Saturday…Thanks Be!

It’s Saturday. It’s been a crazy week. Here’s what I’m currently up to:

1. Working in my office. Today I had 5 massage clients, all in a row. No breaks. Very busy, very tiring. But very thankful for work.

2. Coordinating with a new team of ministers at my church. It’s exciting to work with new people in a new way, but it’s also draining. Sometimes when you are trying new methods, it can be exhausting. I think our church is going in a wonderful new direction, but the time commitment is bigger than I expected. A balancing act, for sure.

3. Edits for my new manuscript, going to press in November, are due October 1. This entails reading the entire manuscript again, fixing problems and questions that my editor points out, and having a final look at anything I want to change before the book goes into production. Exciting and scary all at the same time. And right now, I’m having some trouble finding time to actually do the edits! But I should be able to finish those up on Monday or Tuesday of next week, to deliver after Mercury goes direct in time for my October 1 deadline.

4.  Planning a large rummage sale fundraiser for my sons’ 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. The more work our family puts in, the larger our discount should be. But damn, it’s frustrating sometimes when many of the other parents seem to want the discount but they don’t want to do the work. Thankfully, the sale is this coming weekend, and then that will be finished. In the theatre, we call the week before a show opens “Hell Week” because of the long hours and exhausting schedule. I’m beginning to think of this upcoming week in those terms, too.

5. Trying to plan classes for next year. I’ve got ideas, but I really need time to map them out. Maybe once my edits are finished…

6. Still have more preparations to make for the upcoming Universal Light Expo in Columbus, Ohio the 2nd weekend of October. I’ll be there all weekend, doing readings, signing books, and meeting people. I’ll also be speaking on Sunday, and I have work that I need to do to make sure I have everything together for the weekend. 

7. Trying to help coordinate my sons’ upcoming visit days, applications, and other assorted paraphernalia as they prepare for the high school selection process. I know, I know…it probably sounds like they’re going off to college, and they’re not. But when you’re trying to choose a private high school, the process is pretty comparable. It’s a lot to think about, and helping them to make good decisions and mature choices can be challenging.

So…here I am, a big pile of goo in the easy chair, watching the Ohio State football game (Go Buckeyes!) and enjoying these few recreational hours. I decided that after I got home from work today, I was going to do absolutely nothing. So far, I’ve been unbelievably successful. Go me!

What have you been up to recently? Just remember to schedule some down time, too. I’m taking my own advice today. 

Blessings to you all. xo

Tarot Tuesday 9-22-09

Ah, autumn arrives today! It’s such a beautiful season, and a busy one for me. A lot of events coming up in the next month and a half, and on top of it all, I have received edits for my manuscript, which are due back to the publisher by November 1. So…I may not be around much in the next several weeks, but it is my intention to keep updating the blog as much as I can. Therefore, in the spirit of that commitment, and to celebrate the beginning of this lovely season, let’s do a Tarot reading!

I chose the Halloween Tarot by Kipling West today, pictured here:


This is such a fun deck, and since Samhain (Halloween) is not too far away, it’s perfect for our reading today. The question for today’s reading comes from Kristin, who writes: ” I recently got out of a relationship. I was engaged, and due to some major differences that we had the engagement and relationship ended. This has pretty much turned my world upside down. I live with my Dad and step-mom temporarily and am trying to get back on my feet. I just want to know if I am going to pull through all this ok, and if there is anything specific I should know now to do so ?”

For Kristin’s reading, I’ll do a 7-card throw to look at the energies around her now and as she moves into the future. After setting this intention and shuffling the cards, these are the ones that came up:

Card 1: 3 of Ghosts (Cups)

Card 2: King of Bats (Swords)

Card 3: 9 of Pumpkins (Pentacles)

Card 4: 5 of Bats (Swords)

Card 5: Knight of Imps (Wands)

Card 6: Page of Pumpkins (Pentacles)

Card 7: Major Arcana Justice

The first 2 cards in this reading do seem to indicate the energy of Kristin’s engagement (the 3 of Ghosts) and the man in the relationship (the King of Bats). The energy that I get from this is that the broken engagement was really the best possible thing for Kristin. This man’s forceful and domineering nature would not have suited her well, and she would have been unhappy with his demands. My feeling is that Kristin does seek a strong, responsible partner, someone who can take care of her, especially from a material perspective, indicated by the 9 of Pumpkins. There is a luxury energy present in this card that I think Kristin will respond to. This doesn’t mean that she’s shallow or greedy–it simply means that she needs to feel secure, and right now, she simply does not. The situation of living with her relatives helps with this security issue, and the energy around her now is one of being cared for. The 5 of Bats does indicate, however, that the situation is not ideal. Kristin may encounter some conflicts with her “roommates” that may be complicated and hard on her from a mental standpoint. Concentrating her thought energy on the positive aspects of her situation and the love that she does have for her family will help to assuage hurt feelings and sharp words. 

