A Great Weekend

I got back late on Monday afternoon from a weekend of events in Pennsylvania. My host for the weekend was Gloria, a wonderful woman who became a long-distance student about 2 years ago. I’d had the great pleasure of meeting Gloria when she’d come down to Cincinnati a couple of times to take a weekend class, and we were able to spend some time together a couple of summers ago when we were both at Lily Dale at the same time. She asked me to come to her hometown to teach a class with her mediumship development circle and to do a message service. She even arranged for me to do a booksigning at the nearby Barnes and Noble Booksellers. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to visit her and to meet so many new people interested in spirit communication. 

I arrived at Gloria’s home (on top of a mountain in the Poconos, no less!) on Thursday evening and enjoyed her family’s hospitality all weekend. They are truly the most generous people I’ve met–Gloria graciously allowed me to stay at her house so I wouldn’t have to spend anything on hotel costs. She kept me well-fed all weekend, and it was terrific to visit with the family I’ve heard so much about over the last few years. 

On Friday, Gloria and I spent some time together, and I also devoted a few hours to preparing for the class I was going to teach that night. Gloria runs a development circle of mediumship students in her home, and those folks came over on Friday night so I could present some material to them. I chose to speak about negative energy and answered a lot of great questions from the students. It was a fun evening for me, and, I hope, for them. I know I truly enjoyed meeting the group.

On Saturday morning, Gloria and I got ready, and she drove me to nearby Wilkes-Barre for the booksigning at Barnes and Noble. It was a very nice store run by a great manager named Cindy, who had my table and books all set up right at the front door. It was a pretty busy store, too, and I met several people who were very interested in mediumship and angels. Here are a couple of pictures from there:



The above picture shows Gloria and I at the bookstore. Below, I’m signing a book for a customer.



We spent about 3 hours there and then headed for Gloria’s house so I could get ready for the evening’s event. Thanks to everyone who came to see me!

On Saturday night, Gloria had invited about 50 people to come into her home for a presentation about spirit communication and then a demonstration of mediumship messages. We had a large crowd, but Gloria managed to fit them all comfortably in her huge family room. I was thrilled to work with so many people and to be able to help more folks understand mediumship. The spirits were in attendance, too, and the messages that came through were well-received. It was a great night!

On Sunday morning, Gloria and I went with some of her students to The Journey Within Church in New Jersey, which is run by Rev. Janet Nohavec. Gloria currently studies with the church, and I have taken Janet’s mediumship class at Lily Dale. It was a lovely church, and the service was beautiful and meaningful. Here are the gals outside of the church after the service:



After a lovely lunch with these ladies, Gloria and I went home to her house in Pennsylvania to relax–and believe me, with views  like the one below, you can’t help but do that!



If you live in the eastern Pennsylvania area and want to get in touch with Gloria, she’s a wonderful, compassionate medium and friend.

I was sad to leave Gloria’s place on Monday morning, but I sure did miss my family. An 8-hour car drive brought me back home to them. 

I want to thank Gloria for making this wonderful weekend possible. She was a generous and loving hostess, and I hope I’ll be able to visit her again!


As you’ve probably guessed by now, I didn’t have time to prepare a post for Tarot Tuesday. Sorry, everyone! But it WILL be back next week, I promise!


If you’re in Cincinnati, don’t forget that the first meeting of the new Meditation, Mediumship, and Metaphysics Study Group is this Sunday, July 5 from 1 to 3 p.m. Read on for all the details!


Meditation, Mediumship, and Metaphysics Study Group

This group is designed to help seekers of all abilities and levels to connect with a like-minded community. Explore different concepts important to meditation, mediumship, and metaphysical topics in a safe, welcoming environment. Learn different meditation techniques to access Spirit and your own intuitive gifts. Gain new insights into incorporating metaphysical concepts in your everyday life. Practice your mediumship and psychic abilities in a supportive place. Each meeting will be different, so come to one or attend all of them!


DATES: Sunday, July 5 through Sunday, September 6, 2009 (10 consecutive weeks) 

TIME: 1 to 3 p.m.

COST: $15 per student per class (pay in advance for all 10 sessions at first meeting or pay-as-you-go]


I hope some of you will be able to come!


I think that’s all for today, folks. Hope you’re all doing really well, and that blessings abound in your life. They really do–we just don’t always recognize them. 

Peace, love, and joy to all! xo

Tarot Tuesday 6-23-09

Tarot Tuesday has dawned, bright, hot, and sunny, here in Cincinnati. Since I have a million things to do today in preparation for my trip out of town on Thursday, I’m only going to do one reading. I’m using the Rider-Waite deck again today–I think I’m drawn to this deck right now because I’m teaching a Tarot class on Tuesday evenings, and it’s the deck we’re using in the class. It’s energy is just very strong for me right now, so without further ado, we’ll jump in and do our reading!

