Monday Message From Merlin 8-31-09


(Image from Disney’s Sword in the Stone. No infringement intended.)

Greetings to you today. What a pleasure it is to step beyond the veil between the worlds and to speak to you in this way. I am Merlin, the Master Teacher of Rose, one whom I love and serve. And this is what our lives are all about when we inhabit a physical body–love and service. When we can look at all situations with love and ask ourselves, “Am I serving the Divine in all that I do?” then we are moving toward a greater understanding of our larger purpose as spiritual beings. Service does not have to mean holding a job as a nurse, a doctor, a humanitarian, or any of these others. Service is about recognizing a need and fulfilling it with humility, grace, and compassion. It is doing something without expecting a reward or compensation because you understand that this thing needs to be done. Service is the ultimate experience of loving one’s neighbor, as the Ascended Master Jesus reminds us. It is the goal of humanity to live in service to each other and to the Higher Plan of Creator.

In my lifetimes on the earth plane, I served as a teacher many times–thus, perhaps, my desire to continue to teach in the realms of Spirit. Yet whether we carry the formal title or rank of teacher or not, we are all teachers. Are not parents teachers to their offspring, helping them to learn their way in the world, instructing them in values, showing them how to love others along with how to tie their shoes? Parents are the ultimate teachers–if you are blessed to be a parent, be sure to understand this role in your child’s development, and serve your children with love, with strength, and with honor. It is a demanding and challenging life, that of parenting, but always remember that you are loved and supported in this role by your own personal spirit guides, teachers, loved ones, and angels. Ask them for help when you need it–they will answer your plea!

You also teach others every day through your actions. Did you smile this morning when you bought your cup of coffee from the clerk? If you did, you taught her something–that a smile can make a morning brighter and more enjoyable. Perhaps now she will smile more often in her work and pass that good energy on to the next customer. Then he will smile at his own co-workers when he goes into the office–and thus, the ripples extend further outward to touch many others. All because you took an extra moment to smile, to be loving, and to teach the beauty of a heart connection. Do not discount this as insignificant. It was your Mother Teresa who said something like, “There are no small things. Do everything you do with love.” She understood this concept of spreading good energy and teaching others to do the same. 

So today, ask yourself, “What am I teaching to others through my actions? What qualities do I want to carry with me and pass on to others?” If you keep this in the forefront of your mind, it will help you to remember to be an example of love for your fellow human beings–exactly what we expect from our teachers.

Know that today, as always, I send you love, blessings, and peace from the spirit world. 


Tarot Tuesday 8-25-09

Time keeps marching forward, doesn’t it? Yesterday, my boys started their 8th grade year, the last at their current school. The summer days have flowed by as quickly as a swift river, with this week feeling more like autumn with cool mornings and temperate afternoons. My challenge of trying to live with an appreciation for each moment’s individual beauty certainly doesn’t slow time’s passage! But at least I’m enjoying the energies more!

And so we’ve come to another Tarot Tuesday. Our question today is from Liz (submitted by her sister, Jen), who asks: “”I am currently unemployed and would like to know if I should focus my efforts on a Marketing job (what I was doing before), starting my own business, or working in a different field like children’s charities?”

For today’s reading, I’m using the Voyager Tarot deck, shown here:


This deck uses picture collages to represent the energies of the Tarot. It is a complex deck, and there is a lot of insight to be gleaned from using it. For Liz’s question, I’ll throw 2 cards to represent each possible choice, like this:

Choice One (marketing job): Cards 1 and 2

Choice Two (start own business): Cards 3 and 4

Choice Three (charity work): Cards 5 and 6

After concentrating on these possibilities and asking for the highest and best information about each one, here are the cards that came up for Liz:

Choice One (marketing job): Major Arcana Art (Number 14, in a traditional deck, Temperance), Child of Worlds (Page of Pentacles)

Choice Two (starting own business): Three of Cups, Major Arcana Time-Space (Number 20, in a traditional deck, Judgement)

Choice Three (charity work): Sage of Crystals (King of Pentacles), Sage (King) of Wands

Even though I’ve indicated the corresponding cards in a traditional deck, I have found that the Voyager deck defies traditional interpretations in readings. I tend to use a more intuitive method for interpreting these cards, which is what I will do in this reading for Liz. 