The Knight of Imps does indicate a man who may quickly enter Kristin’s life, bringing a great deal of energy with him. A younger man, he may seem spontaneous, even impetuous, but he is a good communicator and likes to be busy. I’d say he may make an appearance toward the end of the year, about 3-4 months away, and he may not be a long-term relationship, but he’ll be an interesting and fun distraction for Kristin. The Page of Pumpkins indicates a bit of contemplation and reflection necessary for Kristin to once again feel secure. It may also symbolize a little bit of extra money coming into her life in the form of a slight raise in pay or a windfall, something unexpected. Whatever this is, it may be the boost that Kristin needs to feel secure to be by herself and to take care of her own financial security. With this card, there also seems to be an energy of study, so some classes on independent living or personal finances might be helpful to Kristin. Whatever happens, it will be a favorable change, and the Justice card promises a time of balance and equilibrium coming into Kristin’s life. This change and these circumstances were necessary to clear unwelcome energies and to bring Kristin to an appreciation of what balance and peace really look like in a relationship and in life. This energy may be about 6 months away, but the time in between for Kristin will be an opportunity for her to begin to once again feel settled and to set new goals for herself.

Kristin, I hope this helps a bit. Thank you for sending your question, and blessings to you as you go forward!


If you’d like to have a Tarot reading on the blog, you can! Simply send in your question to, or post a question in the comments section below. I randomly select at least one question every week to answer through the wisdom of the Tarot.

Thank you all for being here and for holding this space in sacred energy. I hope to see you again very soon! xox

Monday Message from Merlin 9-21-09


Greetings to you this evening, fellow travelers on the Path of Light! I am called Merlin, and I am the Master Teacher of this one named Rose who allows me to work through her to write this message. I am honored to be with you tonight as we move into the Autumnal Equinox, a sacred time when we stand between the seasons and bless all that has come before and all that will come to pass. The summer is ending, at least here where my special one lives and works, and the autumn is a mere breath away. It is the time of harvest, the season of the year to gather in the yield of what has been sown in the springtime and grown throughout the long, hot days of summer. The Wheel of the Year turns, and we look to our reaping, rejoicing at what we have achieved. 

Of course, in your modern world, this harvest time may not seem to have so deep a meaning. You may work and live in an urban area where nary a tree grows. You may shop for fruits and vegetables at the local market and perhaps never garden or grow anything at all. Not to worry! You yourself have still planted seeds in your life, and now is the time to examine what has grown from those seeds. What have you tried to create recently in your life? What progress have you made toward your goals? What successes have you experienced, and what do you need to re-think or tweak to bring better results? Do you need to start over, to plant new seeds altogether? Some seeds do not yield the results we hope for, and so we must reconsider what we need and perhaps reprogram our thinking to bring it to us in a more productive manner. But at this time of the year, we celebrate this cycle of energy. We are grateful for what we have accomplished thus far, knowing that there is more work ahead, and yet we take these moments to reflect on what we have and what we still need, how we could do better to bring it into manifestation, and we celebrate the great gift of co-creation we are able to practice.

It is a time of death. Remember, beloved ones, that death is not something to fear, but something to embrace and love. Old things die and transform into pure, vibrant energy once more. Situations, thoughts, and feelings that no longer serve our highest and best good die, too, especially if we carefully examine what we no longer want or need in our lives. Some lose jobs, friends, or encounter other difficult situations. These are deaths, too. But when we can stay centered in our divine essence, we can see with our spiritual eyes how letting go benefits and uplifts us. Perhaps that friend is no longer supporting you, and you need to part ways. Maybe there is a better position for you in another venue that will help you to fulfill your best potential, and so you lose your current job. Maybe releasing past relationships, lovers, and hurts can help to clear energy and make a space in your heart so that a new lover or new friends can come in. All of these deaths, while sad and difficult at first, bring joy when we realize that all of us benefit spiritually from the growth that results. 

So, as the equinox approaches, what deaths can you celebrate? What have you sown this year that is coming now to fruition? What can you release into the autumn bonfire that is no longer serving you? What can burn there and be replaced by something better for you at this time in your life? Feel your feelings; mourn what needs to be mourned, and then rejoice in the new life that is coming to you. It is coming, whether you realize it or not. Be patient, connect with your divinity, ask Creator to help you release your fears, and joy will follow.

Be well and at peace, children of the Light, and know that I send you blessings from myself and from all of your spirit teachers in the Higher Realms. 


