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It’s been a very busy week, folks, so this will be quick. I’ll be appearing on ParaVision Radio tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time to talk about spirit guides, mediumship, after-death communication, and my book SO YOU WANT TO BE A MEDIUM? A DOWN TO EARTH GUIDE. Join us by going here:


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I hope you all are doing well. Please don’t forget to send in your questions for Tarot Tuesday! Either post your question as a comment to the blog, or email it to me at info@vandeneynden.biz.

Happy Friday!

Tarot Tuesday 2.24.09

It’s Tarot Tuesday again! Thanks to everyone for all of the questions. I’ve randomly chosen two to answer today. Both questions will be addressed using the Legend Tarot deck, created by Anna-Marie Ferguson. Pictured below are the Knight of Cups, the 7 of Cups, and the Lovers from the deck:


I enjoy this deck because it uses Arthurian legend as its basis, and I love the imagery on the cards. If you are a fan of Arthurian literature and know the stories pretty well, this might be a good deck to peruse. You can still glean a great deal of intuitive knowledge from the pictures without knowing anything about the legend, however. Familiarity with the stories will further deepen your experience and the levels of the reading. This deck uses the traditional Cups and Swords of the Minor Arcana but substitutes Shields for Pentacles and Spears for Wands. 


Our first reading today is for SJB, who asked, “Will my personal finances get better this year?”

For this question, we’ll use a simple 3-card, Past-Present-Future spread. To do this reading, I concentrated on SJB’s question while shuffling the cards, knocked on them (my method for bringing the energies of the “correct” cards up to where they belong), and cut the cards into 3 piles. The pile that “called” to me was the pile put on top, and the cards were dealt, left to right:

First card (Past) — 7 of Swords

Second card (Present) —  2 of Shields (Pentacles)

Third card (Future) — Major Arcana The Tower

Hmmm…ending the reading on a very challenging card like The Tower is something I don’t like to do, so I asked Spirit for one more card, to help give SJB a little more clarity and information about the financial outlook. You can do this with any reading–don’t limit yourself to the number of cards if you feel the question hasn’t been completely answered.

Fourth card (clarifier) — The Knight of Shields (Pentacles)

The 7 of Shields in SJB’s past indicates that money has been illusory in some ways. There may have been problems determining how much money was really available or how that money was going to come into the household. The message here seems to be that is has been important to stop dreaming of get-rich-quick schemes or the winning lottery ticket and focus on hard work bringing stability to finances. If the dreaming can be kept in check, this will help the situation as it progresses into the future.

The 2 of Shields (notice: Shields/Pentacles represent the energy of money or finances in the Tarot deck. See how the majority of the cards are Shields?  Who says this stuff doesn’t work?) represents a present energy of choice. There may be a meeting with an advisor to try to shed some light on the situation. My feeling here is not to rush into a decision that you may regret. Weigh all of your options carefully before making any choices. What you do will have far-reaching repercussions.

Major Arcana card The Tower represents future energy in this reading (for the next 3 months or so). The Tower is a very challenging card symbolizing energy around your finances that shakes up your way of thinking and leaves you feeling unstable. The Tower often challenges our belief system and our faith in things that have, up until this point, seemed solid and realistic. Ask yourself what you believe about money, and see if you can find where your belief system doesn’t support what you’re trying to achieve in your finances. The Tower often shakes our foundations so that, when the dust clears, old modes of thought and things we no longer need in our lives fall away, leaving us just with that which is most vital to our existence. The Tower is often the Universe’s way of issuing a wake-up call. Pay attention, and don’t be disheartened, even if things seem bleak. Your challenges in life make you stronger and help you to appreciate all the blessings you truly have.

The 4th card for clarity, the Knight of Shields, indicates here that a slow and steady approach will help you to whether any storms. Yes, money will flow in and out, sometimes at a much slower pace than you’d like. The winter-y feel of this card denotes a period of isolation and perhaps desperation, but remember that no cycle lasts forever. If you can keep a positive attitude, do some heavy-duty budgeting, and really stay on top of your situation, the Wheel will eventually turn, and you will feel better about your finances. Don’t give up; be tenacious and smart, and keep going steadily forward.

SJB, I hope this helps you. Thank you for allowing me to do your reading!