Today’s question comes from D.E., who writes: “I’m very worried about my son, J.E. ,his wife L.E.  and baby H.E.  They’ve had a very tumultuous relationship, neither seems to know what to do with their life and I’m concerned about the baby.  With J.E. ever fulfill his dreams?  Will the relationship be O.K. and will  they (especially L.E)  ever find peace and happiness?  Am I gonna end up raising this baby?”

This is a very tough set of questions to address, but I know the Tarot can help shed some light on D.E.’s concerns. I’m going to do a different kind of spread today by setting my intention. The first two cards in the spread will represent J.E., D.E.’s son, in the relationship. The next two cards will represent L.E., the wife. The next card will represent their relationship together. The sixth card will represent their baby, and the next will represent D.E., the querent, and how she can help them. The final card will represent future energies. This will be a total of eight cards to try to give some sense of where the relationship is, how the couple is doing together with their child, and how D.E. can contribute to the energy.

Here are the cards that were pulled after shuffling and concentrating on bringing through the highest and best messages for them all:

Cards 1 and 2 (representing J.E.): Major Arcana Death, 3 of Swords

Cards 3 and 4 (representing L.E.): 7 of Cups, Page of Pentacles

Card 5 (the relationship): 4 of Wands

Card 6 (the child): King of Swords

Card 7 (D.E.’s energy in the situaton): Page of Swords

Card 8 (future energies): Major Arcana The Emporer

Let’s look first at J.E.’s cards in this reading. Major Arcana Death indicates a huge transformation energy that is overshadowing everything in J.E.’s life right now. With endings come new beginnings. Sometimes, those endings can seem dark and scary, but whatever is ending for J.E. right now is eventually going to bring something better. He may not be able to see this right now, however. The 3 of Swords indicates sorrow and loss, so he may be feeling as if he’s going to be stuck in this energy of depression and unhappiness forever. It’s hard to see light at the end of the tunnel sometimes when we feel like we’ve been in the dark for a very long time. There does seem to be an indication here that some soul searching and some re-prioritizing might be beneficial to J.E. We’ll see in just a few moments that his future does look bright, and he may be wallowing a bit in this scared, depressed energy because he’s too frightened to move forward. Sometimes the devil we know is better (in our own minds) than the devil we don’t know. He’s afraid of getting hurt, but if he continues to worry about this, he’s going to draw to himself the very thing he doesn’t want. Changing his attitude is going to go a long way to making the future better. Whatever is leaving his life is for the better, even if he can’t see that right now. If he can embrace the change and release the outcome, he’ll be happier and more successful in moving forward.

His wife L.E.’s cards are next. The 7 of Cups indicates many choices coming up for her, and she needs to look them over carefully. Some of these may be romantic or even illusory, pie-in-the-sky, types of ideas. She needs to remain practical and not become dreamy or unrealistic in her expectations. The Page of Pentacles indicates a new energy coming into her life very soon, and this may be a young person who looks better to her than the situation she currently has. She may be tempted to throw away her life to embrace something new, but the energy of this Page is one of complications. This person is way too concerned about material things and too wrapped up in his own “stuff” to be able to offer her any kind of support that she might need. Coupled with the illusory nature of the 7 of Cups card, L.E. would be better off to create her own reality rather than relying on what is around her currently. She does have choices, and Spirit wants her to know that she needs to think clearly about what she chooses–and she needs to understand herself well enough to know why she chooses it.

The 4 of Wands card indicates the energy around the relationship itself right now. The 4 of Wands is a happy, stable card, depicting people celebrating under decorated posts in the position of a square. Often this card can mean a move of house or purchasing property, something that most families do when they want to put down stakes and settle in for the long haul. The energy of this card is one of fulfillment and pleasant times, so although J.E. and L.E. have had problems in the past, the energy currently around them is one of connection and happiness. As I mentioned, this is the energy that is there, if J.E. can get past his own disappointments and his perceptions of feeling unfulfilled. It may be that whatever dream he has (that D.E. mentioned) may not seem possible for him right now, and Spirit is suggesting that concentrating on family and love will be one way to bring joy into his life. 

The King of Swords represents the energy of the chid in this reading. No matter how old this child is, his energy is swift, sure, and strong, as is the nature of the King of Swords. Sword people are often great thinkers and are extremely smart folks. They have quick wits and sometimes an even quicker, sharper tongue. Everyone who knows this child will need to stay on their toes, because they may have a tough time keeping up with him. I also feel there is an energy to this card that depicts the relationship this child may have to his parents. The King of Swords can be a demanding figure, and his parents need to realize that they will need to be strong and smart about how they handle this child. 

