journey and still give her the freedom to move forward into this next stage of her life. The Page of Cups, moving as an “opposing” energy, indicates new, vital creative energy surrounding Julia right now, if she can find the way to tap into it. Some of it may be connected to other people, as Cups is the suit of love and relationships, and this may be why Julia feels a struggle at this time. In this deck, a salmon is pictured on the Page of Cups, and Julia may feel she has to fight her way upstream to make any friendship connections. Spirit encourages her to do this, however, because the effort that she puts into these social activities will pay off, and she will feel more emotionally satisfied. It’s up to her, though, to initiate these efforts–the people won’t just come to her. Putting herself on the line and inviting others in will do wonders for her. The two also feel as if they could be tied together; maybe Julia could offer a type of creative party or gathering where she helps others with their creative work, which allows others to get to know her and thus connect on a friendship level. Whatever happens, these new opportunities will begin to move Julia out of the past and firmly into the new energy.

The 3 of Shields, or Pentacles, appearing as Julia’s foundations or old beliefs card indicates that Julia is a hard worker and produces some beautiful and appreciated handiwork. It may be that Julia feels as if only this type of work is appreciated because this is what has yielded the best results in the past. My feeling here, however, is that Major Arcana The Moon, appearing in Julia’s recent past, has given her some interesting intuitive ideas for new projects to try. The Moon card, while exciting and prophetic, can also leave a person with feelings of illusion, manifesting in ideas like, “I can’t try that! No one would be interested” or “That’s a crazy notion! I’ll just ignore that.” Spirit is asking Julia to listen to these dreamy inspirations and to really consider them because there are some wonderful ideas here that could really ignite a whole new direction for her work. I see beautiful shimmering colors with this, too, colors like silver, opal, sea green, midnight blue, and periwinkle. I’m not sure what the colors are all about, but my feeling here is that Julia needs to connect with her deeper, inner Goddess to bring forth some amazing new work. The Moon in this deck is connected to the Goddess Morgan le Fae, who can be scary and inspiring all at once. Julia needs to move past fear and into the sacred space of profound divine connection within herself to bring forth new, wonderful work.

Major Arcana The Lovers appears as a possible goal for Julia’s future. This card sometimes can represent a romantic pairing, but in this case, I get a stronger sense of a creative or spiritual partnership for Julia. Spirit encourages Julia here to concentrate that Moon energy on producing new and exciting work, and to know that the goal of someone coming into her life who will work well with her to promote this work is a good one to hold in her mind. The King of Spears, the next card indicating steps toward this goal, seems to predict a mature man with great communication skills who will be an asset to Julia as she moves forward. All of the time Julia spends on manifesting networks for herself, her work, and her social life will help to open up this new pathway.

The Knight of Swords represents Julia’s attitudes and perceptions. It cautions her not to be too impetuous and quick to change her mind. Sometimes when a roadblock appears on our path, it’s a challenge to our determination to meet our goal instead of a signal to abandon ship. It can be Spirit’s way of seeing just how dedicated we are to our goal, and meditation on this can help us to see more clearly what our next steps should be. Swords cards can also represent our thought patterns, and Spirit invites Julia to spend more time in contemplation and meditation to ensure that her manifestation projects are not being hindered by her own negative thoughts and other methods of self-sabotage.

The 6 of Spears indicates what others in Julia’s life think. This card represents a celebratory and victorious energy, so many of the people in Julia’s life believe her to be talented and able to reach her goals. They see her as someone who is strong and accomplished, and they have a great deal of pride concerning her work and her efforts. Sometimes, this can be a hard mantle to live up to, and Julia may feel unworthy at times of such attention. Still, it’s nice to know that people are supportive and send happy energy to her.

The Ace of Cups represents Julia’s hopes and  fears concerning her situation. It may be hard to see how these two things might be related, but often we fear the very thing we most hope for because of the significant changes this might bring to us. In this deck, the Ace of Cups is called The Holy Grail, signifying the special Cup of Christ that so many knights sought but were unable to attain. To Julia, her ultimate success may be something she dreams of and years for, but it may be scary because she may feel unworthy of the attention it may bring to her. Julia needs to realize that it is her divine birthright to have success in all areas of her life, and the Ace of Cups promises Spirit’s aid in helping her to begin this fulfillment.

The final card predicts wonderful financial and material balance for Julia. The 10 of Shields (Pentacles) denotes wealth and prestige, so Julia can rely on this if she does the important spiritual work already discussed in the reading. Feeling secure is important to us all, so Julia does not need to feel selfish or greedy for wanting this for herself and her loved ones. Her ability to manifest hinges on her own attitudes and her release of fearful thoughts. Spirit will help her to achieve her dreams once she can excavate those from her meditation and dream states, put her new ideas into motion, and know that the right people will come along to help to support her.