Our next question comes from Donna, who writes:

“I need to know for my peace of mind how he feels
about me…I need to know if his feelings really were real or not.”
To perform this reading, I decided to do a 5-card spread looking at Donna’s relationship with the man in question and asking for the highest and best to be revealed to her about his feelings. Interestingly, I cut the cards to deal them in the same fashion as the reading above, but Spirit apparently had other plans and flipped over an entire stack of cards face up. Whenever something like this happens, it’s a sign for me to read those particular cards, as Spirit is trying very hard to get my attention! There was also an extra card included in that face-up stack, which I will read along with the others. Here are the cards as they appear from left to right:
1. 4 of Spears
2. Major Arcana The Priestess
3. Page of Cups
4. King of Cups
5. Major Arcana The Emperor
6. Major Arcana The Chariot

Because of the appearance of so many Major cards, my feeling is that this relationship between Donna and the man in question manifested in order to balance some karmic issues from a past life. I do believe the feelings this man had for Donna were very real (as were hers for him), but the idea of being together as a couple in this life was not possible. They each had made other choices (the Priestess for her, the Emperor for him) which put them in different places in their lives when they met. The 4 of Spears indicates happiness and perhaps even celebrations, and the Page of Cups indicates feelings of new love (perhaps even infatuation) that is normal when 2 old souls meet and recognize each other. However, the indication here of higher callings for each of them as individuals is strong. The Emperor indicates a strong father-figure presence, so I would think this man was either already married or had a strong commitment in some way to a family already manifested on the Earth plane. He would not be free to give his affections to someone else, even if he did feel a longing to do so. The appearance of The Priestess indicates that Donna herself has committed to a lifetime of more internal and esoteric study and wisdom-seeking in this lifetime, perhaps to balance out other lifetimes where material things were more important. This may be why she recognized and felt a pull to this man she knew from another life, but also why a relationship was not a possibility in this life. Spirit encourages Donna to fulfill her life promise to her soul of studying, learning, and honoring her intuitive gifts and skills by showing her this card. It encourages her to take her power, know how beautiful and divine she is, and realize that she can manifest another man that will be better for her future.

I see that man is already in the works, too, represented by the King of Cups. A responsible yet romantic man, he may be pensive and wrapped up in his emotions, but he’ll also be healing and helpful in many ways to Donna. The Chariot, the extra Major Arcana card that flipped out in this reading, also indicates victory and movement forward in the world. Because this reading centers so much on Donna’s personal life, I see this as connected to happiness in love eventually with another man who will appreciate her and give her what she needs.

Donna, I hope this helps you!  Thank you for allowing me to serve you!


I hope you all are enjoying Tarot Tuesdays as much as I am. Please feel free to send in a question, and encourage folks you know to do the same!
Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone. 

Oscar Hangover

No, I don’t really have a hangover. I just stayed up way too late last night, watching the Oscar telecast. But it was so worth it. I think it was the best Oscar show in years. My favorite part?


Hugh Jackman was terrific. Yes, he had a few mis-steps in the joke department, but he’s not a comedian. He’s an entertainer, and he was wonderful–a handsome, self-deprecating, song-and-dance host that shone in his element. Please, Academy–bring him back again next year!!

I love the Oscars. Some of you may not know that I was a theatre education major in college, and I appreciate fine films and plays as much as wine connoisseurs enjoy an exquisite bottle of burgundy. And the celebration of movies that is the Academy Awards is always a highlight of my year. I’m not going to re-hash the entire telecast here–there are plenty of blogs that will do that. And I didn’t even see most of the nominated films this year; the only ones I’ve caught were the Animated movies (yea! for WALL-E!) and some of those nominated in the technical categories (I still can’t believe IRON MAN didn’t win anything!) Such is the life of a mom who can’t take her boys to films like THE READER, MILK, or THE WRESTLER. 

I did, however, see a tiny little film called THE DARK KNIGHT.


Much has been said and made over Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker in this movie…and he deserves every gushing comment made. It’s an incredible and riveting piece of work. You can’t take your eyes off of him; he commands every scene that he’s in. Everyone predicted that Heath would win the Oscar this year, but I hope people who haven’t seen the movie won’t believe the Academy honored him because of his untimely and tragic death before the film’s release. It’s a terrible injustice to think that. Even if you hate action movies or have no interest in superheroes, see THE DARK KNIGHT. You will never forget Heath Ledger in this movie, and that’s what great acting is all about.

One final word about the Oscars last night, concerning the best acceptance speech of the evening:


You’ve probably never seen this guy before. His name is Dustin Lance Black, and he wrote the screenplay for MILK, which won Best Original Screenplay. When he came to the podium to accept his award, this young man spoke about how Harvey Milk, a gay-rights activist and politician, saved his life by allowing him to be free to express himself and to be proud of who he is. Dustin went on to say that someday, gay and lesbian people will have the same equal rights as everyone else in this country. It was an emotional and important moment, and I hope and pray that Dustin is right. I have faith that he is.