The Page of Swords indicates D.E.’s own energy in this situation and what she needs to know. The energy of this card indicates D.E.’s need to be ready to act if she’s called upon. Again, Sword energy can indicate conflict or challenge, and the youth in this card stands poised, ready to react, with his sword raised. This doesn’t necessarily mean that D.E. will need to fight, but she needs to understand that conflict is possible. Her energy in this situation could be seen by her son and his wife as conflict or interference, so she needs to tread lightly in how she approaches the situation. Swords also represent our thought patterns, so D. E. would be well advised to try affirming for a more positive outcome and energy to surround her family, and these energies will begin to be more prevalent. There is not much more than she can do, but she may be called upon for help–or she may be dragged into a fight. She needs to decide now just how involved she’s willing to get if this is the scenario that comes to pass.

Finally, Major Arcana The Emperor represents future energies in this reading. The Emperor is the “father figure” card in the Major Arcana, indicating strong male energy. The Emperor sits on his throne, steadfast and stern, and because this whole reading is about family, I feel that it’s an indication of energies surrounding this family. It may be that the family falls into a more “traditional” situation where the dad is the head of the household–but my feeling here is that this may be uncomfortable to everyone involved. To me, it feels like we’re holding our breath, playing house, being a “good family,” but underneath there is a current of unrest and unease. I think this family can work, but all of those within it need to be willing to put a lot of effort into it. I feel J.E. and L.E. would do well to seek some marriage counseling to work on their relationship with each other, and for J.E. to deal with his feelings of frustration. L.E. seems to have some loneliness issues, and counseling could help them both to work through these issues, separately and together. The child in the relationship may present his own set of challenges, and although the Emperor indicates that the marriage can work, he also didn’t get to his steadfast place in the world without a lot of hard work. From D.E.’s perspective, there isn’t much she can do except to send them good energy and prayers, and be ready to help and support them when they need it.

D.E., I hope this reading helps you. Thank you for submitting your question!


Folks, I may not be home in time next week to do a Tarot Tuesday post, but I will try. I’ll also try to post from my student’s home in Pennsylvania sometime later this week. Until then, be well and happy!

xo Blessings to you all!


Well, we just celebrated the Summer Solstice yesterday, as well as Father’s Day, and I hope everyone enjoyed their festivities. It’s hard to believe that the month of June is flying by so fast!
I wanted to let you all know about a couple of things coming up for me in the next month or so:
I will leave this Thursday, June 25 to travel to Pennsylvania to meet one of my students, Gloria Weichand. Gloria started studying long distance with me about 2 years ago, and it’s been such a joy to see her blossom into the wonderful medium she’s become. I am so very proud of her dedication to her mediumship and to working diligently towards becoming the very best she can be for the good of everyone she serves. Gloria has her own study group in her area, and she graciously invited me to come out there to teach and to do a big message service for the folks in her area. She even arranged a booksigning for me at the local Barnes and Noble Booksellers. I am very honored to be going to visit Gloria and to be given the opportunity to connect with more like-minded people there. 
Because of this, I will not be available from Thursday, June 25 through Monday, June 29. If any requests for readings, appointments, or merchandise come in though e-mail or my website, they will be taken care of beginning on Tuesday, June 30. I apologize for any delays in advance, but I haven’t learned to bi-locate yet and so can only do one thing at a time.
I’d also like to remind everyone that the first session of the new Meditation, Mediumship, and Metaphysics Study Group is coming up on Sunday, July 5. It will be held from 1-3 p.m. at my office at a cost of $15 per person. The group will meet for 10 consecutive weeks at the same time, and you can come to one meeting, several, or all of them! The group is designed with the intention of bringing together like-minded people to study and learn about a variety of esoteric ideas. I’d like to have a meditation each meeting, followed by a specific concept or topic, and then time to explore that topic with interaction, hands-on exercises, and the like. If this sounds intriguing to you, you can also suggest topics of exploration that you’d like to see addressed in the group. If you have ideas, please send them to me at info@vandeneynden.biz. I can’t promise that all topics suggested will find a place in the 10 weeks, but I’d like to get input from the group, too. And I hope you’ll plan to join us each Sunday for an enlightening and fun couple of hours!
And don’t forget: tomorrow is Tarot Tuesday here on the blog! If you have a question, please leave it in the comments section, or send me an e-mail. All questions will be put in the drawing for a free reading on the blog, and they will go back in the pot for next time if they’re not used.
Sending you all blessings galore! Thank you for being here!

Tarot Tuesday 6-16-09

Today is filled with Tarot for me! I’m excited to begin teaching my Tarot for Everyone class tonight at my office, and I’m happy to be here to do another Tarot Tuesday post.