The search for a job in the marketing field, one where Liz already knows her way and is established and respected, will bring more balance and stability to Liz right now. There will be some creativity and opportunity in this field for her if she chooses this path. It seems that she will be able to find something in marketing that will honor her talents as well as appeal to her inner child, the part of us that wants to be happy and playful. Because Art is a Major card and comes in immediately at the start of this section of the reading, I feel that the balanced energy here is not far away for Liz, if she chooses to apply for traditional jobs in her field.

Starting her own business certainly holds appeal for Liz, indicated by the Major card appearing (Time-Space), and the Three of Cups seems to indicate a great emotional attachment to this idea. Liz is a giving, creative person capable of a great deal of energy output, but whatever she puts her energy into has a tendency to drain her physically and emotionally. The sense that I get here is that the timing is just not right for this idea to fully manifest in the manner of Liz’s dreams. She would expend a lot of energy towards something she loves, but the Time-Space card makes me feel repetitive and as if I’m not moving forward. I feel like I’m treading water here, and this is not the kind of energy you want when you’re trying to start a business. Spirit seems to be counseling for Liz to continue to think about the possibilities of this business and to perhaps even plan some of its aspects, but to wait until the time is better before venturing forth with this.

The charity idea definitely has appeal to Liz, and there is some fiery energy that ignites when she thinks about the possibility of humanitarian work. The two Sage cards appearing here, however, seem to indicate to me that Liz would not be the one in control of this possibility. Two other people would figure prominently in Liz’s quest to secure this type of work for herself. One is an idea person with lots of creative energy, and one is a good communicator, a “smooth talker” who has great wisdom to share. If Liz sets her intention, these people will come into her life, and they have a great deal of information to share with her about the career possibilities of charity work. Again, though, my sense here is that this could be a future project, not one to pursue at this particular time.

Liz, I hope that helps you. Thanks for your question, and thanks for Jen for sending it in!


So now, I’m off to do some planning work for upcoming classes, workshops, and events. I have an extremely busy fall scheduled, so I hope you’ll visit my website to see what’s on the docket for me. Come out and see me as I spread the love energy around!

Many blessings to you all, and thanks for being here with me today.


Monday Message from Merlin 8-24-09

Greetings from the world of Spirit to you all. I am Merlin, the Master Teacher of Rose, who writes this blog. Today, this precious one with whom I work is feeling sad, for her two children have gone off for their first day of school. It is an important year for these boys–their last at their current school–and my beloved student is feeling sentimental and nostalgic. She is proud of her sons and all of their accomplishments, but it is difficult to watch them grow older and less dependent upon her. Naturally, this is the progression of all children in the physical body, and a parent’s success can be measured by how independent a child becomes. This is not the only measure of growth in a child, however. The spiritual aspect of development in children must never be neglected. For many families, this means introducing the children to a community of like-minded individuals who can support and nurture them in their understanding of God/Goddess/Creator/Divinity. Many times, this community is found in a church. Church is not a necessity, however, if parents are invested in teaching their children ethics, morality, and Natural Law. Many children entering the physical body in these times are advanced spiritual souls coming to Earth now to help with the advancement of the human race in the areas of spiritual understanding and progression. Many of you reading this have heard of this phenomenon and, having children of your own, see the results unfolding in their lives. Do not be discouraged or frustrated if you cannot immediately find help or guidance concerning these children. It is a new era in spiritual growth and understanding on the Earth, and so many are trying to figure out how to move forward in the best way possible. Many of these “new” children coming in will not benefit from traditional schooling and learning processes, so new ways must be discovered and utilized to help them discover the special, shining souls that they are. As adults, you must be strong and devoted to their care and help to forge new methods for their progression. Coming together with other parents who are raising these children will help you to merge your ideas collectively and embrace the changes that are present now. Do not be afraid to try new things with your children. They will remember the soul lessons learned in previous incarnations more quickly than other children in the past, and they will move more rapidly through soul lessons than others before them. Do not try to hold them back from this, for this is the reason they have come into being at this time. They will eventually show you all how to loose yourself from the bonds of past physical limitations. They will help you to understand how to balance karmic debts and implications quickly and easily so that more advanced healing and progression can take place. All children are the leaders of their next generations, but more than ever, these children need to be honored, nurtured, and supported. They will blaze new paths in medicine, in science, and in spiritual matters. The world will move closer to its ascended state because of them. Never forget this as you work with your own children and the children closest to you. Your own spirit teachers, Master Guides, and the Ascended Masters and angels can help you discover the best pathways to follow with your children if you ask for their input, their guidance, and their blessings.