Tarot Tuesday 9-15-09

Eek! I’m running behind today, but I *will* get my Tarot Tuesday blog post in while it’s still Tuesday! Go me!

I’ll be using the lovely and colorful Gilded Tarot to answer today’s question. A sample of the cards are pictured below:


Today’s question comes from Etienne, who writes, “I am sure to receive a job offer for a teaching position, of which I can choose either a part time or full time position. Which of these would be better, or would neither option suit me? Or is it best to decline this position and wait for something better to come along?”

These are some complicated questions. In order to look at the energy of these 4 options, I will throw 2 cards for each option. The reading will look like this:

Part time teaching position and its energies: Cards 1 and 2

Full time teaching position and its energies: Cards 3 and 4

Declining teaching position altogether: Cards 5 and 6

Possibility of another completely different position: Cards 7 and 8

After concentrating on all of this and asking for Spirit to bring in the highest, best, and most accurate information possible for Etienne, here are the cards that came up:

Cards 1 and 2 (part time position): 10 of Cups, 3 of Pentacles

Cards 3 and 4 (full time position): 4 of Cups, 3 of Cups

Cards 5 and 6 (decline position): 2 of Swords, Major Arcana The Fool, extra card 7 of Swords added for clarity

Cards 7 and 8 (possibility of another job soon): Queen of Pentacles, Major Arcana The Tower, extra card 4 of Pentacles added for clarity

The part time teaching position seems to offer some great possibilities for happiness and money to Etienne. The 10 of Cups indicates a great deal of satisfaction and a happy family life, so it may be that a part time position will allow for more family interaction, bringing all members a sense of joy. The 3 of Pentacles indicates doing good work and being financially rewarded for it, so there will be some satisfaction for Etienne here, too, with his earning power and his contribution to the family finances. This option looks promising from a monetary and emotional level.

The full time teaching position also offers emotional satisfaction and even more creative fulfillment, symbolized by the presence of two Cups cards, which are the suit of love, emotion, and creative endeavors. The 4 of Cups does indicate Etienne’s contemplative approach to problem-solving, and I feel there’s also a real yearning displayed here. Etienne really wants to do “what’s right” and what will bring the best possible outcome, and he may be afraid to make a mistake. The Cup being offered in this card, however, is large and beautiful, and because it’s this suit, it does seem to symbolize that if Etienne is worried about not liking the job, this will not be the case. The 3 of Cups indicates a celebration, usually of a family nature, so there may be a great deal of rejoicing within the family if Etienne decides to go forward with this option. In any case, this job also looks very promising, at least from an emotional aspect.

Declining the job altogether brings a heavier energy with it, a more somber and serious tone. The 2 of Swords indicates the choice that Etienne needs to make, and the blindfolded face behind the Swords in this card seem to symbolize someone who isn’t looking at the whole picture. It’s important for Etienne to really weigh the pros and the cons when he has all of the information, because there may be other considerations he hasn’t yet noticed or thought about. Obviously, a decision will be made, which is why I threw an extra card to go with The Fool. The Fool, although usually a card that indicates a spiritual journey, seems to carry another sort of energy in this reading. There is almost a lackadaisical and indifferent energy I feel here, almost a caution from the Universe to be careful of this attitude in terms of these jobs. Perhaps Etienne is not taking the jobs seriously or doesn’t see them as advancing him in any way. The Universe seems to indicate that these jobs would be an interesting and different adventure, if Etienne is wise enough to see that possibility and take it to heart. The 7 of Swords, thrown for clarity, seems to caution against negative thoughts and the idea of wasted energy. Etienne may have already made up his mind that these jobs are not right for him, which may be a mistake.

Finally, looking at other job possibilities coming in for Etienne: the Queen of Pentacles seems to indicate a woman close to Etienne, a partner or spouse, who will need to be willing to be the primary breadwinner in the family at this time. She has earning power and a will to succeed, but The Tower card coming right behind her indicates that finances may be difficult for the family if left entirely to her devices. The Tower is a card that shakes the foundation and asks, from a spiritual perspective, where a Seeker’s faith truly lies. Seeing it here, in a question about future job possibilities, makes me feel that there may not be another job offer in the next several months. The 4 of Pentacles, thrown for clarity, indicates a feeling of holding on to financial resources, something that may be necessary in order for Etienne and his family to feel secure. The Universe likes a flow of energy, but the flow here seems to be stifled. There may not be another job coming in for a while, so Etienne must make a decision for himself and his family that will benefit them all. Hopefully, this reading will help him to do that.

Etienne, I hope this reading brings you some clarity and some helpful guidance. Thank you for your question, and for allowing me to serve in this way. I wish you only the very best.