I thought it would be interesting today to explore the possibilities of using just one card to answer questions. Many people believe that you have to throw a lot of cards in Tarot to get a deeper answer to a question, but I’ve found that if you really tune into your intuition while examining the card the Universe brings to you, you’ll get a great deal of information from that single source. Let’s take a look at this today while answering some questions from readers. I’ll be using the Rider-Waite deck again (mostly because I’m hoping I can find pictures of the individual cards on the Web to post here so you can look at them, too–we’ll find out!) 

Our first question today is from Tracy, who asks,”I’m interested in dating someone. They are recently out of a relationship, I’m friends with both parties. Should I pursue it?”

I set my intention to get a clear and precise answer for Tracy to this question using only one card, and that this be for her highest and best good. The card I pulled after shuffling and cutting the deck was the 7 of Swords, reversed (or upside down). Here’s the card in the upright position:


Right side up, this card just screams deception to me. Look at how the figure is sneaking off with some of the swords, looking back over his shoulder with a smug smirk that indicates he thinks he’s getting away with something. Coupled with the reversed position of this card, which I feel indicates timing and delays, I think Tracy would be better off to re-think the pursuit of this particular person at this time. Putting it off until later may change the energy of the situation, but my feeling with this card is that one of the friends will feel betrayed by Tracy’s interest in the other party. Swords often depict our thought patterns, and whoever is thinking this may not harbor pleasant wishes towards Tracy if she decides to pursue this. It may be better to wait and see how the energies change, but even with a delay, the outcome may be the same.

Tracy, I hope this helps you. Thank you for your question!

The next question comes from Maria, who writes, “Rose, my question for the Standing Between 2 Worlds Tarot Pool is about my career/job.  It has been more down than up, and I am wondering if it’s time to move on, or should I stick it out.  I am really worried about my finances.”

The card drawn for Maria was the 10 of Cups, reversed. Here is an image of the card in its upright position:


In its upright position, this card is such a positive, happy one that it’s hard to see anything negative about it at all. Still, Maria drew it reversed, which to me indicates that delays in her happiness are prevalent, and since she asked specifically about her job, this feeling must fall into the realm of her career path. It does seem that a new job would make Maria happier, but the reversed appearance of the card makes me believe that a pursuit of a new job now would not bring happiness. The timing doesn’t feel right. Happiness is possible, but it seems to be further in the future, at least where a job is concerned. I would advise that Maria begin searching her heart to discover what sort of career move would make her happy, but that she delay the actual job search until the timing is better, probably within the next few months. It is important now to focus on family and love, which will bring to her the joy that she craves.

Thank you, Maria, for submitting your question!

Our final reading today will be for Jess, who asks, “What do I need to be doing now? Will I sort things out? What can I do to ensure the best possible success?”

That seems like a lot of questions for one card to answer, but it is possible in the Tarot! The card pulled for Jess was the 10 of Wands, which looks like this:


Boy, Jess has been working hard! She may feel sometimes as if all she does is work and work, and she never gets anywhere. However, in the card, we can see the house on the horizon that this exhausted laborer is trying to reach. This card indicates that even if Jess feels confused, she actually knows exactly where she wants to go and what she needs to do to get there. Hard work, perseverance, and tenacity will ensure success. The 10 is the culmination of the suit of Wands, so success will come–but not without expending a lot of energy. This is part of the lesson, so don’t give up–Jess is growing spiritually as she pursues this dream, which is important and not to be discounted. Keep going, Jess–you’ll get there! I hope this reading helps you!

So with just one card, you can do a quick reading for yourself or a friend to answer any question. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need lots of cards for a good reading. Set your intention to only use one card to reveal the information you need, and the Universe will comply!

I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Blessings and love to all. xo

Two Down, Two to Go

Well, I now have two performances of The Vagina Monologues under my belt. Opening weekend went well. We had a couple of very nice audiences both nights, and I felt the show was strong both evenings. Of course, I wish my performances would have been better because I am painfully aware of the mistakes I made. More than likely, the audience was not, however, so I won’t rehash those here. Suffice to say my aging brain doesn’t retain memorized lines like it once did, and we’ll leave it at that. If you’re interested in seeing me onstage, you can check out the photos our brilliant photographer, Mikki Schaffner, took during our preview show. I’m the one in the purple top.

To the photos!

Overall, The Vagina Monologues has been a great experience. I’ve learned a lot about women that I never knew before. I’ve worked with some fine actresses onstage, including three of my very best friends in the whole wide world, and I’ve really challenged myself as a creative person. I feel very blessed.

And I have another two performances to look forward to. Life is good!

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. See you on Tarot Tuesday!