Julia, I hope this reading helps you. Thank you for allowing me to stand between the two worlds!


Thank you, everyone, for being here today and for lending your energy to this sacred blog space. It’s a pleasure to be with you.

Peace and love to all! xo

Monday Message from Merlin 10-19-09


Greetings to each and every one of you today! I am Merlin, the Master Teacher of the one called Rose who also communicates with you here. I am pleased to be with you today–what a blessing to be able to convey my thoughts to you in this manner. Each of you is a beautiful being of divine light, and I honor that sacred spark within you. Be sure that you honor it yourself as well–know that it is there, and acknowledge your own inherent divinity. Understand how very special and beloved you are by Creator, the All, the Infinite Intelligence that guides, supports, and creates the moments and intricacies of this Universe. There is nothing in the heavens or on the earth more important or loved than you! This is not egotistical to recognize and to understand your greatness, as long as you remember humility and gratitude. Divine Creator wishes for you to connect more and more with your inner divinity, for this is the way Creator can speak to you intimately and help you to solve your problems, bring you easily and swiftly to your goals, and fulfill your desires.

How can you connect more fully with this divinity? Remember who you are every day. I speak not about your identity in the human body: She is Rose, she is Judy, he is Sam, etc. etc. I speak about your acknowledgement of your divine essence, and you must connect to it every day. I taught my pupil to say this: “I am a clear, perfect, and divine channel for Spirit communication and healing,” for this is what she is and does every day. This is her purpose in life, and now she honors it by remembering it every day and re-connecting with this divine self. You, too, can connect to your divine self. Say something like, “I am a divine being, a beautiful and perfect embodiment of Creator’s energy.” This affirms your clear and undeniable connection to God/dess, Source, whatever you like to call the Higher Power. When you consistently make this connection to Creator, you strengthen the connection, putting more faith into it, linking you solidly to that greater Source. And when you are strong in this link, it is easier to understand your purpose, easier to hear the whispers of your guides, teachers, and angels, and easier to flow with the energies of the Universe. Life becomes easier because this is how the Divine always meant it to be! It is our doubt, fear, and anxiety that makes life more difficult. My advice to you: start each day with this affirmation and a meditation to cement your connection to this divine energy. It is already within you–you don’t have to look far to find it! This will allow you to reach your fullest potential as a human being and as an infinite spiritual soul!

We all lapse sometimes into moments of doubt or laziness. We all experience times when we feel inadequate or unhappy. The best healing for these situations is a direct connection to Creator! Once we can experience the tremendous love energy that comes from Source, we feel our spirits lift and begin to soar once again. Don’t allow fear or apathy to win! Force yourself to say your affirmation, even if you don’t feel that you believe it. It is precisely at these moments of doubt when you MOST need it! Know that the positive energy of the Divine will influence you and wash away your feelings of hurt, frustration, anger, sadness, or any of the other negative emotions that may be present. Just saying your affirmation can bring you the healing that you need! And this is something simple that you can do at any moment of any day, no matter how dark or stormy it may seem. Re-connection to Creator is the key to happiness and positive movement forward. If you feel stuck, don’t remain mired in that negative energy. Re-connect and know that God will bring you the positive movement you crave because you recognize your divine co-creative ability and exercise it by connecting to Divinity within and without.

I hope you will all heed this message today. Nothing is more important than your recognition of your divine essence. It is the link to God that all humanity seeks–and it is no further away than your next breath!

I bid you all peace, blessings, and the joy that only the Divine can bring!


Website Updated

I have updated my website, so be sure to check out all of the Upcoming Events for the fall. I’m currently considering what classes and workshops to teach after the first of the year. If you have input and suggestions for something you’d like to see and take, please feel free to leave me a comment here or to email me at info@vandeneynden.biz.

One important note: my business partner, Joanne Franchina, and I have had to make the difficult decision to cancel the Goddess Getaway weekend due to lack of participation. We hope we’ll be able to do it again sometime next year, so if you wanted to go but couldn’t because of timing or funds, start projecting now that you’ll be able to join us next time! We really want to empower that Goddess energy within us all!