It is my great pleasure to speak to you in this manner today. I am happy to serve you in this way. Rose reminds me that I can ask for questions from you, which I will be pleased and honored to answer in future communications. If you would like to ask a question, you may write it here. 

I do take my leave for today. May peace, abundance, and joy be yours, now and always.



Tarot Tuesday 8-18-09

We have plans today to go canoeing with our boys and two of their friends. It’s supposed to rain, and heavier thunderstorms are not out of the question, so please send good thoughts to us for a dry, safe journey.

Speaking of journeys, let’s see what the Tarot can highlight for these questions, sent by Terri:

“What do the cards forsee for my stepson (William)? Or maybe a better way to ask, do the cards have recommendations on how we can help him succeed in school and stay safe while with his mom?” 

Don’t worry, Terri. I’ll concentrate on the second question for William, and the Tarot will hopefully highlight some important information for you to know about William’s upcoming energies. I’m going to throw 5 cards to get some insights into the energy surrounding his home and school life. After concentrating on this question, here are the 5 cards I pulled (I’m using the Legend Arthurian deck again this week): 

Card 1: Major Arcana The Hermit
Card 2: Major Arcana The Hanged Man
Card 3: Knight of Spears (Wands)
Card 4: Queen of Swords
Card 5: Six of Spears (Wands) 

You can notice a couple of patterns right away in William’s 5-card throw. There are 2 Major Arcana cards, which indicate important spiritual lessons at this time in William’s life. Two Spears, or Wands, cards also appear, indicating the energy of the Wands: fire energy, and energies revolving around work, projects, or career. Since William is a student, indicated in his step-mom’s question, most of his “work” energy will be focused on school right now. Two Court cards also appear: the Knight of Wands, which seems to represent William’s energy, and the Queen of Swords, which seems to indicate his step-mom’s energy, which makes sense since Terri is the one asking the question about William. It’s always a good idea to start a reading by noticing any patterns like this because these patterns can give you very important clues into the nature and focus of reading. 

As we begin to discern the messages in a reading, it’s always good to start with the Major cards, which usually give a spiritual focus or “flavor” to the reading. The Hermit indicates that right now, William may be feeling isolated, or he may have a need to spend some time by himself in reflection. The Hanged Man, coming right behind, indicates that William may feel stagnant or stuck, and along with The Hermit, he may need to seriously consider where he wants to go on his journey from here. The larger influences around him (other people, his home circumstances) may make him feel as if he’s powerless or doesn’t have any say in the matter, but this is not the case. The Hermit is a card that indicates the spiritual nature of life, and the fact that in all challenges lie a larger spiritual message and purpose. It may be hard for William to see this, given his youth, but Terri or another adult close to him may be able to influence him in a positive way to help him understand the larger picture. Whatever is said to him at this time will be listened to, so choosing careful words is important, as is offering an understanding and compassionate perspective. The Hanged Man can be a challenging card, because he often appears when we feel most helpless. The important message of The Hanged Man, however, is that enlightenment and spiritual understanding are never worthless pursuits. It’s hard to be still and silent sometimes, especially when we feel like we’re screaming and no one hears us–but Creator does hear our pleas and our needs, and the Universe will, in perfect timing, deliver the answer that we need. Patience is required, and it’s a hard lesson for many of us. Terri’s great challenge at this time is to help William develop this. The Knight of Spears indicates that William himself might be a hesitant, careful person anyway, and some time spent with him nurturing his self-esteem and his likes, dislikes, and talents would be well-spent so that he can feel more successful. Schoolwork may take him extra time to do, so recognizing this and helping him develop better ways of planning and getting things accomplished might help him as well. Spear or Wand people usually have a lot of energy and like to be active, so encouraging him to participate in a sport or some kind of physical activity will also help him, even if it’s not to play on a school team, etc. It should be something fun that doesn’t weigh on his mind. I also feel he may be solitary a lot, so a more team-oriented sport or activity will help him interact better with others and make him feel better about himself. The Queen of Swords indicates a woman in William’s life who is smart and a deep thinker, and I believe her energy represents Terri in this throw. It’s important for you to set boundaries for William, especially when it comes to his home life. This may be difficult if he doesn’t live with you full-time, but your influence in this matter is important. It may be necessary for you to take a forceful stand about some issues, so don’t be afraid to put your foot down and speak up about your concerns and demands. Remember that you are doing it for William, and as long as you have his best intentions at heart and ask for Divine guidance concerning what direction to take, you won’t go wrong. Finally, the 6 of Spears indicates a victory. I feel that within 3 or 4 months, William will be in a better place concerning his schoolwork and the other issues that he is experiencing right now, and you will have been an important guide in that journey. Things are looking up for him–it’s just a matter of getting through this phase where nothing seems to be moving. The energy *is* changing, even if it’s hard for you and William to see. Encourage him to work on himself during these quiet times by nurturing some of the things he loves the most, and he will benefit greatly from your confidence in him and your love for him. 