Reflections on a Rainy June Day

It’s pouring rain today here in Cincinnati, and my 13-year-old twin boys are playing Guitar Hero. The sniping arguments have already begun–whether to play one person at a time or to play together, what song to choose, who gets what guitar controller. Most moms would roll their eyes and complain, “Geez, it’s the first full week of summer vacation, and they’re already at each other’s throats. This should be fun!”

I’ll tell you what: I’ll take it, and I’ll thank Creator for it.

Last year, at this time, one of my sons was in the hospital. We weren’t sure what was wrong with him. He’d become increasingly withdrawn from us and was losing weight at an alarming rate. He’d been to the emergency room twice in two weeks, and luckily, the doc at the second visit was the head of the pediatric G.I. department at Children’s Hospital. He ran some tests and wanted to see us back the next week. When we went back in, he admitted my son because he’d lost even more weight since the doc had seen him a few days before.

It was the scariest week of my life. My son was placed on the G.I. ward, and the docs were cautious about diagnosing anything. They ran a battery of tests, but their first priority was helping him to gain weight. To accomplish this, they inserted a nasal feeding tube and put him on a liquid diet, which consisted mainly of Boost supplement drinks. Standing at his bedside while they inserted that tube was the hardest thing I’ve ever done as a mother. He was so brave and so calm, but I had to stand a little behind him so he wouldn’t see my tears. I didn’t want to scare him, but I couldn’t help being petrified myself.

After the first day or so, the psychiatric team was called in. My son had been seeing a therapist to deal with what he characterized as “bad thoughts” and his fear of growing up. What we soon discovered, however, was much worse and much more frightening: my son, my wonderful, thoughtful, funny boy, had developed an eating disorder. He was severely depressed and had tendencies toward obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, where bad thoughts would constantly plague his mind, never turning off but playing over and over on an incessant loop. His withdrawal was a symptom of his depression, along with a complete lack of interest in everything he’d loved before. And those bad thoughts about himself and his body had taken on a disturbing reality: he was fat, unloveable, and the only way to be better was to starve himself. He’d gotten very good at disguising his disorder and hiding the fact that he was eating very, very little before he was hospitalized. As his father and I learned more and more, we started recognizing the signs that we’d missed, simply because we had not known to look for them.

Eventually, after he reached a certain weight, my son was released from the hospital and put on a re-feeding regiment at home. His nasal tube stayed in, and he had to be fed his liquid diet in our home. He would be hooked up to a machine for hours at a time, and my husband and I had to learn how to check the placement of his tube, how to work the machine, and how to make sure it was actually going into his body and not backing up somehow. The first few days at home were horrifying. The hospital staff had started my son on medications to help his depression and thought processes, but those did not start to work until they’d been in his bloodstream for several weeks. His disorder was so pronounced that he fought the feeding tube at home, screaming, crying, kicking, doing everything he could so that he could avoid feeding. It was a terrible experience for myself, my husband, and for his twin brother, who felt, I’m sure, completely helpless and frightened by this radically different person his best friend had become. 

The doctors also recommended that my son attend an all-day treatment program for teenagers. His feedings were at night, while he was sleeping, so we began to take him to this program Monday through Friday from 8 am until 4 pm. There, he had group and individual therapy, and they worked closely with him to get to the root of his eating disorder and to help him re-learn good eating habits and coping techniques for his anxiety issues. It was an extremely difficult summer. My husband and I still had to work, and my other son spent a lot of time alone. We’d already planned that the boys would have their first summer without a sitter to supervise them, but my younger son was now subjected to this without the comfort of having his brother with him. We planned play dates and the like for our second son, but I know he had to grow up a lot, and I’m sure it was difficult for him.

We somehow got through the summer. Eventually, my son’s feeding tube was removed when he proved that he could gain weight and eat orally again, but not before he pulled it out himself while staying with his aunt and otherwise sabotaged his nightly feedings. The eating disorder was insidious, and it took a long time for those terrible voices in his head to finally be silenced with the help of his medicines and all of his therapy work. 

The next challenge looming for him was returning to school. Some people warned us that he might not be able to do it, that he might benefit from home schooling or from postponing his return. But my son really wanted to go back. School is a place where he excels, and I think he knew that he would feel better doing something to boost his confidence. We planned his return along with the school administration, and they worked closely with us to determine what he needed in terms of snacks and eating supervision. I went to school to have lunch with him and his friends for the first couple of months, and eventually, we no longer needed to do this. He was able to eat his snacks and lunch without too many problems, and he adjusted well to the demands of his 7th grade private school classes.