I hope all of you reading are having a wonderful week. Mercury Retrograde this time around seems to be having a severe effect on me, and I’m looking forward to it going direct again on the 29th. But hopefully, I’ll see you all again before then! Blessings! xo

Monday Message from Merlin 9-14-09

Greetings from the spirit realms! I am Merlin, the Master Teacher of this one called Rose who writes for me this day my thoughts and feelings. I am so pleased to be back with you after an absence last week, when those in America celebrated what they call Labor Day. I chuckle to think of a “day off,” as Spirit is always moving, always working, always present all around you, and we are always available to you if you need us. It is not necessary for us to take time away, nor do we need to rest and relax as you do when you inhabit a physical body. Our vibration is such that we do not feel the stress or pressure of physical obligations as you do, and so it is a great pleasure for us to serve you as needed. Thank you for the opportunity!

The one with whom I work was worried moments ago that she would not be able to relax enough so that I could come through to speak. In order for me to speak to you, she must relax and shift her perception away from the mundane, keeping her own personality and consciousness in check while mine overshadows hers. It is not a complicated process, but it does take practice–and trust! Trust is something that is essential to working with Spirit, and it is sometimes hard for us to trust what we cannot see, is it not? Rose is also worried today about many other obligations she juggles in her life: her work, her computer activities, her book writing, her church, her family and their needs, her commitments to other projects–so many distractions clamoring for attention! And this is not to say that all of these have no importance. Of course they are important! Of course they must get done! Of course they must be given the attention they deserve! And yet, without centering with Spirit, it is harder to accomplish all of these things with a calm and peaceful heart. Rose often forgets, as many do, that the day is easier and less stressful when it is started in the presence of the Divine. Simply by breathing deeply and centering oneself, by asking for Creator’s presence to encircle and enfold us at the beginning of each new day, we can face the challenges that arise with a smile and a determination to overcome them easily and quickly. We can embrace our power as divine beings and enjoy our lives, instead of racing through them with no appreciation for all of their individual, unique moments. To live in joy and peace is our goal. Finding joy and peace may seem difficult in the face of so many obligations, but it is not, if we can focus first on the Divine and know without a doubt that in our own divinity lies the peace that we so desperately seek. 

Breathe that in now. Take a deep breath and say to yourself, “I am divine. All is well, and I am at peace.” Do this three times, taking cleansing breaths and repeating that phrase. Now…how do you feel? More serene? More in control? Of course you do, for you have connected once again with your inner divinity and brought your attention back to your core being. This always brings harmony. Whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed, take a moment to do this, and allow yourself to re-align with Source. Your joy and your peace should be at the forefront of your goals each day.

And so, with this in mind, I take your leave. Be well, masters-in-the-making, and know how infinitely loved you are! 


Image by Rick Wakeman.

Tarot Tuesday 9-8-09

I hope all of my U.S. friends had a lovely Labor Day weekend. Having worked so hard myself over the last few months of summer, I decided to take the day off yesterday, and Merlin did, too, which was why there was no “Monday Message from Merlin” posted. I’d like to think Merlin was enjoying himself in the spirit realms, sitting under a tree, sipping on a margarita or something like that. But don’t worry–we’ll get back on track next Monday with another message, I promise.

Today, I’ll answer one question using the wisdom of the Tarot here on the blog. I’m using the evocative Shapeshifter Tarot today, created by my good friend, Lisa Hunt. Here is an image from the deck:


The Shapeshifter deck has some unusual designations for its suits and court cards, so I’ll try to indicate the traditional deck correspondences as I understand them, too.

T0day’s question comes from Jaime, who writes: “I would love to have a on-blog general reading about  what my 20th birthday in this life is bringing me.”

To answer Jaime’s question, I’ll be using my 8-card general reading. After concentrating on Jaime’s energy and the question, “What does Jaime need to know about his upcoming year?” these are the cards I pulled:

Cards 1 and 2 (career, jobs, and money):  God of Water (King of Cups), Seeker of Fire (Knight of Wands)

Card 3 and 4 (relationships, family, and love):  Ace of Wands, God of Earth (King of Pentacles)

Card 5 (health):  7 of Wands

Card 6 (travel):  6 of Swords

Card 7 (outside interests and/or spiritual pursuits):  6 of Pentacles

Card 8 (outcome energies):  3 of Cups

The King of Cups indicates a man who will be influential in Jaime’s pursuit of a new job opportunity. I feel this new job has either just manifested or is very close, and Jaime’s own energy seems to be significant in the Knight of Wands card. I feel Jaime is looking for an opportunity that allows him to use his creative, passionate, communicative energy. Although I feel a new job is eminent, Jaime’s own energy is so strong and vibrant that he may not stay there for long. His own restless nature may make it impossible for him to settle into the new job before he’s off looking for something else. It’s important for Jaime to recognize this challenge in his own nature and to give opportunities a chance to blossom before simply declaring them null and void. Whatever Jaime decides, he needs to be free to communicate with others in a career setting and to be as free and flamboyant as he needs to be. If a traditional job path doesn’t bring this for him, he needs to concentrate on attracting job energies into his life that are more compatible to his nature. 