Happy Thursday, everyone! May blessings rain down on you today (like the rain here in Cincinnati!) xo

Metaphysical Movie Review: GHOST TOWN


Starring Ricky Gervais, Tea Leoni, and Greg Kinnear

Directed by David Koepp

When I originally saw the trailer for the movie GHOST TOWN, I thought it looked fairly predictable: man has near-death experience, triggering a new and annoying ability to see ghosts. Hilarity ensues. Even though I thought I had the whole romantic comedy angle of this one figured out, I still wanted to see it, simply because the subject matter was right up my alley, and I really wanted to see Ricky Gervais perform.

If you don’t know who Ricky Gervais is, you must be an American. He starred as the obnoxious boss in the original British version of the television show The Office after co-creating the project for the BBC. I’d read nothing but rave reviews of that show, along with his other big project, Extras, which I’d heard him speak about during an interview on NPR’s Fresh Air. I expected that Ricky Gervais would be a brilliant comedian, and although GHOST TOWN looked rather mainstream, I rented it from Netflix, hoping for an entertaining couple of hours.

I did enjoy the film, especially Ricky Gervais’ performance. He plays Bertram Pincus, an uptight, misanthropic British dentist living in Manhattan. When he dies during a routine surgical procedure and is resuscitated, he wakes up with the baffling ability to see ghosts. The trouble is, these spirits are being held back from making their transition to the Other Side, and since they suddenly have found someone who can see, hear, and talk to them, they want him to take messages to their loved ones so that they can move on. Pincus, however, wants none of it–he doesn’t like his fellow human beings, and their being dead doesn’t endear them to him in any way. So when Frank (Greg Kinnear), a slick, Blackberry-addicted philanderer, promises Pincus that he can get rid of the other ghosts if the dentist will break up the impending marriage of his widow (Tea Leoni), Pincus reluctantly agrees. And although hilarity doesn’t really ensue, there are some truly funny moments along the way.


Bertram Pincus (Ricky Gervais) tries to hide from all the ghosts in Manhattan.

Ricky Gervais makes an amusing and endearing misanthrope. It’s hard to completely hate him, especially when you learn his backstory and see that he really does have quite a sharp wit. His scenes with Gwen, Frank’s widow, contain clever dialogue and bright acting, even if there isn’t much romantic chemistry between the two of them. And Greg Kinnear makes Frank an entertaining cad who delivers some of the best, most poignant lines in the film. It’s his scenes with Pincus that change the contrary, cynical dentist into a man who finally understands that compassion makes him a better, happier person. From a mediumship standpoint, I found myself shaking my head at the fantasy of it all, but the moments when Pincus finally accepts what he needs to do brought tears to my eyes nonetheless.

All in all, you won’t find any hilarious gags in GHOST TOWN, and you’ll probably see the ending coming a mile away (although one event in the movie certainly did surprise me), but you might turn off the DVD player feeling a little happier and lighter after watching one sardonic Brit realize his human potential.

GHOST TOWN star rating (out of 5 stars): **1/2


So, do you like this idea of metaphysical movie reviews? I’m a film fanatic, so if you have any you’d like to recommend, please let me know! Blessings to all!

Tarot Tuesday 10-13-09

Welcome, friends, to another edition of Tarot Tuesday! After a busy weekend away, I’m happy to re-connect with you all here on the blog. Today, we’ll use the Londa Tarot to answer the following question, submitted by V.L.: “I am really needing some help about what path I should take when I am done with my PhD program. I feel like I should be looking now but I am not sure what I should be looking for.”

Let’s see what wisdom the Tarot can bring to V.L. about these questions. I’ll throw 1 card for her present energy and 3 for her energy in the next 3 months. After concentrating on her questions and shuffling the cards, here are the ones that appear:

Card 1: Three of Cups

Card 2: Major Arcana The World

Card 3: Page of Pentacles

Card 4: Major Arcana Death

Hmmmm….Because the Death card is a Major Arcana card indicating a significant change in V.L.’s life, and it’s the last card in the throw, I’m going to throw another card to see what may be affected by that change or how that change may play out in her life.

Card 5: Three of Pentacles

All right–that gives me some other information that I think will be helpful to V.L. Let’s look now at interpretations for these cards in relation to V.L.’s questions.

The 3 of Cups indicates a happy celebration time for V.L., which should be happening now or in the very near future. It could indicate the end of her PhD program, or it could be a joyous distraction from her studies. Either way, V.L. will be feeling emotionally fulfilled, and this will permeate all aspects of her life, including her schoolwork.