Now, I look at him standing before me, playing a video game with his brother and making jokes. His younger twin is significantly taller than he is, but his new pediatrician, who specializes in eating disorders, has run a gamut of tests, and she believes this is due to the delays caused by his malnutrition. She is confident he will have a growth spurt soon, and eventually, he’ll catch up with his twin. His winning personality and his confidence have returned. He has maintained a healthy weight since last August. He has regained his interest in Legos, computer games, and drawing, and he’s added movie-making, creative writing, and music to this list. He is staggeringly smart, proven by his outstanding grades and his ability to make first honors at school all four quarters. He enjoys his friends again, and he pesters his brother incessantly. Last week, my husband threw out the last cans of Boost we’d saved “just in case.” 

My son is back. And I couldn’t be more grateful.

I’m no fool. My son will still struggle. He’s not completely out of the woods. He gets stressed, and it affects his eating. But we know the signs now. We know what to watch for, and we feel better equipped to help him if he goes through a rough patch. And we know that he doesn’t want to go back to that awful place where he was before.

Eating disorders are terribly misunderstood, as is childhood depression. Please, please, please–I can’t say enough about educating yourself as a parent about these disorders. For more information on childhood and adolescent depression, please go here:


For information about eating disorders, please visit:


This information saved my son’s life, and it saved ours, too. 

Now, go hug and kiss the people you love, and remember to be grateful each and every day for their presence in your life, even if they sometimes drive you crazy. I just hugged my son, who read this piece and gave me his permission to publish it.


Tarot Tuesday 6-9-09

I’m in my final week of rehearsal for THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES, so I haven’t had very much time to devote to the blog. I cannot, however, neglect a Tarot Tuesday post! Let’s get right into our featured readings for today. I’m using the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. The more often I use this deck, the more I like it. It’s colorful and vibrant, and I feel very uplifted and inspired by the deck’s images. 

Our first question today comes from Jane, who asks, “Am I to keep with the readings, or get a 9 to 5 job to bring in more money?”

After concentrating on Jane’s question and asking for the highest and best possible answers for her while shuffling the cards, I received the following:

Major Arcana card The Hierophant

Major Arcana card The Sun

5 of Pentacles

Ace of Cups

Major Arcana card The Chariot

Wow! In a 5-card spread about her question, Jane has received 3 Major Arcana cards! This tells me that, although the answers to this question will have repercussions in the mundane, everyday aspects of Jane’s life, the Universe is revealing for Jane larger energies and life path choices. What she decides concerning these questions will impact her not just on a physical level, but on an emotional and spiritual level as well. Let’s take a closer look at the energies the cards represent.

The Hierophant tells me that Jane has ties to the more “traditional” world of work, and she may be tempted by circumstances (especially the 5 of Pentacles, denoting limited financial resources at this time) to use her old skills to find a position in the traditional job market. The Sun forecasts success with this if Jane decides to pursue a traditional job. The position of the 5 of Pentacles as the center card, however, seems to indicate that the traditional job won’t help her financial situation all that much. I am impressed by the idea, present in the Hierophant and his position in the reading, that Spirit is aware of Jane trying to match her life to what others believe she “should” be doing–following a traditional path of working to earn money and pay bills, instead of working to honor her beliefs and her deeper, spiritual connections. The Ace of Cups in this deck has a lovely picture of an eye with a beam of light emanating from it. To me, this represents the incredible insight and psychic knowledge that Jane possesses, which can be immensely helpful to people if she chooses to continue doing readings. The Ace of Cups itself is a card symbolizing new opportunities for love and emotional connection, so there will be an opportunity for Jane to do what she loves (the readings) and to utilize her skills. This will be emotionally satisfying and will help her to honor her own mystical side.

The Chariot, here, is really the most important card of the reading. It signifies that Jane is in the driver’s seat in this situation. She has all the skills she needs to continue doing her reading work and making it profitable for herself as well as supporting her desire to be of service to others. She could go back to a mundane job, but it probably wouldn’t be as satisfying as her reading work. Spirit leaves the choice, however, up to Jane. There is a feeling here of manifestation, that if Jane works diligently to make her reading practice a success, she can–but it will take hard work and dedication. The Chariot indicates that success in whatever Jane infuses with her energy is inevitable. It is up to Jane, however, to decide what she wants from life right now. Spirit will support her, no matter what. The Universe asks Jane, I believe, to put into practice her beliefs in manifestation and Natural Law. This is the larger spiritual issue at hand in this question. Some meditation and prayer time for Jane will most likely open up new ideas and possibilities that Spirit will reveal to her there. 

Jane, I hope this helps a bit. Remember: Spirit will never tell you what to do, but Spirit will force you to ask questions that will lead you to the clearest answer for yourself. Blessings to you!


Our second reading today is for Wade, who writes: “Should I remain in my present relationship or break free and follow the real love of my life?”