That’s all for today. I have a ton of work to get done, not to mention the readings I need to prepare for tomorrow’s Tarot Tuesday! Get your questions in!

Until then…may your day shine as brightly as that naked golden guy.

Think, Think, Think…

Lots on my mind right now.

1.  I’m working tonight at my church, The United Spiritualists of the Christ Light. We’re doing a spirit message service at 8 p.m. Cost is $7 per person. It’s a fun way to give short spirit messages to lots of people in the congregation. If you’re in the Cincinnati area and want to join us, please find your way to the U.S.C.L. via their website: www.uscl.org.

2.  If you’re a theatre lover and are in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, check out Falcon Theatre’s production of HAMLET, which opens tonight at the Monmouth Theatre in Newport. For more information, visit Falcon at www.falcontheatre.net.  Support the arts!

3.  My office partner, Joanne Franchina of Inner Compass, and I are hosting a special class Saturday, February 28. Read more about it!

Artist and clairvoyant Mary Kurnick Maass will lead the workshop Auragraphs: An Exploration in Psychic Art on Saturday, February 28, 2009 from 12 to 2 p.m. Come and enjoy working in a fun way with psychic energy. Participants in this class will learn to create auragraphs, an established form of psychic art done throughout the world by many psychics and mediums. Using simple art materials, you will create a visual affirmation or scene for another class member that can be read intuitively for shared insight. This is a psychic exploration of the energies and information that can be obtained in a person’s aura or what can be called the human atmosphere. Artistic skill is not necessary to participate in this workshop. All you need is a desire to experience creativity and to be open to a new psychic process.  Creativity is at our core and our soul waits for us to embrace it. All art supplies will be provided. COST: $40; early registrations by February 21, $35. To register, download a registration form at Inner Compass.

Mary Kurnick Maass is an artist and clairvoyant located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  A published children’s book illustrator and writer, Mary has led workshops throughout Ohio on the imagination and creative processes.  Her workshops are based in Spiritualist principles; she has studied spirit art with Coral Ryder and Matthias Guldenstein.

Really cool stuff. Don’t miss it! We’ve extended the early registration date (and discount!) to Monday, so act now!

4. Don’t forget about Tarot Tuesday here on the blog! Get your question in now for next week!


On a more personal level: you may know that I’m currently working on my 3rd book, tentatively titled SPIRIT FAQ. My acquisitions editor called on Wednesday to check on my progress. I have a deadline of April 10, but she wanted to know if I felt I could possibly get them 80% of the manuscript by mid-March. Scary prospect. There’s still a lot to be done on the manuscript, and after an intense day of research and frustration yesterday, I’m not sure what to say. I need to sit with it, write with it, and meditate with it a while longer before giving an answer. However, I’m concerned about not having a balanced life if I give too much energy to one thing and not enough to the other important elements.

But…it could be a sign from Spirit, too, that I need to stop messing around online and work harder. There’s always that. 

So…until Monday, folks…I’ll be thinking.


Addendum to Tarot Tuesday

Tarot Tuesday was apparently a big success! I’m so happy to have all of your feedback.

Several people wrote expressing interest in more general information about Tarot, which I’m happy to share. Here’s a great question from Candy:

“Is it true that tarot cards must be a gift and not be bought, or else its bad luck?”

I’ve heard this superstition (see my previous post about those), Candy, but I have to say this: if it’s true, I’ve been courting horrible luck for over 20 years! I own 30 + Tarot and oracle decks, and I think I’ve only been gifted 2 or 3 of those!


There a couple of points here I’d like to address. The first is the intuitive draw that you, as a perceptive being, have to a certain set of cards. There are hundreds of decks out there to choose from, and every person is unique. We all have preferences, and we feel drawn to certain colors, artwork, and other factors that are a part of every Tarot deck. Tarot is a pictorial system of symbolism, and it’s important to choose a deck that resonates with you personally. I have a very fun deck called The Housewives’ Tarot, and it’s a cute and funny interpretation of the cards. Unfortunately, I don’t feel at all drawn to using it. Maybe it’s my aversion to housework or my dislike of martinis (featured prominently in the suit of Cups). This deck was given to me as a birthday present by some dear friends. I appreciate the gift very much, and it will be displayed someday when I have a place to show off my growing card collection. I won’t use the cards for readings, however, because the pictures don’t speak to me on an intuitive level. For this reason, I think it’s important for a potential reader to choose his or her own deck of cards.