It looks like a new relationship is in store for Jaime very soon. The Ace of Wands indicates a new beginning in this area of his life, and there is a great deal of action and passion surrounding this. The person entering into Jaime’s life seems to be older and more mature, a man of means who may be very good at business or monetary pursuits. Pentacle people tend to be very reliable and responsible, which will be a good balance to Jaime’s more spontaneous and unpredictable personality. My feeling is this can be a good, steady relationship for Jaime as long as he can temper some of his more impetuous decisions and stay focused on one person and a committed bond.

I feel that Jaime’s health looks strong from the 7 of Wands card appearing here. It may be a good idea of Jaime to take some of his excess energy and direct it towards exercise or staying in shape, which will bring stress reduction and balance to him.

The 6 of Swords does indicate the possibility of some travel coming up for Jaime, and my sense here is that care is needed in planning and executing a successful trip. I feel this would be a shorter journey, possibly one made by car, and there may be a tendency for a small repair or problem. If Jaime makes sure before leaving that everything is as it should be, he shouldn’t have any reason to worry about going. Just be prepared!

The 6 of Pentacles appearing as Jaime’s outside interests and/or spiritual pursuits cards tells me that Jaime may still be seeking on his spiritual path. He has made some good discoveries about himself and his relationship to Spirit, but he’s still looking for all the answers. The truth is that he may never find all of the answers, but the journey is the most important thing, anyway. I get a sense here of being comfortable with who he is and with what’s ahead. Another message, one of “don’t rush it–enjoy where you are,” comes to me as well. Looking ahead is an exciting prospect, but noticing where he is now will help Jaime to grow and advance and learn the karmic lessons he needs. 

The last card, the 3 of Cups, leaves me with an insatiable feeling of happiness and bliss. The year ahead promises to be rewarding for Jaime, especially in the realms of personal relationships, spiritual growth, and emotional satisfaction. There is also a sense with this card of Jaime noticing Spirit messages all around him, a message that says, “Pay attention!” to all of the little things going on. Jaime has a strong psychic sense, and it will continue to deepen if he learns to discern all of the information that is being given to him at any given time. There is a serenity and peace that will also come from this to him, which will permeate all areas of his life. 

Jaime, I hope this reading helps you as you’re looking forward. Many blessings to you, and thank you for allowing me to serve.


And thank you all for reading. I hope to see you again very soon! xo

Because We All Need A Good Laugh Sometimes



My wonderful and witty friend, Holly Sauerbrunn, has had “The Pina Colada Song” stuck in her head now for days. As a way of combatting that, she wrote the following–which nearly caused me to hemorrhage from laughing so hard. With her permission, I post it here so that you all can enjoy it, too.

And now the stupid song is stuck in MY head.


Deconstructing the Pina Colada Song: A Cynic’s View
written by Rupert Holmes
commentary  by Holly Sauerbrunn
I was tired of my lady
(That’s right, it’s all about you)
We’d been together too long
(definition: six months)
Like a worn-out recording
Of a favorite song
(Like this one)
So while she lay there sleeping
(That’s not the only thing she’s faking)
I read the paper in bed
(While eating crackers, no doubt)
And in the personal columns
(“Wanted: Lady with Tractor. Send Picture of Tractor”)
There was this letter I read
(It used really small words)


“If you like Pina Coladas
(Then you may prefer other foo-foo drinks too)
And getting caught in the rain
(Because you habitually forget your keys)
If you’re not into yoga
(Translation: no hippie freaks)
If you have half a brain
(Indicates current partner does not)
If you’d like making love at midnight
(So I don’t have to look at you in the light of day)
In the dunes on the Cape
(Sand fleas!)
Then I’m the love that you’ve looked for
(Unsuccessfully, apparently)
Write to me and escape.”
(From the institution)

I didn’t think about my lady
(There’s a shocker)
I know that sounds kind of mean
(Nope, it just sounds like you’re lying, cheating scum)
But me and my old lady
(Does she qualify for AARP?)
Have fallen into the same dull routine
(Yeah, that whole eating/drinking/breathing thing is a real buzzkill)
So I wrote to the paper
(“Dear National Enquirer, I have always admired you”)
Took out a personal ad
(How people embarrassed themselves before eHarmony)
And though I’m nobody’s poet
(At least you know not to give up your day job)
I thought it wasn’t half bad
(How wrong, wrong, wrong you were)   