After concentrating on this question, the following cards came forth for Wade:

Major Arcana card The Devil

Ace of Swords

8 of Pentacles

2 of Cups

Ace of Wands

Major Arcana The Tower

I drew the last (6th) card, The Tower, for more clarity regarding Wade’s movement forward. There seems to be a lot in this reading for Wade to consider in this decision.

The first card, The Devil, indicates bondage to the past that really needs to be addressed. In this deck, the man in this card is wearing a horned helmet that completely covers his eyes. This seems to symbolize blindness or an inability to see the situation clearly. An opportunity is being offered, yes, depicted by the Ace of Swords, most likely as a new idea or thought that has occurred to Wade, and this could cut his ties for good to this past issue that continues to haunt him. The 8 of Pentacles symbolizes good work, most likely of a creative type, and this would be something financially rewarding to Wade that might bring him recognition as well. With this comes the possibility of a new relationship, depicted by the 2 of Cups, symbolizing a good, emotionally-satisfying connection with someone else. The Ace of Wands indicates that a new project will follow as well–possibly in a partnership with the person predicted by the 2 of Cups, but it could simply be a wholly new work or career project that would require Wade’s attention and energy for a period of time. All of these messages seem to indicate positive new energies and circumstances. The Tower card, however, drawn at the end to clarify Wade’s direction, indicates chaos and a major shift in the energy. If Wade decides it’s time to move forward, he will meet with some successes: new ideas, a good financial outlook, a new person who may bring even more happiness and work satisfaction. But the appearance of the Tower seems to indicate that this could be short-lived. There is a caution here to understand that, in choosing to move out of the past and forward into the future, Wade is also choosing to shake up the basic foundation of his current life–and there may be some fall-out and some chaotic energy from this choice that cause the need for restructure. Once the decision is made, there’s no turning back. Wade can always choose other things after that, but the Universe is reminding Wade that there are karmic repercussions and balancing that must be served in any decision he makes. Again, the choice always lies with Wade, and there will be positive outcomes if he decides to move on. Spirit simply wishes him to know that none of this should be entered into lightly and wants to prepare him for rough seas ahead as his life restructures. 

Wade, good luck with your decision. I hope the reading helps a bit! Blessings!


Well, folks, I’d love to continue on, but I have so many other things I must attend to. I hope to get in another blog post this week sometime, so look for that soon.

If you’d like to submit a question for Tarot Tuesday, please e-mail it to me at info@vandeneynden.biz or leave a comment below.

Much love to you all on this bright Tuesday! xo

The Vagina Monologues



Some of you may know that I have done theatre for many, many years. I studied theatre in college, hold a degree in theatre education, and still try to do as many shows as I can with my busy schedule as a mom, wife, and professional person. I don’t always announce shows I am doing, but I am extremely proud of the show I’m currently involved in, and I wanted to tell you all about it. 

The show is THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES, written by Eve Ensler. This incredibly popular show toured the country for years because of its fresh, straight-forward approach to women and their sexuality. My theatre group, Falcon Theatre, will be presenting this award-winning play as the inaugural event in our “Falcon Gives Back” series, which celebrates Falcon’s success by raising money for a worthy charity.

 If we talk about it, we don’t usually use its real name–“girl parts,” “down there,” “south of the border”–anything but call it what it really is. In THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES, a play based on interviews the author conducted with women from all walks of life, women discuss their vaginas…and their lives. Sex, love, birth, violence, fear, shame, redemption, power, self-awareness…it’s all there. This is a mature, ADULT presentation of thoughts, ideas, and feelings that all too often go unexpressed.

THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES is a natural choice for Falcon’s first “Falcon Gives Back” show; it has frequently been performed as a benefit for the organization V-Day, a group founded by Even Ensler with the goal of eliminating violence towards women. V-Day is now in its 10th year of coordinating benefit performances of the show with domestic violence organizations local to each performance venue.

Our goals with “Falcon Gives Back” are similar: we hope, through this and future shows, to enrich our community by sharing our profits with various deserving charitable organizations. It’s one way for us to show our gratitude for all the support we’ve received over the years and to let our passion for performance serve the greater good.

If you live in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, I invite you to come and see me perform in THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES, running June 12, 13, 19, and 20 (8 p.m.), 2009, at the Monmouth Theatre in Newport, Kentucky, and support this wonderful mission. To reserve your tickets, please visit Falcon’s website:


 I hope to see you at the show!



Tarot Tuesday 6-2-09

Can you believe it’s the beginning of June already? The weather here in Cincinnati has turned sunny and hot, heralding the arrival of summer in all her glory. My boys are anxious to be finished with 7th grade, which will wrap up this Friday. I’m looking forward to a summer of writing, painting (walls in the house, not pictures!), and the local amusement park. 

And, of course, working with Spirit. Which always includes Tarot Tuesday!