My second point: I personally don’t believe in luck. The concept of bad luck and drawing that to yourself by not following some arbitrary rule like you can’t buy your own deck makes no sense to me. But that’s probably a whole other topic (and possible post for the future!)

One last thing I should’ve pointed out during Bertha’s reading. When I’m doing a Tarot reading, for the most part, I’m reading 6 months to a year into the future. In the case of Bertha’s reading, I feel her future cards were pointing to the next 2-4 months. There is certainly a possibility (and even more so, a probability) that the energy around Bertha will change after that time period, especially if she sets the intention that she wants it to be different. This is why you are always in control of any reading you receive!

With that, I’ll wrap this up. If you have any other questions about Tarot, mediumship, spirit work, massage, energy healing, or any of the other things that I focus on here, please feel free to send them in. I want this blog to reflect issues important to us all!

Have a blessed day!

Tarot Tuesday–Readings and Insights

Thanks to everyone who submitted a possible question for the very first Tarot Tuesday! I received some interesting inquiries, but I’m only going to do one reading here today, simply because I do want to devote a little time and space to talking about Tarot in general, too. 

The reading will be done using the Voyager Tarot, created by James Wanless. Here are some examples of the cards:


You can see that the cards pictured are the Child of Worlds (Page of Pentacles in a traditional deck), Major Arcana card Death, and Major Arcana card the Lovers. If you look closely, you’ll notice that this is a beautiful deck composed of collage pictures, which contain a great deal of depth and symbolism. The Voyager is not a traditional deck, which may be apparent to even the most novice Tarot person simply because of these photo collages. The four suits in this deck are Wands, Cups, Crystals (which correspond to Swords in a traditional deck) and Worlds (which, again, correspond to Pentacles). For those of you not familiar with Tarot, the suit of Wands generally points to issues concerning career, work, projects, and the like. Cups are the suit of love, emotion, family, and relationships. Swords (or Crystals in this deck) often indicate challenges to be addressed or overcome, and they can also symbolize our thought processes. Pentacles (or Worlds in the Voyager deck) indicate money, wealth, prosperity, and abundance issues. With those things in mind, let’s move on to the actual reading.

Bertha submitted the following question via the blog comments:  

I met someone in December. I have somewhat good vibes about it, but because he’s not from here nor does he live here, I wonder if anything will come out of it, or if we’ll ever cross paths again.

While concentrating on Bertha and her question, I mixed the cards face down in a pile and then slowly drew out 5 that seemed to call to me. I usually let Spirit dictate to me how to shuffle or mix cards, how to draw or deal them out, etc., and this is the method that spoke to me for this reading. I laid the cards out in a straight line left to right while concentrating on the question, “What does Bertha need to know about the person she met in December. Will she see him again?” The cards came out the following way:

First card: Major Arcana Star

Second card: Six of Worlds 

Third card: Ten of Crystals

Fourth card: Woman of Cups

Final card: Eight of Worlds

Reading the cards from left to right (and none in reversed position, which I don’t read with this particular deck), I feel the first two cards represent Bertha’s energy for the past two to three months. The middle, or 3rd card, seems to indicate the current energy of the situation she asked about with the new man she met, and the last 2 cards represent energy as it unfolds in the next two to three months.

The first card, the Trump card The Star, indicates a great deal of hopeful, loving energy. In this deck, a lovely, graceful Kwan Yin statue resides in the center of this card. Kwan Yin is a mother Goddess, one who embodies compassion and love for all of her children. She seems to indicate here an overall feeling of love and the hope for it to permeate one’s world. It seems Bertha may have been thinking of love and her desire to have it in her life, and this is when this new gentleman entered the picture. The large stone ring also draws my attention in this card–perhaps Bertha was even dreaming of commitment or hoping for a committed relationship to manifest in her life. The Star often indicates hopes and dreams for the future, and the potential for those dreams to manifest as reality. No wonder Bertha felt a strong connection to this man when she met him! 

The next card, the Six of Worlds, represents many energies coming together in Bertha’s life. Not only did the possibility of love manifest, but several other aspects of her life seem to be coalescing into a successful whole. The Worlds suit often represents money and finances, but it also symbolizes abundance in general. There are many round objects depicted in this card to draw one’s eye, symbolizing the cyclical nature of life and the idea that a circle always comes back around upon itself. It’s also a whole, complete thing, represented on this card by the many worlds within a single sphere. The swan in the card, which lifts off to take flight, also indicates a release from worry and fear, which usually comes from feeling safe and secure. Bertha’s world in general was coming into balance, and the possibility of a new love was one more positive component of that.