Terri, I hope this reading helps you, and that it helps William, too. Thank you for sending in your question! 

Folks, that’s all for today. I hope you enjoy your Tuesday, and I’ll see you very soon!

Monday Message from Merlin 8-17-09

Greetings today from the world of Spirit! I am Merlin, the Master Teacher of Rose, who writes this blog and shares with you the wisdom of her experiences. It is not vain to call it wisdom–you each possess deep wisdom and understanding, every one of you, as a child of the Universe and Its marvelous lessons. What wisdom can you share today with your fellow human beings? It may not seem wisdom to you, but there are many things that you have learned on your life journey, and every time you share a piece of your experience with someone else in a loving, compassionate way, you are passing on your own wisdom. So it is for Rose…so it is for me…and so it is for all of you.

It was hard for my little one to get out of her own way today to allow me to come through to speak. This is natural, as all of you have thoughts that interrupt your quieting mind when you try to focus on Spirit. Never think that this is not normal and that you therefore cannot connect with your spirit teachers and helpers. The logical mind simply likes to be in charge and does not take kindly to be gently set aside. The more you meditate, however, and the more you take control of your mind, the easier the meditative state is to reach. When random thoughts cross through your mind, do not become caught in them. Simply let them drift through and bring your attention back to your focus, whatever that may be, your intention for the meditation experience. Some days, you will be more successful than others. Do not give up! With practice, you will grow more adept. Life is all about learning–sometimes you go forward, and sometimes you stay static. It is all important for your progression. Mastery of anything is a continuous process. You in the physical state call me Master Merlin, and yet I, too, am still learning and growing, and in that, I rejoice! Never feel as if you are not worthy because you feel you are not moving forward. You are, with every breath you take, with every mistake and misstep along the path–these choices usually garner even more growth, because you learn what you should NOT do. Blessings abound in everything if you can learn to see them with spiritual eyes!

Now, a bit of levity: this one with whom I work had a hard time focusing today to allow me to speak because her mind kept turning to the spider that resides between her window panes, right next to her favorite meditation spot. Her husband has cleaned out the window before, but the spider keeps returning, and this bothers my special student more than you can know. She is deathly afraid of spiders. Imagine, being afraid of something so much smaller than she is, something that she could squash in an instant! I do not make fun of her, do not misunderstand–I know this fear is real, and it is irrational, as she tells herself all the time. So many have irrational fears like this. What to do with these fears? How to overcome them? This fear of spiders may seem insignificant, but it has a deeper meaning. Spider…what does she symbolize? Look at the way she spins her web, these amazing strands that pour from her body and weave together into an extraordinary home for her. What an incredible concoction is a spider web! Beautiful and strong and yes, deadly too, for those creatures trapped in it. Do you see the symbolism here? My little student is afraid of her own ability to create, her own ability to spin something beautiful and strong and powerful. Why would she be afraid of that? The spider’s web is the creature’s livelihood, the way that she eats and maintains her strength in her little world. Why would Rose be afraid of this concept? Is Rose afraid that the web she spins won’t be strong enough, that she still will not receive the sustenance she needs? Is she afraid that something will destroy her web, that someone won’t like it and will plot to take it down? She can learn a lesson from the industrious spider who has taken up residence in her window. This tenacious creature keeps coming back, even when her web is not accepted and is instead destroyed. She rebuilds her web, determined to make her place again, understanding it is within her nature and her right as a spider to have her web, no matter what anyone else thinks. And when she rebuilds it, the food source is returned, and she is able to sustain herself. She is able to honor her spider-nature. Rose can learn from this beautiful creature, and so can you all. What are you afraid to create in your world? Is your fear holding you back from putting forth the energy? Is your self-esteem lacking? What can you do to boost yourself and your connection to your own inner strength? Be resilient, loved ones, and bounce back! You must honor the song in your heart, as this spider does, the song that tells you what you must be doing. You will recognize that song when you feel joy in the doing and stop worrying about the end result. Honoring that song is being creative, the true energy of what the lovely spider represents!