As she looks ahead to the future and what she should be doing, the Universe highlights two important messages in the Major Arcana cards The World and Death. The World is the last Major card in the deck, symbolizing the culmination of a large energy in V.L.’s life. This could certainly be the completion of her PhD, and possibly her exit from academic life. There is another important energy connected to The World, too, which is a vibration of choice moving forward. I like to think of this card as “the silver platter card.” The Universe acknowledges all of V.L.’s hard work and praises and supports her for her great achievement. In this card, It also offers her the opportunity to create the life she wants as she looks forward into the future. One cycle of energy is ending; what will she do now? Of course, this is exactly the question V.L. asked for the blog today, and the Universe is acknowledging that It has heard her. It is also reminding her that where she goes from here is completely up to her, because the Natural Laws of the Universe will help her to create whatever she envisions for herself. She is limited only by her own mind and fear.

The Page of Pentacles does indicate some type of work opportunity for V.L. coming up, probably within the next 2-4 months. This may not be what she wants to do forever, but it will be something to tide her over as she manifests the energies of her “real” purpose. It is also a little more time for V.L. to contemplate and create the scenarios that she really wants to bring into her life. There will be some money attached with this job, but it will not be a permanent fixture in her life, as Major Arcana Death indicates as the next card. As I stay in this energy, I do feel this may be some type of administration job–I see papers and computers and office-work type stuff.

Major Arcana Death indicates that the energy that V.L. creates by thinking and manifesting (as prompted by The World card) brings about huge changes in 3-5 months. Death is always about the end of a cycle of energy, which initiates a whole new cycle afterwards. Coupled with the extra 3 of Pentacles that I threw for some clarity, I see V.L. working and earning some income in a new, creative position. The figure in the Londa deck on the 3 of Pents looks like an artist or painter, and this tells me that V.L. has some artistic and creative abilities that will be highlighted and will flourish as she moves into the future. I feel she will be teaching others and facilitating classes or workshops, with some unique, creative spin–perhaps implementing painting or writing into spiritual exploration in some way. V.L. seems to have the soul of an artist, and the Universe encourages her here to include her love of creativity and her unique spirit as she envisions her future. V.L. may not see this as an avenue for monetary gain, but the Universe indicates in the 3 of Pentacles that good work will be rewarded with financial energy. I also feel V.L. may be doing some writing–a book perhaps, or a workbook of creative ideas that will help other women to connect with their own spirits. Whatever V.L. envisions in her work with The World card can and will manifest–on a small scale first (3 of Pents), but it will bring those sweeping changes that Death symbolizes.

V.L., I hope this reading gives you some clarity and helps you in some way. Thanks for your question!


On a completely different note, I must wish a very happy birthday to someone who remains very special in my life, even though I haven’t spent much time with him in the past few years. He was there for me, though, during a very difficult period in my life, and because of him, I met some of the most wonderful people in the world. Here’s a picture of him:


Happy birthday, Mulder. I miss seeing you every week, but I relive our adventures on DVD when I can. I hope you and Scully are doing really, really well together.

On that bizarre note, dear readers and friends, I bid you good night. xo

Universal Light Expo 2009

Tomorrow, I’ll be traveling to Columbus, Ohio to work at the Universal Light Expo. This fair is one of the biggest in the Midwest, and it’s filled with wonderful metaphysical vendors, healers, readers, and speakers. I am always excited to go and do readings, sell and sign books, speak, and greet new and seasoned friends. I’m also excited to get to spend time with my good friend Tom, who now lives in Columbus and whom I can never see enough. This year, my husband and kids are coming along for the weekend, too, which is really fabulous. I hope the weekend will be successful, spiritual, and lots of fun.

So, I won’t be around much, but if you’re in the Columbus, Ohio area, stop by and see me!

Many blessings of peace and love to you and yours.

Tarot Tuesday 10-6-09

So…all day, I’ve been trying to read all I can about the H1N1 inoculation. My boys’ school sent home a permission form yesterday, asking we parents to decide if we would allow the county to vaccinate them at school. I am cautious about medical intervention, and although my boys have always received routine vaccinations with no problems, I am wary of this new vaccine because of the problems that were encountered in a similar vaccine in 1976. If you’re interested, you can read lots of information all over the web (which, as we all know, isn’t always the best source of facts). I emailed my sons’ pediatrician, a woman I truly trust and respect, and she has weighed in with her opinion and her course of action with her own 14-year-old child. Even so, I continue to be overwhelmed by all of the information I’ve been reading, so much so that it’s hard for me to rely on my own intuition. Is it being overshadowed by my maternal fears?