The third card represents the energy of where Bertha is at this present time. The Ten of Crystals, or Swords in a traditional deck, symbolizes a moment of doubt and fear that has emerged since the positive energy of the Six of Worlds. Something has cast a shadow over her hope for a relationship, and it could be the reality of his living in a distant place. The desert depicted on this card seems to have a double meaning here: mentally, Bertha could be despairing over her feelings of loneliness and desolation, and it may also symbolize the distance, both literal and figurative, that must be crossed in order for anything to come of this relationship. Bertha must decide how much energy she wants to try to invest in this, because the feeling here is she will have to initiate contact if she wants the relationship to continue.

The next card, the Woman of Cups, symbolizes energy beginning to manifest in Bertha’s life in the next several months. This card represents a joyful woman, one who is comfortable in her life and especially secure in her emotions. She feels confident in her knowledge of herself and appreciates all of the beauty and happiness around her. The card also indicates a time of creative fulfillment manifesting in Bertha’s life, which is another element that brings pleasure. The Woman of Cups laughs and drinks in the blessings that are bestowed upon her, no matter in what area of her life they appear.

Finally, the Eight of Worlds symbolizes projects in Bertha’s life being recognized and honored. There is a sense of moving from stagnation or void into abundance and prosperity, especially in work or career opportunities. Coupled with the soaring sense of delight reflected by the Woman of Cups, the feeling here is of great happiness and success as Bertha moves forward. There isn’t an indication, however, that this is connected to the man in question. It seems there will be many aspects of Bertha’s life occupying her time, energy, and, happily, bringing her joy–but a special love relationship, at least with this particular person, may not be, to rely on the old adage (and a pun here indeed), in the cards.

Bertha, I hope that makes sense to you. If you have any comments, please feel free to make them. And everyone, always remember: you have absolute control over every aspect of your life. If you hear something in a reading that doesn’t resonate for you, you have the power to change that energy. Never let any reader (or anyone else, for that matter) dictate to you what you should or shouldn’t do!

Thank you, Bertha, for allowing me to serve. And thank you for submitting your question!

Don’t forget, everyone–submit your questions for Tarot Tuesday by 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Monday. Next week, I’ll try to answer a few more. And the questions that have already been submitted are eligible for next week’s round, too.

Until then–happy Tarot reading!

Announcing Tarot Tuesdays!


I love to read Tarot. When I was 16 years old, a high school friend of mine bought a deck of Tarot cards and showed them to me. I was instantly fascinated and have remained so ever since. I taught myself to read the cards by immersing myself in Eden Gray’s A COMPLETE GUIDE TO TAROT, and I would do readings for my friends in college when there was nothing better to do on a Saturday night. Over the years, my style as a reader has changed, and I don’t use cards as much when conducting professional readings…but I still love Tarot. It’s a remarkable system for insight and spiritual understanding, and the cards and their messages never cease to fascinate and inspire me.

So, to honor the absolute lover of Tarot that resides in me, I’ve decided to devote Tuesdays on my blog to these wonderful cards. I may explore the meaning of a certain card, post a Tarot meditation that you can use, or something similar. But I will most definitely be doing at least one FREE Tarot reading on Tuesdays now. Here’s how it will work:

If you have a question you’d like to see answered through the Tarot, submit it to me by 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Mondays. These can certainly be personal questions, but you have to be willing to unveil at least your first name or your initials, and the question will be answered in the public forum of the blog. (If you’re not willing to do this, please don’t send a personal question!) You can also ask questions about broader issues, like the economy, celebrities’ lives, etc. Please only submit ONE question. I will randomly choose at least one question to answer on Tuesday’s Tarot blog, and I may answer more than one, so be sure to check back in on Tuesdays to see if your question gets answered. Submit questions at my business e-mail address: info@vandeneynden.biz

And today counts! So if you have a burning issue in your life, or a question that you’d like to ask, please send it into me for a possible answer tomorrow.




It is, of course, Presidents Day here in the United States. 


I love quotations. I find so many inspiring words in the thoughts of others. In honor of our Presidents, here are some worth contemplating today:


“We must teach our children to resolve their conflicts with words, not weapons.” – Bill Clinton


“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed. In this life we get nothing save by effort.” – Theodore Roosevelt


“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.” – John F. Kennedy

And my favorite one, by far, from Franklin D. Roosevelt…with a twist:


(Courtesy of www.snorgtees.com)

Enjoy your day…and send in those questions!



There is Superstition

Happy Friday the 13th!

Lots of people are a bit superstitious about Friday the 13th, which is, by tradition, supposed to be an unlucky day. What, really, have we to happily anticipate on a day commonly believed to be fraught with doom? 