I wanted to try to get in at least 2 readings today, so I’m using my good old standby deck, the Rider-Waite. Here’s an image of this grand old dame, in case you’re not familiar with it:


I had someone in a class I taught this weekend tell me she hated this deck, and I feel exactly the opposite. Maybe it’s because it was my very first deck and thus my introduction to the amazing and mysterious world of Tarot, but seeing these cards always brings a sense of profound purpose to me. It makes me feel as if I’m a part of a larger whole, tapping into ancient traditions and parting the veil to peek at other worlds. What an inspiration! But, as I’ve said before: you’ve got to use a deck that speaks to you on a soul level. If it’s not the Rider-Waite, that’s OK. Use something else, but find cards that inspire you. I guarantee that once you do, your readings will take on a whole new level, and your spirit will soar!

Now, on to our questions!

Our first today is from Julia, who asks, “What do I need to know at this time?”

Julia, such an excellent question! This opens up myriad possibilities for the Universe, and it also tells me that you understand the larger, spiritual concept of flow. Sometimes, when we’re so focused on questioning, “Why is (fill in the blank) happening to me?” we can’t see that there is something else in our life that needs to be addressed first. Usually, concentrating on this other issue will then clear the way and allow flow to be restored. Asking an open-ended question like, “What do I need to know?” allows the Universe to address something especially important at this time–and sometimes, it’s something we don’t even see until after the reading!

With all of this in mind, I pulled the following cards for Julia:

The Knight of Pentacles (this card popped out of the deck while I was shuffling and concentrating, which means it really needs to be read!)

Five of Cups (reversed)

Knight of Cups

King of Swords (reversed)

Major Arcana card The Empress

Julia has lots of “people” cards appearing in her reading today, but the card I’m most drawn to as soon as I look at this spread is the reversed 5 of Cups. The time of mourning is over, and love and happiness are returning to Julia’s life now. I feel Julia may be adjusting to changes in her personal relationships; the reversed King of Swords seems to indicate a male energy moving out of her life, one that has caused conflict and heartache. The Knight of Cups could indicate a new, younger male energy taking up more time and devotion, but he is definitely offering Julia another chance at love, in whatever form this love takes. The Knight of Pentacles indicates a time of contemplation in the past  for Julia, and concentration on other areas of her life (money, career) or other people that may have had more Earth-sign tendencies (need for material things, comfort, stability). But as the Knight of Cups re-enters the picture, bearing his chalice of love, he comes in slowly, not forcing anything on Julia but offering her instead  the choice of what she wants. Whatever she chooses, it will be fulfilling, especially since the Sword King is moving out of her life. Conflicts will resolve, and she will have an opportunity to take up her energy as The Empress again. This card indicates a definite emphasis in the coming months on home, family, and love. The Empress is the fertility card of the deck. Fertility is not just about pregnancy or children; she symbolizes growth in all areas of the hearth and family. Julia’s creativity will also blossom in the summer months as she basks in the bright sunshine and breathes in the beauty of nature, which will be an inspiration to her. Spirit encourages her to enjoy this time of abundance in creative energy, family, and love love love!

Many blessings to you, Julia, and thank you for allowing me to serve!


Our next question today comes from Toni, who writes: “Is the path I’m heading towards the right one for me? Should I be making this break with the past?” Let’s see what the Tarot can reveal for Toni. Here are her cards:

6 of Wands (reversed)

Ace of Swords (reversed)

Major Arcana card The Hermit

10 of Cups

2 of Wands 

My eyes go right to The Hermit card at the center of Toni’s reading here. The lantern that The Hermit holds aloft shines its light toward the past, indicating that it’s important for Toni to illuminate this area of her life. The reversed Ace of Swords, however, seems to say that she has delayed her idea for moving forward for a long time, even though the reversed 6 of Wands shows that her past efforts in larger projects in her life have been less than successful in her eyes. Often, fear holds us back from moving forward, even when we know the idea that we have will be helpful to us (hence that reversed Ace). The Hermit tells me that Toni has done a great deal of soul searching concerning her new direction, and Spirit encourages her here with this Major Arcana card by saying that it’s good to finally move forward on her new path. The 10 of Cups indicates abundant happiness coming to Toni because of this decision, both for herself and for those close to her. And the 2 of Wands symbolizes a project or opportunity coming in, with the possibility of Toni merging her energies with those of someone else that will bring even more success to them both. Whatever Toni has chosen in her quest to move forward, it should be rewarding and successful.

Toni, I hope that is helpful to you! Thank you so much for submitting your question.


And now, friends, I think I’ll go and take a walk. It’s time to enjoy June, don’t you think?

Be well and at peace, and I’ll see you again very soon. xo

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