What will you create in your world? Why do you need someone else’s permission to create it? If you ask Creator to help you serve only the highest and best vibration and intention, then your creation will do just that. Do not allow fear to hold you back. Spin your web, and know that it will be beautiful!

I thank you all for being with me today, and I send you blessings and love from the world of Spirit. Be well, happy, and at peace!



Tarot Tuesday 8-11-09

Ah, Tuesday! Today, my family and I are off for a fun-filled day in Yellow Springs, Ohio, one of my favorite places on earth. I used to spend lots of time there when I attended Wright State University, several miles down the road. It’s an eclectic, artistic, holistic little town filled with quirky shops, interesting places to eat, and abundant natural beauty. You can check it out on the web here.

So, for today’s Tarot Tuesday blog, I’ll be answering one question, submitted by Candy, using the Legend deck:


Candy’s question: “I feel torn between staying in the city that I am in for my career or moving to Los Angeles. I wanted to get some guidance. I also would like to ask spirit if an old friend will finally let go of some issues she has with me?”

For each of Candy’s questions, I set the intention to throw 3 cards. The first 3 cards will pertain to her question about moving to Los Angeles. The second 3 will highlight what she needs to know about her old friend. After concentrating and shuffling the cards in the usual way, here are the cards that Spirit brought forth for Candy:

Card 1: Major Arcana The Hermit

Card 2: Major Arcana The Magician

Card 3: Knight of Spears (Wands)

Card 4: 4 of Shields (Pentacles) 

Card 5: Major Arcana The Judgement

Card 6: Knight of Cups

Let’s look at Candy’s first question. I asked, “What does Candy need to know about the possibility of moving to Los Angeles?” The appearance of 2 Major cards in a 3-card throw for this question highlights that this would be a big adjustment and cycle of energy in Candy’s life if she were to take this route. In this particular deck, The Hermit is called “Lancelot in Exile,” depicting the famous knight’s descent into madness and the time in his life when he lived as a wild man in the woods, trying to reconcile his sins and his spirituality. The feeling I draw from this card in connection with Candy’s question is that she might feel very isolated and alone if she chooses a move. I also feel that she really needs to go within her own self and ask herself why she may want this move (or think she wants it) and really take some time to explore, from an intuitive reaction, how this move might feel to her. The next card, Major Arcana The Magician, indicates that Candy has the ability to manifest whatever she needs in her present life, and a change of location right now may not be the simplest or best solution. If there are circumstances that she’d like to see altered in her life, Spirit encourages a different approach, one that utilizes her understanding and knowledge of manifestation skills. The final card, the Knight of Spears, indicates that there is a new project coming in for Candy, one that she can and will master easily, but she needs to stay still to receive it, as “Bedivere,” the knight depicted on this card, is doing. Acting rashly or rushing headlong into the decision to move may prove to be a poor choice.

As for Candy’s friend, I asked, “What does Candy need to know about her friend and this situation?” The 4 of Shields (Pentacles) indicates there may be some financial or resource issue at the heart of the matter, but I also feel strongly  that there is a selfishness and a refusal to grow or to think in broader terms that is holding back any positive energy here. Major Arcana Judgement indicates a life lesson at work within this relationship, and I feel that there is a karmic lesson for both parties to learn. Judgement can symbolize a significant healing, particularly because in this deck, Judgement is subtitled “Avalon,” the place of healing and magick where King Arthur was taken after his last battle. My feeling, though, is that this healing might be illusory, as Avalon is to some–Candy’s friend isn’t budging, at least not at this time, and although Candy may desire a reconciliation (signified by the Knight of Cups, “Galahad,” who seeks spiritual and emotional fulfillment), it doesn’t feel to me as if this is forthcoming. I feel it would take some kind of gallant gesture from Candy to bring the two friends onto the same page, and even then, I’m not sure the outcome would be what Candy would like. My best advice would be for Candy to send prayers, blessings, and healing energy to her friend and ask that the highest and best be brought to their relationship. 