Well, lucky for us, this year, we have THIS to look forward to:


Yes, the new “Friday the 13th” movie opens today! As if we don’t have enough to worry about, what with the economic nightmare, the ongoing war in Iraq, and the heartbreak of another plane crash, we now have Jason running around again, swinging his machete. What are movie executives thinking?

I guess they’re thinking “payday,” and sure enough, some people will ante up.

But that’s not really what I want to talk about today. I was thinking instead about superstitions and how they influence us. Especially since Stevie Wonder and the Jonas Brothers played Stevie’s hit song, “Supersition,” on the Grammys the other night. (What a trooper Stevie is.)


When I was a kid, I subscribed to the old “step on a crack, break your mother’s back” superstition and dutifully dodged the fissures in the sidewalk as I scampered along. I remember being horrified when someone, a friend or a cousin, broke a hand mirror, anticipating that she’d just sentenced herself to 7 years of bad luck. And I never, ever, walked under a ladder–who knew what the consequences of that might be?

Now that I’m older, I’ve mostly outgrown my superstitions. I still have objects that I like to carry that bring me comfort, but I don’t really think of them as lucky charms. I tend to take personal responsibility for my good days and my bad days, because I believe in the Law of Attraction. If you’re feeling funky and negative, you’re most likely going to attract more of that kind of energy. If you try to stay upbeat and positive, you’re more apt to attract happy circumstances. A good reason to try to stay in an optimistic frame of mind.

But I do still harbor one superstition, from my days in the theatre. There is a belief among theatre folk that the Shakespeare play, MACBETH, is cursed. For this reason, the name of the play is never uttered inside of any theatre. It is referred to instead as “the Scottish play,” and this wards off any cursed energy that may infect the theatre, thus wreaking havoc on the production and the actors involved. 

Do I really believe in curses? No. I believe that if we accept that someone can send negative energy to us to affect us, then that very thing will happen. If we don’t accept that kind of energy, it can be thrown our way all they like, but it won’t hurt us in any way. So why would I believe in some weird superstition about a play’s name?

When I was in college, our theatre department mounted a production of MACBETH. I wasn’t involved in it, having been cast in another show, but it was rehearsed at the same time as the show I was doing. I remember the young man who’d been cast as the lead character of Macbeth scoffing at the superstition. I also remember a friend of mine telling me that this guy had walked onstage and shouted the word “Macbeth” over and over in an attempt at humor. Not too many folks in the production were amused. Some of them thought he’d doomed their show for sure.

A couple of days before opening night, that actor broke his leg. He had to play the role in a full-leg cast hidden under his costume. He couldn’t perform his stage combat; the director ended up taking it out and adding a line into the show that spoke of Macbeth’s war wound. 

Coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences. But I do believe that actor drew something negative to him. So am I superstitious? I guess I am, a little. We are products of our experiences, aren’t we?

So, what’s your favorite superstition? Do you have a story about a superstition and an experience you’ve had? I’d love to hear about them. Feel free to leave a comment. 

I, for one, am not worried about Friday the 13th. In fact, I have a date with my husband tonight. Life couldn’t be better than that.



Come on, admit it…that looks really good, doesn’t it?

Every 2-3 weeks, I go to get a full-body massage. Besides the fact that I am a licensed massage therapist in the state of Ohio and believe firmly in the overall benefits of massage, I have a chronic shoulder injury and tendonitis in my right elbow that need focused attention on a regular basis. If I don’t get a massage, my elbow reminds me, quite sharply and painfully, that it’s been neglected. Considering that I need my elbow’s cooperation in order to do my own work as a massage therapist, I comply as often as my schedule and my finances will allow. 

Today, my massage therapist, C., asked me if there were any other areas she needed to focus on. In the last week or so, as usual, my hips have become sore and have bothered me every night while I’m trying to sleep. This is a telltale sign from my body that a massage is in order, and I was happy that I had one scheduled while pulling my aching self out of bed the last several days. I mentioned this to C., and, knowing me as well as she does by now, I also knew that my hips wouldn’t know what had hit them by the time our hour and a half was up.

Massage is a pleasurable experience, to be sure, but I think it’s important to realize that the body needs this kind of attention for a number of important reasons. Massage increases circulation, helping blood to flow better, which in turn nourishes all the systems of the body. As most people know, massage helps stiff and sore muscle groups to unclench and relax, which promotes healing and reduces stress. It also boosts the immune system, making it easier for the body to fight off infections and germs.