“Yes I like Pina Coladas
(Do you? Or is it JUST ANOTHER LIE?????)
And getting caught in the rain
(Because you don’t have the sense to come in from it)
I’m not much into health food
(Cheez Whiz for everyone!)
I am into champagne
(I sleep in a bathtub full of it)
I’ve got to meet you by tomorrow noon
(Before the manhunt resumes)
And cut through all this red-tape
(Yeah…two personal ads….Lots of red tape)
At a bar called O’Malley’s
(Seriously? You’re going to order a pina colada at an Irish bar?)
Where we’ll plan our escape.”
(See above statement about manhunt)

So I waited with high hopes
(Are you sure you weren’t just high?)
And she walked in the place
(As opposed to levitating)
I knew her smile in an instant
(In anticipation of cheating on her loser boyfriend)
I knew the curve of her face
(The nose, however, didn’t look familiar)
It was my own lovely lady
(Do you think she’d like you better if you had a different nickname for her?)
And she said, “Oh it’s you.”
(Clearly she’s overjoyed)
Then we laughed for a moment
(To mask the feelings of utter despair and desolation)
And I said, “I never knew.”
(There’s a lot of stuff you apparently never knew, dude)

That you like Pina Coladas
(We get the point: YOU LIKE PINA COLADAS!!)
Getting caught in the rain
(Ditto the thing about the rain)
And the feel of the ocean
(“I don’t want to swim in it, I just want to FEEL it”)
And the taste of champagne
(You can drink it out of my bathtub)
If you’d like making love at midnight
(To someone else)
In the dunes of the Cape
(Yes, we will tunnel into the sand to create our den)

You’re the lady I’ve looked for
(I KNEW I put you somewhere)
Come with me and escape
(And return to a relationship based on a tissue of lies)

On Being a Teacher and Role Model

I’m teaching this weekend at Camp Chesterfield, where I received my mediumship certification in 2000. These papers declare me tried, tested, and true at talking to dead people. There’s a special thrill that comes with being invited and allowed to teach at the place where you worked so hard to prove yourself worthy of a special designation, a special identity, especially one as enigmatic as “Medium Missionary.” It is a great honor to move from the place at the feet of the teacher to the spot on the stump where the instructor sits.

Merlin spoke the other day on this blog about how we’re all teachers, and I’ve been thinking about those words as I prepare for my weekend. It is a great responsibility to be a formal teacher for someone. Students listen and take to heart everything that you tell them. They base decisions that they make in their lives on information and material that you present to them. In many ways, the responsibilities of being a psychic reader or medium are the same; what you present to people must be given in the spirit of divine service and the highest intentions possible. In the end, it is the student’s responsibility to use that information in the best way possible, but you, the teacher, must still be a role model. And it’s an avocation I take very seriously.

I wasn’t always like that. In college, where I studied theatre education and student taught at various high schools, I didn’t want to be a role model. I wanted to be a friend. I wanted to be the “cool” teacher. I wanted the kids to like me more than I wanted to work hard and, in turn, to challenge them. Maybe this is why I never taught once I graduated. I couldn’t find a teaching job, perhaps because Creator saw that I wasn’t ready for the big responsibility, the challenge of being a role model instead of a pal. I can look back on it now, almost 20 years later, and see myself clearly, especially after over 10 years of working in adult and metaphysical education. I have finally reached a point in my life where integrity and responsibility are integral to my character, and any responsibility I take on has to fit with that.

I love to teach. I love to share information with others and to experience the excited spark that alights in a student’s eyes when she finally understands something. I love to coach a student as he tries something new, as he pushes his own boundaries and achieves something he never thought possible. It’s the most rewarding feeling in the world. It’s humbling and inspiring and oh so wonderful.

Sometimes, though, it’s difficult to be a role model. It’s hard to always live up to the expectations that others have of you. And when you’re a spiritual teacher, it can be even more challenging. Sometimes people expect you to be perfect. They expect you to have the time and energy to listen to every word of the 2-hour monologue of their life story. They expect you to read 800 pages of their manuscript on spiritual purpose when you can’t even get past the first paragraph because of all the grammatical mistakes (did I mention my degree is in theatre, speech, and English Education?) They expect you to patiently explain to them the Laws of the Universe when you don’t even completely understand them yourself. At times like these, and in many other moments, being a teacher, or any kind of role model, is exhausting and downright onerous.