Candy, I hope this reading helps you. Thank you for submitting your question!

And I hope everyone reading has a happy, bright day. See you very soon!


Monday Message from Merlin 8-10-09

Greetings! It is a pleasure to speak to you again today from the world of Spirit. I am Merlin, the Master Teacher of the one called Rose who writes this blog. Every time I use that word, I feel so modern and up-to-date, even though my energy is ancient and continues to evolve. However, it is good to connect with you in this way–very pleasurable for me, and I do thank you for your time.

This is a concept with which my student, Rose, constantly struggles: time. Is there enough time to do this, that, and the other thing? She is always so busy, rushing from one thing to the next, and this is the energy your world today promotes and supports. Your society sees you as lazy or unproductive if you do not accomplish A, B, and C. Each of you constantly compares yourself to another, and when you perceive yourself as falling short in some area, you feel as if you’ve failed. Why do you do this to yourself? Each individual soul is exactly where s/he needs to be every moment of every day. My student Rose was taught a saying many years ago: “All is in Divine Order.” This means that no matter what comes up in each moment of each day, Divinity is present within it, and it is happening to fulfill some Divine purpose. You may not always be able to see what that Divine purpose is–and this is what is frustrating to human beings! “Why was I late for my meeting? Why did I have to sit at the train crossing for so long? Why?” Perhaps if you hadn’t sat at that train crossing, you would have been in an automobile accident, and then you would have never made it to your meeting. Isn’t late better in this scenario? It may be hard to understand why certain things happen, but taking a deep breath and trusting that what is happening is acceptable is a major step forward in your spiritual evolution and understanding. This is one piece of the principle of living in the moment, a challenge for so many, and yet one that seems to hold interest for a vast number of people. At our soul levels, we crave the moment to moment interaction with Creator that comes from living, breathing, being at one with our soul and with Him. This is the true essence of being in the moment: finding God in each and every instant. Because where is God? God is within us! If we can begin to treasure each moment, and what happens around and to us in each one, we begin to understand our own divinity and our close connection to every other sentient being. This is why we must think collectively, understanding that what affects one of us affects all of us. Our divinity binds us all together, and links us to God.

Can you practice this connection to your divinity? Can you stop right now, close your eyes, and take a deep breath? Can you count to 60, one minute of your day, and as you silently count with your eyes closed, can you sense the peace that washes through you? There! That is God! That is Divinity! That is His presence, and His connection to Himself within us. Isn’t that beautiful and wonderful? And it is there for us all the time! How glorious!

Be at peace, my loved ones, and know that all is in Divine Order. Breathe, and be, and move easily from one moment to the next. Allow your life to flow.

I take your leave as I send you all abundant love and blessings.


Crystal Crazy

Recently, I’ve been getting back into crystals. I’ve used crystals for many years as meditation tools and for some limited healing work, but I’ve been feeling more and more drawn to incorporating them into my healing practice in the last several weeks. I already own a nice “box of rocks” that I occasionally use in healing sessions to help facilitate the balancing of chakras and the aura on bodywork clients. But more and more, I’m impressed  to lay stones out on someone’s body or to use a crystal grid underneath the massage table to facilitate healing.

Working with a client this morning, I did an intuitive layout of stones on her chakras and then used another stone to draw out inflammation in her shoulder. The difference in her energy was astounding. I’ll be interested to see how her arm feels over the next few weeks as her body processes the shift. I also gifted her with a beautiful piece of rose quartz that she held during the session that “told” me it needed to go home with her. The stones really do talk to you if you listen. It’s incredibly awesome work!

So tonight, I went to a favorite local shop and perused its crystal and stone collection. The following stones came home with me:


This is black kyanite. It’s a calming stone that helps dissolve anger and frustration (hey, maybe I need to use it while meditating on the situation with my dad). It’s also helpful for people that may have trouble sitting still for meditation. It helps to quiet the chattering mind.


This is peacock ore. It helps protect from illness and moves chi (life force energy) to break up blockages. It eliminates toxins, assists in healing lung disorders (like bronchitis), and can help heal fevers and inflammations. It also help strengthen psychic perceptions and inner knowing. I thought this would be a great stone to use in healings, especially in the winter months when sickness seems to be rampant.