For these reasons, I always look forward to my massage, even when it hurts. Yes, sometimes massage can be uncomfortable, especially if you’re trying to release an especially tight muscle or treat an acute injury. For me, the work C. does on my problematic right arm can induce grimaces, but it always feels better once she’s finished with it. The hip work is often painful as well because, well, let’s face it: I have a tight ass. The hip muscles are some of the largest in the body, and they cover the derriere in thick layers. I do a lot of walking and standing, and this causes these muscles to tighten. Having this area of the body worked is a lot like labor–plenty of breathing, in and out, trying to move through the pain.

So why am I talking about all of this today? I think it’s important to recognize how connected the different aspects of ourselves are. We are physical beings, true, but we also have a mind and a spirit to go along with that body. I believe that many problems that manifest in the physical body begin as issues in the mind or with the spirit. That’s not to say we don’t injure ourselves or have aches and pains simply because of physical strain and wear. I know that my ongoing arm issues are directly connected to the physical intensity of the work I do as a massage therapist. Ironically, I’ve torn up my own body trying to bring healing to others. I accept that my body will undergo these traumas, especially as I get older and healing takes longer, but I also acknowledge there are plenty of things I can do to help my body cope with these setbacks. Some pain, however, settles in the muscles due to emotional, mental, or spiritual traumas, and these can be harder to work out, harder to release. These are things we sometimes don’t want to face or even acknowledge in our lives.

They are issues I try to focus on when I receive a massage. Today, as C. worked on those stubborn and sore hip muscles, I allowed my mind to wander as I breathed, pinballing around from one thought to another. Why was I so tight? What was I holding in my hip muscles that I needed to release? Was I reluctant to move forward in my life for some reason? The hip muscles control the larger movements of the leg, including the motion needed to propel the body for walking or running. From a symbolic standpoint, this could indicate a fear of movement forward. Could I be afraid of taking steps to better my life? Was I afraid of success somehow? Was all of that insecurity manifesting in my body as sore muscles? Were those fearful thoughts settling in my hips, causing stiffness so I couldn’t move at all?

As C. worked, stripping the muscles, pushing out all of the lactic acid and congestion that caused the tenderness, I worked, too. I visualized release. I saw myself stepping out of fear and into power. I breathed in and imagined myself becoming peaceful and serene, and I exhaled anxiety and self-doubt. I tried to see myself unfolding–not just my stiff muscles becoming pliant, but my mind and spirit expanding to take in the divine insight that was offered to me. It’s offered to all of us, every day, if we can slow down enough to allow it to speak. It offers us freedom, clarity of purpose, hope, and beauty. It offers us that inner peace that seems so elusive so often.

So did I have an earth-shaking epiphany on the massage table today? No, I wouldn’t say that. But as the tension drained away and the muscles stopped hurting, my mind settled. I became more focused, more centered, more myself–the self I like to see, as opposed to the harried, screeching banshee I can become when I’m stressed out and overworked. And when my massage was over, even though my hair was a mess and my skin was shiny with oil, I liked what I saw looking back at me from C.’s bathroom mirror. I saw a beautiful, intelligent, funny woman with creases on her face from the linens–and boy, did she look happy.

May you find your inner peace and beauty, too, in whatever way you can.

(And just for the record…no, C.’s hands don’t look anything like the picture above!)

Clairvoyant Rose

"I see dead people."

In a recent comment on this blog, Tracy asked me to talk about clairvoyance and my experience with it. I thought it fitting to post, along with my thoughts, a picture of a very famous clairvoyant. 

Yes, this is a movie still from the film THE SIXTH SENSE. If you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend it. Without giving too much away, the little boy in the movie is a medium, but he really doesn’t know it, nor does he understand what to do with his “gift.” He’s scared most of the time because the spirits around him are usually upset, angry, or violent. 

Honestly, if this were my experience, I could hardly blame him for being terrified. 

Thankfully, I’ve never been afraid of my clairvoyance. It’s been a great asset throughout my life, and I’ve worked hard over the last 12 years or so to really hone it into something that’s reliable and controllable. I believe everyone (and yes, that includes you!) has this natural ability to perceive spirits and to tune into their intuition. Most of us, however, are too busy doing other things to make learning more about it a priority.

 A textbook definition of clairvoyance is being able to see spirit with open eyes, or to see spirit in the mind’s eye. The little boy in THE SIXTH SENSE is a perfect example. He can see spirit as plainly as he can see the living people around him. This is great for Hollywood, but it’s not a reality for most of us actual mediums. I know very few mediums who can actually see spirit with their physical eyes. Most clairvoyants tell me that they see spirit in their minds and then can describe what that particular spirit looks like. When I’m able to see spirit, this is usually how it happens for me, although there have been rare cases where I’ve seen an actual glimpse of a spirit with my physical eyes. 