I have lost patience with some of my teachers, too. I’ve seen people I’ve admired in the past be sullen, rude, or downright nasty to enthusiastic students. I’ve watched clairvoyants I’ve lauded cheat on the platform during public mediumship demonstrations, pretending to do good work and trying to dupe their audiences. Witnessing this has thrown me into self-righteous tirades and made me question not only the character and  sincerity of those people but also my own dedication and faith. How can I support a belief in after-death communication when I see people I thought were true believers resorting to magician’s tricks to get a message? How can I teach these metaphysical concepts and ideas to others when I’m not sure I can even trust what was taught to me?

I’ve come to one conclusion as these questions swirl through my mind: I can only present to others my own experience. I can only pass along information that fits into my understanding. Maybe it will fit theirs; maybe it won’t. That’s not for me to decide. What I can decide, though, is what kind of person, what kind of medium, and what kind of teacher I will be. If I can stay connected to my own inner divinity and honor God within myself, I will stay in integrity and not slip into shoddy practices or methods. If I can hold fast to my principles as a Spiritualist medium and minister, I will be a good role model for those who see my message work, read my books, or hear me speak. If I can be comfortable saying, “I don’t know” to my students, we can discover together the important lessons and mysteries we are trying to understand. These are the things I need to remember, and this is the energy I need to live. I’ll make mistakes sometimes. I may be short-tempered with a student, or I may allow my ego to rule momentarily as I try to be “the best.” But I trust that my higher nature, the part of me that is a divine and perpetual soul, will recognize these slips and pull me back into the better and more productive energy. 

It’s a good goal to have. 

Peace, love, and blessings to all. xo

Goddess Getaway

I am very excited about the new Goddess Getaway I am organizing with my office partner and dear friend, Joanne Franchina. We have put together our heads and hearts to design a women’s retreat we think will be fun, meaningful, and inspiring for any woman who wants to get in touch with her inner Divine Feminine. 

If you’re in the Cincinnati Tri-State area, read on for more details. It’s going to be awesome–hope to see you there!




GODDESS GETAWAY: Empower Yourself with Divine Feminine Energy.  
A Women’s Spiritual Retreat with Rose Vanden Eynden & Joanne Franchina
The beautiful and inspiring goddesses are waiting for you to invoke them, ready to assist you in a deeper understanding of your own powerful link to the Divine Feminine.  During this interactive and uplifting weekend retreat, you will learn and experience the following:

  • Getting to Know the Goddesses.  Learn about individual goddesses from various spiritual traditions.  Learn their specific personalities and attributes and learn which goddess is closest to your own personal energy at this time in your life.  
  • Working with Goddess Energy.  Learn practical applications of goddess energy in your everyday life, including how to construct an invocation to fit your intentions.  Learn which goddess to invoke for specific needs and situations, such as releasing negativity, harnessing creativity, and empowering yourself.  
  • The Special Insights & Inspiration of Mary Magdalen.  Participate in a powerful group meditative process to invoke the energy of this contemporary feminine deity, and receive insights for yourself and others.  
  • Sharing Circle.  Share your own experiences and understanding of goddess energies: How do you relate to the Divine Feminine? 
  • Mask Making Playshop.  Create a mask that symbolizes a particular goddess, or a compilation of goddess energies. 
  • Empowerment Ceremony with the Divine Feminine.  Participate in a ceremony to invoke goddess energies, release areas of resistance, and claim the Divine Feminine energy that is your birthright.  
  • Personal Time for Reflection.  Take some time to contemplate important questions about how you can more fully embrace and express the Divine Feminine in your life as you enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings. 

Friday, 7pm – Sunday, 11:30am, October 23 – 25, 2009. 
Bracken Ridge Center in Northern Kentucky (one short hour from downtown Cincinnati).
$249. Includes housing, meals & instruction.
Rose Vanden Eynden & Joanne Franchina, facilitators.  
Space limited; pre-registration required. Register by September 21, 2009 and receive a $10 gift certificate. 

Download Special Event Registration Form

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To Pay for this Special Event via Credit Card, Register Online at

Tarot Tuesday 9-1-09

This week’s Tarot Tuesday has dawned bright, cool, and beautiful here in Cincinnati! I am so loving this weather–it makes me want to be outside, just walking and drinking it all in, all day long! It must be my restless, Pagan heart that so longs to connect with Earth Mother and all of the awesome nature deities, elementals, and energies. 