Next up: infinite. Yes, that’s it’s name!


Called the healer’s stone, it’s great for healers to use, along with those who suffer from chronic pain or deal with pain often (as athletes do). It can be used to draw pain out of the body. I chose this stone for its miraculous healing properties–and because it called to me to take it home! 

Next we have azurite:


The piece that selected me is small, round, and polished–quite a lovely little stone. It opens and clears the crown chakra, which connects us to the Universe and Divinity, and the third eye, which opens intuitive and psychic abilities. When it called to me, I could see it lying on the forehead of a client, so I knew it wanted to be used to balance the third-eye chakra.

My final purchase is this lovely stone, muscovite:


The stone I purchased is flat and has many thin, beautiful layers. When I picked it up and held it in my hand, it told me it wanted to balance the heart chakra. I wasn’t surprised to see in the description of muscovite’s attributes that it opens the heart chakra and helps to disperse insecurities. It also helps a person to discover solutions to problems and activates the connection to the higher self. 

I’m very excited to begin incorporating these new stones into my healing work. 

My next purchase of stones will be at least 6 new quartz crystal points, like these:


In a crystal class I took about a year ago, I learned how to create a crystal grid with at least 6 of these lovely stones. Usually I keep a grid under my massage table to either ground the client (points pointed inward in a circle) or to help them open up, release what needs to be released , and/or connect with Higher Intelligence (points turned outward from the center of a circle). A few days ago, before a reading client came in, I used those crystals and set up a grid beneath the chair where my reading clients usually sit. I configured the 6 crystals with the points outward, intending that they would help the client open up more for her reading experience. Honestly, it was one of the easiest readings I’ve done in a long time! I would like to continue to keep a grid under the chair to make the reading experience better for both my clients and myself.

Do you like crystals? What are some of your favorites? Tell me about them in the comments thread. These blessings come from the earth, and all gemstones have energy! Enjoy the stones that come to you in your life. 


The Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt

I am so excited for my good friend, Lisa Hunt, whose new Fairy Tale Tarot has begun to ship to folks who had the good sense to pre-order it! I am not one of those wise people, and now that I am more budget-conscious, I will need to wait a bit before procuring my very own copy. Tarot enthusiasts, however, should NOT miss this deck! Lisa worked for 5 years to combine fairy tales from diverse cultures with the wisdom and guidance of the Tarot. You can see images of the deck on Lisa’s beautiful and intimate Fairy Tale Tarot site.

You can also visit Lisa’s blog for fascinating information on her process as an artist and how she created the deck.

And here is the deck on the Llewellyn Worldwide website, the publisher Lisa and I share.

Congratulations to Lisa! I can’t wait to get my hands on this lovely new link to the world of Spirit!

Tarot Tuesday 8-4-09

Well, another Tarot Tuesday has rolled around, and guess what? 

I have no questions in the queue to answer. How is that possible? Not too long ago, I had so many questions I couldn’t handle them all. 

I figure, though, that it’s all good. Maybe I need to do something different for today’s Tarot post. In thinking about this, I was inspired to talk about Tarot as a manifestation tool. I’d like to think that perhaps people need this highlighted more than they need a personal reading at this time. 

Many years ago, when I was a fervent student of Wicca, I purchased a wonderful book called Tarot Spells by Janina Renee. It was a wealth of information about how to use Tarot cards as part of spellwork. Now, some people get a little nervous when I speak about spells and magick. Let’s remember that everything is energy, and magick, to me, is learning how to move energy around to a positive and desired end. The principles of manifestation tell us that we can bring into our lives whatever we need. The Universe is abundance, and as long as we are working with the highest and best intentions, we can create whatever we need. 

The Tarot can be used as a focal point for this very work. Because Tarot is a beautiful and vivid pictorial system, focusing on the imagery in a certain deck with a certain focus can bring amazing manifestation results. 

Let’s take, for instance, the idea of manifesting more prosperity and money. This seems to be on the minds of many these days, and I have people asking me quite often what they can do to keep their finances afloat. If you own a Tarot deck, you have a perfect tool for helping you to concentrate your prosperity manifestation energy. Today, I’m going to use the lovely Gilded Tarot for this exercise, which looks like this:


As you can see, this deck is rich and vibrant, which can only enhance your own visualization skills in this exercise. This work can be done with any Tarot deck, however.