Many people use clairvoyance as an umbrella term to describe any method of spirit perception. My most attuned spirit sense is clairaudience, or being able to hear spirit speaking. I usually hear pieces of phrases, names, music, and sentences that help me to understand who is communicating from the spirit world and what they want to say. People often ask me if I hear this with my physical ears, or if I hear it in my mind. For me, the voices are definitely in my mind, but they are different and are not my own voices. It’s hard to describe this to people that haven’t had the experience, but suffice to say that I can tell when a spirit is talking to me versus when it’s my own internal chatter, which we all have.

Many, many mediums perceive spirit through their sense of clairsentience, or feeling. This is also called impressional mediumship, and it indicates an ability to feel a spirit’s presence. A more refined sense of knowing about a spirit and understanding his message can be defined as claircognizance. These two perceptions are based more on feeling and impressions that the medium receives about spirit presences. These two senses are ones that I use quite often in my mediumship work.

As a professional medium, it’s interesting to me what lay people think we’re doing when we’re aware of spirit. Many folks think that spirits walk right up to us and initiate conversations anytime, anywhere. I’ll never forget going to a funeral for a friend’s father, and another friend came over to me during the visitation, which was held at the chapel in the cemetery. In a hushed, respectful voice, she asked, “So, are all the other people here bothering you?” I looked at her, puzzled, and glanced around the crowded room. For a moment, I thought she meant the visitors for the funeral, and I thought to myself, “Why would all these other people be bothering me?” Then I realized that she was asking if I was being solicited to deliver messages by spirits on the Other Side. I smiled and replied, “No. I’m not working, and they know that.” 

It begged an interesting question for me, however. How many mediums really do walk around open all the time? I’ve heard some of the celebrity mediums talk about being bugged at all kinds of events to deliver messages to those gathered there. I remember John Edward writing in one of his books about being on his honeymoon and having to leave the beach so he could call a client with a message from a dead relative. And I’ll tell you what: if I was his wife, I would’ve had his hide for that one. (John, if you’re reading this, I love you and your work. But on your HONEYMOON?  Dear, we need to talk!) I draw a very distinct line with my mediumship work, and I’ll tell you why. I don’t believe we’re MEANT to walk around opened up to the spirit world all the time. Aren’t we supposed to be conducting our lives with our living folks? Even if we chose this path as a profession, how many accountants, bakers, truck drivers, etc. do their work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? None of them, I guarantee it. I think it’s important for us to close the door to the Other Side sometimes, and to just enjoy the present time and the living people that surround us. Spirit is important, too, but gosh, they’ve also got better things to be doing in Summerland. They don’t need to be jonesing for a connection to the physical world all the time when they have learning of their own to do.

So am I like Cole Seer (and isn’t that a great name?) in THE SIXTH SENSE? No, thank God. I don’t see spirit walking around my house. I don’t stroll around the lake at my local park and watch spirits drifting by, dressed in period clothes from other centuries. I don’t even go into old houses and feel presences. I am very, very precise about the work I do and when I do that work. If I want a connection, I open up the door, so to speak, I walk through it, and I receive information. When I’m not working, the door is closed. Yes, I will still sometimes get impressions, but they are vague and indistinct if I haven’t specifically asked for the information to come through. And my own spirit people know that if there’s something important I need to know for my own life, they can get my attention and tell me. 

It’s hard sometimes for “regular” people to understand this. And it’s hard for them sometimes to respect it. I’ve had total strangers walk up to me at events, press pictures or other objects into my hand, and demand for me to read them. I’ve had people ask me at events while I’m eating my lunch or dinner to please, please give them a reading. “Oh, come on. Just a little message? It’ll only take a minute.” And I have to bite my tongue, be polite, and try to explain to them that it just doesn’t work that way for me. And really, how would you like it if I came to your desk while you were taking a danish break and asked you to print out that report for me one more time?  It’s the same for a medium. At least it is to me. If I’m off the clock, folks, please don’t ask me to punch back in. 

But clairvoyance…it’s a beautiful connection to spirit. It really is. And you have it, even if you don’t realize it. Is it going to come to you walking and talking like your spouse in the next room? Maybe, if you’re really lucky–but then, you have to learn to turn it off, too. That might be your challenge. For some of us, the challenge is simply discerning what’s our own noise and what belongs to the spirit world. But if you are up for the work, it’s amazing and inspiring to do it.  And I do love it, so, so much.


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