So, to honor my call toward the great outdoors and its wonders, today we’ll have one question. It comes from Citrus, who asks, “Can you do a general pull for me, such as career, finance, love, etc…?” Sure! And to further honor the natural world, today I’ll use the Mystic Fairy Tarot, by Linda Ravenscroft and Barbara Moore. Here is an example from the deck, Major Arcana Temperance:


So, after concentrating on Citrus’ question and asking the faeries to lend their energies and insights to the reading, here are the cards that came up:

Cards 1 and 2 (work, career, and finances): Seven of Wands, Five of Wands (reversed)

Cards 3 and 4 (home, family, and relationships): Queen of Cups, Major Arcana The Star

Card 5 (health): Major Arcana The Fool

Card 6 (travel): Five of Pentacles (reversed)

Card 7 (outside interests, hobbies, spiritual pursuits): Six of Wands

Card 8 (the future): Six of Pentacles (reversed)

In this deck, reversed cards are simply used to call more attention to those particular cards–there is a feeling of importance attached to the appearance of a reversed card. In this spread, Citrus has drawn 2 Major Arcana cards, which signify spiritual importance and higher matters, and these appear in the relationship and health aspects of her reading. There are also 3 Wand cards, connected to projects and energy, and 2 Pentacles cards, signifying the energy of money and resources. Projects and career–the way Citrus makes her money–seem to be important right now. After this overview of the spread, let’s take a closer look at the cards drawn and their possible meanings.

The first two cards indicate energies around Citrus’ work and career. The 5 of Wands coming in reversed says, “Pay attention to me.” The 5 is often a card of conflict, and coupled with the 7, I feel that Citrus’ work environment may not be entirely happy or supportive of her right now. There seem to be some negative and even antagonistic feelings in the workplace that she may have to deal with. I feel there may be pettiness or jealousy coming at her from another source, and she needs to guard against feeling bombarded by negative energy. The 5 does indicate, at least from the energy of the picture in this deck, that a compromise can be reached, but it may be slow coming to fruition, and Citrus may experience some frustration there.

Luckily, Citrus’ family, love, and relationship energies may distract her from an unhappy work situation. The Queen of Cups seems to symbolize Citrus in this reading, depicting a woman who is attractive to others, loving, and desirable. I feel a lot of sexual energy with this, which is not always the traditional meaning for a Queen of Cups, but this particular deck makes me feel this playful yet sensuous female energy with Citrus at this time. It’s important to point out, though, that the Queen of Cups is a water energy, symbolizing deep emotional connections and intuition as well–Citrus will know and feel the right partner for her and will read those energies easily to make a strong personal connection for herself. Major Arcana The Star is a beautiful, hopeful card, indicating that Citrus’ dreams are coming true in regard to her personal love relationships, and there will be an outpouring of loving emotion coming for her. How nice!

Major Arcana The Fool prances his way into the reading as Citrus’ health card. There is a very playful and buoyant energy I feel with this card, so I don’t believe Citrus is going to need medical attention or begin some kind of long healing journey on a personal level. I actually feel that Citrus may be moving into some sort of healing field herself, perhaps one like Reiki or crystal healing, that is more holistic and natural, and The Fool indicates the start of this amazing journey. It may be that Citrus will move into this healing field as a primary source of income at some point in the future, and this is the beginning of that. This feels very exciting to me, but Citrus is also cautioned to be wise in her decisions and not to act rashly, as The Fool can bring that type of energy as well. This journey for Citrus, however, is bound to be deeply spiritual. 

Citrus’ travel card, the 2 of Pentacles, comes in reversed, and I feel that Citrus may travel in connection to some type of work project where she would earn money. The 2 indicates the possibility of a choice, but in looking at the beautiful artwork on this particular card, I feel that Citrus will be gathering money in to herself, and it’s a time not to spend money but to save it. If the travel is too expensive, there will be ways to make it work without going over budget. And the reward for the travel will be worthwhile.

The 6 of Wands coming in as Citrus’ outside interests card indicates a project bringing completion and victory–along with another new birth of ideas or energies. I really feel strongly that this has some metaphysical component to it–it may even be connected to the healing path I mentioned earlier for Citrus. Whatever it is, Citrus will feel fulfilled in doing this–but she also needs to be aware that someone close may not support her and may, again, be jealous of her accomplishment.

Finally, the 6 of Pentacles comes in reversed as Citrus’ future outlook card, saying “I’m important!” The 6 depicts a beautiful faery maiden gathering in lots of resources and receiving help from many woodland friends in this task. Citrus has the ability to stand on her own in her financial life and to reap the rewards of energy well spent. She also has friends and allies around her who can help her find ways to make finances easier and for her to feel more secure in her wealth. The Universe is abundance, and it is opening itself up to Citrus now. She has much to offer the world, and the world will support her in return for sharing her gifts.

Citrus, I hope this reading gives you some valuable insights. Thank you for allowing me to serve!


And now, I’m off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day. May you all be blessed and find beauty in your own corner of the world. xo

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