Now, if you’d like to have more prosperity and abundance in your life, think about 3 cards in the Tarot deck that might symbolize this for you. Your mind may go immediately to the suit of Pentacles, which usually represent finances and money. Which Pentacle cards represent abundance and prosperity to you? Pull those out of your deck and set them aside. Now, one by one, go through the remainder of your deck, concentrating on prosperity energy and drawing out any cards that seem to resonate with this vibration. What Major Arcana cards represent prosperity and abundance to you? Try to find the most positive cards and the ones that speak the loudest to your intuition in this process. 

Do you have your 3 cards? Good. Here are the ones I chose:

Major Arcana The Magician

8 of Pentacles

9 of Pentacles

I chose a Major Arcana card to begin to indicate my belief in the larger Universe and that I am a co-creator with the Divine. I wanted a card that truly symbolizes manifestation power, and The Magician has always represented this to me. He uses all of the suits of the Tarot, all of his resources, to bring into being the outcomes he desires. I know that I am capable of being a Magician myself, as we all are, since it is our divine right to co-create with the Higher Power. I show my trust in the Universe and in Natural Law by choosing this card, taking responsibility for what I manifest, and promising myself that I will manifest only good, high, positive energies. 

I chose the 8 of Pentacles because it represents doing good work and receiving the benefits, the payments, from this work. I always consider the 8 of Pents to be a creative work card, and I would like to be devoting more of my time to creative projects (like my writing work) that will result in payments and monetary results. I also want whatever I work on to be appreciated and Valued by those that seek my skills. The 8 of Pentacles perfectly reflects this energy.

My final card choice, the 9 of Pentacles, depicts a woman standing in a lush garden, surrounded by beauty and prosperity. She is happy and exudes a feeling of well-being, something I want very much to experience in my own life. The traditional meaning of the 9 of Pents is one focusing on having enough resources to redecorate, spend money on luxuries, and the like. I’d like to be in a financial position where I don’t have to worry about my resources and instead enjoy my life on every possible level. I know this can happen when I embrace the principles symbolized in my cards.

Once you’ve chosen your cards, think about why you’ve picked them. Jot down on a piece of paper why you feel attracted to your 3 cards and what each individual card represents to you and your quest for prosperity. Put together a little story from them. Mine might look like this: “Focusing on the higher wisdom of the abundant Universe, I realize my own power to manifest whatever I need. I receive many offers to work, and these offers will be from people who respect and value what I have to offer. I will feel creatively and joyfully fulfilled in my work, and I will be handsomely rewarded for the work that I do. My finances and other resources overflow, and I feel safe, happy, and fulfilled on every level.” 

Once you’ve written down your ideas, take your cards somewhere you will not be disturbed, and lay them out in front of you so you can see them. If you like, light a candle and some incense, and play some quiet, meditative music. Take some deep breaths and align with your Divinity. Then look at your first card and see the energy of that card as a scene in your mind. Visualize yourself as a part of that energy–close your eyes if you need to, and allow the highest and best scenario to form in your mind. Link this to your second card, and then to your outcome card, and see the wonderful end that you wish to create. Know that what you see in your mind will come into being. Ask that this or something even better happen, for the good of all, with harm to none. When you’ve spent some time visualizing your prosperity, thank the Divine for co-creating this with you. Place your cards somewhere you can see them (on an altar, or on our nightstand, or on a dresser) so that whenever you walk past, you’ll remember the energy you’ve created in your meditation. 

You can use Tarot in all kinds of visualization experiments like this one. Want a new relationship? Create one using your manifestation skills and 3 Tarot cards that represent the kind of partner you’d like to have. Need health in your life? Choose 3 cards to represent this and meditate on them. You can do this with all kinds of situations. You’ll never know what you can create until you do it!

Today is full moon energy, the perfect time to pack a wallop into your manifestation work. Try this exercise tonight–magickal tradition says that what you create on the full moon will manifest by the next full moon. I wish you lots of success and many blessings as you create using Tarot!


Next week, I’ll try to get back to doing a reading or two for Tarot Tuesday. But you’ve got to send in a question! Email me at or post a question here on the blog. 

Thanks everyone, and I’ll see you again soon.


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