I decided that I would consult the Tarot tonight about this question to see what answers I could get. I am using my favorite fall deck, the Halloween Tarot by Kipling West, and I concentrated on this question: “Is it safe and OK for M and B to receive the H1N1 vaccine?” Here are the 3 cards Spirit laid out after the concentrated shuffle:

Card 1: Ace of Imps (Wands)

Card 2: 3 of Ghosts (Cups)

Card 3: 6 of Imps  (Wands)

Just seeing these three cards makes me feel better. The Ace of Imps symbolizes an opportunity offered, representing the chance for the kids to receive the vaccination. The 3 of Cups, with its celebratory, happy energy, seems to indicate a positive outcome if we decide to have the children inoculated. The 6 of Imps symbolizes victory and a satisfied ending in relation to this question. 

So…will we have the kids inoculated? If they can receive the shot, which is the dead virus, yes, we most likely will, especially since Spirit is indicating here that no harm will come to them. I am not crazy about the idea of the live, nasal virus being administered to them, however, so if that’s the option the school offers (I have put a call in to find out how it will be given), then we will probably wait and try to get the shot through their pediatrician. 

Does it seem odd to ask such a question of the Tarot? Well, I believe very strongly that the Tarot can answer any kind of question, because it is infused with Spirit and your own intuitive energy. 

Next week, I’ll get back to answering a question from a reader, I promise. Until then…many blessings of health and happiness to you and yours!

Monday Message from Merlin 10-5-09

Greetings to you all, fellow travelers on the path of Light! I am Merlin, the Master Teacher of this one called Rose, who allows me to use her as a scribe for my thoughts. I am elated to be with you this evening as the winds here turn cooler, the sky deepens to indigo, and the stars peek out from the heavens.

A flurry of activity has invaded the household of my little one, and she has been busy busy busy with many different mundane tasks in the last week. She is a worrier, this one with whom I travel and learn, and so this week has also been filled with rejoicing as her love and partner in life has found a new employer. He has been searching for a new position since May, and this has been the cause of a great deal of grief, anger, and upset for my sweet pupil. Although she understands that her husband created his own circumstances and brought to an end a position that he no longer wanted or enjoyed, it was still difficult for her to accept that he needed to move on to a new place. All energy moves in cycles, just as the natural seasons of the Earth shift and the Wheel of the Year turns in perpetual motion. All endings bring new beginnings in their wake, and this time afforded Rose’s husband the opportunity to examine his work life and to contemplate those aspects that are most important to him. Several opportunities were presented to him, and he had to decide which one best fit the goal he’d created in his own mind–the circumstances he wished to create in his own manifestations of a new career path. I cannot say if he accepted the right or wrong position. Only he can decide what is wrong or right for him. And this is what I wish to remind each of you of tonight. 

Dear ones, your guides and teachers in the spirit world want to help you as much as possible. They want what is best for you, for they understand that each moment of each day affords new opportunities for spiritual growth and knowledge. You may ask them, “Which job is right for me?” and they may give you their opinion about that position, based on what they know of you, your likes, your energies, etc. They may be able to see further into the future to understand how your energy in this new job will blend with that of others with whom you work, how well you will enjoy the job duties, and how the energy of the company will play out in the grand arcing energy of the Universe. Your guides will share this information with you if you ask for it. But your guides will never tell you what job to take and which job to avoid. They will give you pros and cons of situations, yes–but ultimately, it is your responsibility to accept a job or to reject it. It is your responsibility to go into a new career situation with your mind, heart, and spirit open to accept the duties it requires and to do the very best you can in that position. You must work in responsibility and integrity. As spiritual beings, you can be nothing less than this. You must accept your own importance as a divine being, which means that you must function to your best ability in an energy of love, integrity, and truth. And so you must make all of your decisions throughout your journey. Yes, your guides and teachers will help you–they will show you glimpses of the future, they will encourage you or show you the pitfalls that may be coming–but it is up to you to make a choice concerning all of these challenges and opportunities.

For those of you out there that still seek employment, be encouraged! You have skills that are needed and will be valued. Do not give up on yourselves, or on your ability to create with God a good job for yourself. Ask your guides and the angels to assist you. Tell Creator what kind of position you need, what talents you can bring to the job, and what you need from the position to make you happy. Be sensible and humble, and work with God to create a perfect fit for your needs and for the gifts you have to offer. Affirm and visualize this perfect job for yourself as if it already is yours, and know that as you affirm this, you create it in the energy of the Universe. Understand that Creator will never abandon one of Her children, and you will be blessed and nourished.

It is time for me to take my leave. I thank you for your attention and for your love, which imbues the entire Universe with beauty and goodness. Peace to you all.



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